1. Description of goods / services, including prices

Unfrozen.voloshin.md  Is a crowdfunding platform, or in other words, a resource for collecting funds. Who collects and provides fundraising services for charity purposes. And it starts with the sum of 10 leu and has no limit.

2. Terms and conditions of return of the merchandise, money or transaction cancellation;

2.1. Payments terms

To collect the necessary funds for the project, Unfrozen.voloshin.md has implemented several payment methods: bank transfer, acceptance of payments through Visa / MasterCard debit and credit cards,pay by cash in office. AO FORUM

Bank transfer
You can donate money for the project on Unfrozen.voloshin.md by making a bank transfer.
For this you need:
1) To determine the amount of transfer.
2)  Pay the bank account by the following details:
IDNO 1013620006827
Legal address: Ion Neculce 5, mun. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
For more information, please contact us by phone: 373 79996976 or by email: simpals.assistant@gmail.com

Cash payments
You can donate money for the Unfrozen.voloshin.md project by visiting our office at:
Chisinau, str. Calea Orheiului 28/1

2.2. Cancellation of the Transaction

At the request of the donor, the transfer or transaction may be returned within 30 calendar days, provided that at least 3 calendar days have elapsed until the end of the project for which it has been donated. Also, money that has been transferred via a bank card can not be refunded, only in cases prescribed by law. If the user made a mistake or changed his mind when transferring money using a bank card, you need to contact the bank or  Tel: 079 996 976 and E-mail: simpals.assistant@gmail.com.

3. Display the message on the client information security page and security policy;

The importance of security for all personal information associated with our customers and use reasonable measures consistent with industry practices to protect personal information is under our control. In order to protect the information stored in our systems, we implemented security measures, including data encryption technology and firewalls. Information can not be transmitted and / or sold.

4. Customer registration data (country, city, address, e-mail, telephone);


Legal address: Ion Neculce 5  mun. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

IDNO 1013620006827

Tel: 079996976.

Email: simpals.assistant@gmail.com

5. Selection of people who need assistance in treatment and rehabilitation

In the case of money collection, the following procedures and acts are required:

Copies of the child’s birth certificate or passport;

Diagnosis; here

Invoice from clinic (if necessary)

Bank accounts of the given clinic (if necessary)