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Eva Pismenyuk
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Eva Pismenyuk is a girl from Chisinau, who has been fighting with cerebral palsy. She really wants to be independent and, like all children, is dreaming of a happy childhood. Eva became the heroine of a fairy tale, which I’d like to tell you right now. And I really hope that this fairytale will come true.
In January I will run 42 km in Omyakon, the coldest place om earth, at -60, so that you get to know about Eva Pismeniuc, the little girl that fights with Cerebral Palsy. I was astounded by the iron will and strength that live inside this little soul and I decided to help her. That is how, Eva became the hero of a magical story, that I will tell you now. Also, I hope that this story becomes reality and I will be happy for anybody who joins project Unfrozen and thus, offers Eva a chance to get better.
Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Eva. She had a beautiful soul and was all over a beautiful girl. And once in cold winter, Eva found a freezing blue tit in the street and brought it home to warm it up. But what she did infuriated the evil spirit of frost, Ulu Tyon, who commands all the cold and ice of the world. So, he decided to punish the warm-hearted girl.
The next day, Ulu Tyon turned into a raven and flew to Eva's house, holding in the beak an enchanted branch of delicious northern cranberries. The berries were ripe, red, covered with a thin layer of frost. The girl accepted the gift, thanked the bird and ate the delicious berries. Mother didn’t have a chance to stop her daughter.
Suddenly the raven flapped its wings, croaked loudly, soared into the air, turned into black smoke and vanished ... Little Eva suddenly felt very cold. The cold was so strong that it bound her arms and legs. Mother picked up her daughter in her arms and carried her home. But neither the fluffy blanket, nor the hot fireplace could help the girl to warm up. She was shaking, her fingers cramped from the cold, and she could not even speak.
The girl’s parents called for doctors, healers, herbalists, magicians, but no one could help. Only an old shaman, when he saw Eva, understood who had cast the spell. And the shaman told the girl’s parents about Ulu Tyon, the ancient spirit of frost.
The evil spirit lives in the coldest place on earth – Oymyakon. He hates people and animals, because of the heat of their hearts, which makes him melt. And for many centuries, he has been trying to destroy in people the love and warmth in human hearts.
They say that Ulu Tyon can be defeated only by hitting his heart with the fire of people's hearts. Just before you learn the power of the evil spirit, you need to overcome the Frozen Desert, where no one can survive. 50 kilometers of incredible cold. They say that even water freezes there in the air, before it falls to the ground. Neither a cart, nor a horse, nor even the fastest trotter can get there – because there are no roads. You can just walk on foot.
Many courageous men tried to defeat Ulu Tyon, but no one returned from there: they all froze because of the terrible cold, even if they were wearing the warmest clothes and furs. Everyone who has tried to get there has turned into ice statues, which so far guard the entrance into the inaccessible dominions of the spirit of frost.
It has been several years since little Eva was caught by the spell of unrelenting cold. But once the royal messenger Mitro was running past the city. It was already dark, and he was dressed badly, so he was looking for an overnight stay in order to wait out bad weather and night. And Mitro snoozed up right in the hay cart. And probably Mitro would have frozen, if not for Eva's mother, who was passing nearby and took pity on the poor thing. So, she invited him to a warm fireplace under the roof of the house where they lived. Mitro had something to eat and drink. He warmed up and, in gratitude, wanted to cheer the master's daughter, who was lying on the stove, very-very sad.
Only Eva was silent. And her parents told the messenger the whole story.“But how can I help the girl?” – Mitro asked. And the parents told him the horrible things they had learned from the shaman about Ulu Tyon and his kingdom of permanent frost.
— Wait a minute, and what if you don’t walk, but run instead, so as not to freeze? — Mitro interrupted the story.
— What are you talking about? Who can run across the whole Desert in such deadly cold?
— I can! — Mitro answered. — Don’t forget that I’m the royal messenger, constantly running back and forth in any weather! I will help you! The next day, Mitro began to prepare for his journey to Ulu Tyon's kingdom. Eva's parents gave him animals’ furs to keep warm on the way. They filled up his thermos with hot miraculous tea. Mitro was already set to go on his dangerous journey, when suddenly the shaman approached him:
— Do you really think you can defeat Ulu Tyon on your own?
— Why not? I will try! — Mitro replied cheerfully.
— To defeat the spirit of frost you need a lot of warmth. And not just warmth
— I mean human warmth, which does not blow out with a cold wind. Warmth of human hearts. Here's a magic lantern for you. Inside it you can gather the warmth of the hearts of those who want to help the kind girl Eva. Only together we can defeat the villain Ulu Tyon.
— But how can I collect it?
— Very simple, — the shaman touched the lantern with his hand. Suddenly a small light appeared in the lantern. — Now you have a bit of warmth from my heart.
Eva's parents came up and also gave a little warmth. Then neighbors and friends, and even strangers did the same. Mitro's lantern already had a lot of light in it, and so it became much warmer.
— But this is not enough, — the shaman said. — The lantern must be full.
— Then I will run through cities and villages, and tell everyone about Eva, who needs help from all of us! – Mitro said and started to prepare for his journey.
When morning came, he hugged the little girl and set off to fill the lantern with the warmth of human hearts …
End of Part One
Сharity tale in support of Eva Pismenyuk
In January I will run 42 km in Oymyakon, in Yakutia region, which is the coldest place on the planet, so that everybody can learn about little Eva, who has been struggling with cerebral palsy.
I was surprised by the courage and iron will that the little girl proved. I want to help her, but I understand I can not do it alone. In order for Eva to defeat the disease, we need to gather the warmth of several caring hearts. And I will be glad each time someone joins the Unfrozen project and gives the girl hope for recovery.
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