1. The procedure of donations cancellation and refund of money paid/donated by donors for participation in Platform projects

    1.1. Cancellation of a Platform project occurs in case of inability to fundraise on time, if the project involves raising a certain amount of money. The deadline for collecting donations is set independently by the project initiator / final beneficiary. The deadline for money collection of the voloshin.md/unfrozen project ends on December 31, 2019.

    1.2. In case of cancellation of the project, https://voloshin.md/en/unfrozen/ does not bear any responsibility to the Users for the non-fulfillment and / or inadequate fulfillment of obligations by the initiator / beneficiary.

    1.3. The donor, who refuses to participate in the project before the finalization of the fundraising or before project execution, for reasons not dependent on voloshin.md/unfrozen and the project initiator, if the possibility of such refusal is provided by the relevant initiator, will be refunded the donation (the amount of money paid) minus the expenses actually incurred by voloshin.md/unfrozen  and, if it the case, by the initiator. Expenses actually incurred within this project are considered to be the expenses of the voloshin.md/unfrozen  website. The expenses are related to the Platform’s implementation of its obligations to transfer funds from donors to the Initiators / Beneficiaries, as well as to return the specified funds to the donors.

    1.4. In the case of donor’s unilateral refusal to participate in the project during its term, the Platform may return the donated money to the bank account specified by the donor.


Remark: Please note that the refund is done to the bank card that you made the payment with.

In some cases, depending on the payment method you used to transfer money to your voloshin.md/unfrozen account, you will need to provide additional data to ensure the correct refund of your money, including completing a form with all the necessary data. If this data is required, the support staff will contact you for further details.

Depending on the method you used to transfer money to the voloshin.md/unfrozen project, refunds may take from a few minutes up to 30 working days, from the date of submitting the application for withdrawal.

In case the project collected less than the amount of funding declared by the initiator / beneficiary, all funds are returned to the donors, and the project information remains in the system and can not be deleted.