• 3497 strokes between continents
    Why it is good when the water is cold and what the bilateral breathing means, Why you have to shave your legs debofer a swiming competition, why you must want to throw up after competition, where have disappeared 300 hundred swimmers and how does the Bosphorus look in my eyes? 07 July 2013
  • Preparing for the Bosphorus – Video of the 4 km swim in Kemer
    Strange, but the open sea turned out different from the pool. Remember: the pool lacks waves, which do not allow you to breathe, and the water is not salty. Pools also have tracks, and most importantly - the bumpers. And there is none of these in the sea. This was the "surprise" that the Mediterranean Sea gave me 23 May 2013
  • Ekadashi. Fasting and Sports.
    What does it means to ”eat a monster”, why eating is a habit, is it useful or not to train in ekadashi? 21 May 2013