1. Description of goods / services, including prices

voloshin.md/unfrozen — is a crowdfunding platform, or in other words, a fund-raising resource that collects funds for charity purpose through the “FORUM” Public Association. The minimum donation amount set is 10 MDL, and there is no maximum limit.


2. Terms and conditions of return of the merchandise, money or transaction cancellation;

2.1. Payments terms

In order to collect the necessary funds for the project, voloshin.md/unfrozen  has implemented several payment methods: by bank transfer, payments via Visa / MasterCard debit and credit cards, by cash at the headquarters of “AO FORUM”.

2.2. Transaction Cancellation

At the request of the donor, the transfer or transaction may be returned within 30 calendar days, provided that there are at least 3 calendar days until the end of the project for which it has been donated. Also, money that has been transferred by means of a bank card can not be refunded, under the conditions established by law.


3. Donor/Client information security and security policy;

We pay special attention to data protection and security, therefore we take all reasonable steps to comply with practices in the field to protect personal data under our control. In order to protect the information stored in our systems, we implemented security measures, including data encryption technology and firewalls. The information made available through the platform, including personal data, may not be transmitted to third parties except under the conditions provided by law and with the agreement of the data subject.


4. Platform registration data (country, city, address, e-mail, telephone);


Legal address: 5, Ion Neculce St., mun. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

IDNO 1013620006827

Bank Account IBAN MD83VI000002224303324MDL

B.C. “Victoriabank”  J.S.C. fil. 3 Chisinau, BIC VICBMD2X416,

Tel: 079996976.

Email: simpals.assistant@gmail.com


5. Selection of people who need assistance in treatment and rehabilitation

In case you ask for donations, you need to submit the following documents:
Copies of the child’s birth certificate or passport;
Medical diagnosis; here
Invoice from medical institution/clinic (if necessary)
Bank accounts of the given medical institution/clinic (if necessary)


6. Fees and Commissions

Note: A bank commission is charged for each transfer made. Commissions can differ depending on bank. Please contact your bank before you make the transfer to know the exact cost.