• Montecristo. A swimming journey from Château d’If
    What do French use to iron their beaches? Why was I beaten as a child? Should I be happy about vaseline? How much does a VIP prison cell cost? How can Nutella calm your conscience? And what does it mean “to swim like a flea”? 23 June 2017
  • Moldovans on Mont Blanc
    Why a cat (crampon) remained on the glacier, how to cook monblamalygu, how to survive the shame, when you are overtaken on the rise by children, women, and animals, what are the birthday cakes for climbers prepared of? 09 August 2013
  • 42 195 Meters in Paris
    Why is it necessary to take diarrhea pills before the race? Why not only sneakers make you a marathon runner? Why do people need to patch their nipples? Why do marathon runners wear cellophane bags? And why did I become so addicted to running? 07 April 2013