• MDS. Chapter 4, intensive
    What does an illegal beetle look like? What for do people need an ushanka-hat in desert? What is the taste of the last sip of water? How to create special effects using a gel? Why wrinkles are good? 30 May 2017
  • MDS. Chapter 3, start
    Why running in Sahara is not easy? How are people fined for trash in the desert? When do you need sleighs in the desert? What’s a desert eating? And why do you need smilies on the rocks? 22 May 2017
  • Marathon des Sables. Chapter 2, relaxed
    How do circles appear on sand in the desert? How to make the Bedouins laugh? How many Pikachu can be found in desert? What do “backpack cuttings” mean? And will a carpet be warm, if a camel chews it? 11 May 2017