“Voloshin” Recipe

To make a “Voloshin” cocktail, take 999 grams of jaw-dropping stories, add 30 pinches of sports, beat them all within an inch of their life and immediately add a pound of social activity. In a faceted glass pour some design, mix with 20 spoons of marathons, add 1001 milliliter of cartoons to the mixture. Stir all with the scythe of death. In the resulting mixture gently pour a teaspoon of Gibraltar and Ganges. Mince 50 projects and stew them over full fire for about 16 years.

Pour carelessly into the cup for the Moldovan freediving championship, decorate its edge with the sands of the Sahara and a slice of lead lobster. And so that your cocktail can surprise anyone, even the most seasoned Ironman, add some dry Arctic ice from the very North Pole.

Voila, your “Voloshin” cocktail is ready! Now take your shoes off and sit barefoot in the lotus position right on the stage. Give a fiery speech about the pointlessness of marketing and value of your team.

Drink the cocktail with one big gulp, squeeze some lime into your eyes and hold your breath for 6.5 minutes. Stare your red eyes, yell at the bartender, drop down, get up, drop down, get up, apologize to everyone, scratch your gourd and … change the recipe.

Serve to a large friendly family and real friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner!