• 2022

  • Имя для Бани
    Как назвать баню, что общего у Steam park и Jar Co, можно ли привыкнуть к набору букв без смысла, и готов ли ты отдать свое имя бизнесу?
    10 December 2022
  • Kintsugi
    Why solder broken crockery, what to do at a porcelain wedding, what vases were fashionable in the Jin era, why fill the cracks with gold, and how to prevent marriage breakdown?
    24 August 2022
  • Chisinau Is Me
    How to make the city more attractive, what is more important for the capital – the logo or the atmosphere, why should the walls of hospitals be decorated, is it necessary to have a monument for 1 Ban, and who is the most important in the city?
    08 August 2022
  • Making of “Dji. Death fails”
    What are the stages of making a cartoon, how many sketches do you have to draw before the director likes something, how did the casting for the role of Bob go, why does it take 4500 years to shoot “Avatar” and what was the center of attention?
    26 July 2022
  • The Door
    How are fairy tales made up, why doors don't smile, is it possible to find inspiration in a dark room and can neural networks replace painters?
    19 July 2022
  • Moldovan Cyborg
    How to do a microchip implant, why read package inserts, who are cyborgs, why carry keys and cards, and how to shock cashiers?
    07 July 2022
  • To graduates: take off your shoes
    Why walk barefoot, why not listen to your parents, where to look for fear and pain, is it possible to kiss yourself on the back of the head, why being
    31 May 2022
  • Boston lines
    How to run the Boston Marathon barefoot, which is better – being fast or being rich, how many girls you need to kiss on the run, who did I give my sneakers to, do yellow straights lines intersect, and why not rush to the finish line?
    18 April 2022
  • An honest typeface
    How to make your own typeface, what is the difference between grotesque and antique, where the colon jumps, what is common between the cedilla and the comma, how did the Gagauzians get their own hokku, and why does the state need its own font?
    01 April 2022
  • One dry cat
    Does 1D animation exist, how to write a one-dimensional script, what makes a dry cat better than a wet one, who needs NFT, why does an ant need a pencil, and why do crazy ideas come in the morning?
    11 March 2022
  • The tale of the magic galoshes
    Sometimes stories happen to people that turn into parables and tales. Some stories turn into legends. And in Moldova we had a story that turned out to be like a fairy tale.
    03 February 2022
  • 2021

  • Female Hands
    Why Her hands are special, how is Dmitri different from Mitya, when you can get a slap, why I am afraid to sleep alone, and what is the most important thing for a real man to find in life.
    24 August 2021
  • Games People Play
    What are reflexive games, whom you shouldn’t trust, why I cried in the banya, how to make a FatBank bankrupt, how together and instead differ, what is WIRP, and did I get it right that I DID get it right?
    09 August 2021
  • BAREFOOT & barefoot. Part Two
    What a father should learn from his son? How does a jerking internal combustion engine work? Where do dinosaurs live in Moldova? What is the food in monasteries? What horses do princes ride on? Is it okay for men to cry?
    24 June 2021
  • BAREFOOT & barefoot. Part One
    Is there a point in raising children? Can you walk 150km barefoot? What's on your mind at Field of Stupor? Do the Waffle Mountains really exist? What is bio chewing gum made of? Are all mayors equally useful?
    19 June 2021
  • The wisdom tooth
    This story happened to me long ago, but I still remember those unforgettable 40 minutes and dream of repeating that trick again.
    02 June 2021
  • Barefoot marathon
    Why do people walk barefoot to embassies, what is a blister formula, what are the sneakers manufacturers silent about, who is howling in the park, and how to get a new sensory organ?
    30 April 2021
  • The Tale of Fat
    How to lose fat fast, why the Brain, Stomach, Liver, Lungs and Heart didn’t love Fat, what doesn’t sink, why beautiful people spoil your mood, and when teeth don’t have a bite?
    30 March 2021
  • Fish Day
    How much do you have to work, why does business stain, what happens on Fish Day, what does the symbol of workaholics look like, and how to figure out what you are - a jellyfish or a shark?
    24 January 2021
  • 999 variants
    A story of how I learned about the internet and what has become of it
    14 January 2021
  • 2019

  • Subway pitch or how to find an investor in the subway
    Why the way to the angels lies through the subway, how to make venture capitalists laugh out loud, why the morgue audience is “content” and what’s easier to forgive: mistakes, terrible English accent or debt?
    16 December 2019
  • Fools and roads
    What’s a road builder’s day wage, what the mayor should do, what the fools can’t live without, what Marie Antoinette didn't actually say and how to burn the sinner inside?
    13 September 2019
  • Revoloshin
    Hello folks, my name is Dmitrii Voloshin. It has always been an issue for me to say what I do for living and who I am in one word. So, I have determined that everyone can decide for themselves. Businessman, producer, athlete, public character, inventor, designer, investor or barefooted urban madman.
    22 August 2019
  • Revoloshin
    Привет, меня зовут Дмитрий Волошин. Мне всегда было сложно ответить одной фразой, кто я и чем занимаюсь. Поэтому решил, пусть каждый сам решает, кто я для него — бизнесмен, режиссер, спортсмен, общественный деятель, изобретатель, дизайнер, инвестор или босой городской сумасшедший.
    22 August 2019
  • How ”ARIPI” was created. Virtual Reality
    How to create a movie with “a camera in the head”, why is the theory of the flat-earth acceptable, which three-letter word is hated by VR animation specialists, what does the unreal storytelling mean, and how does the silence sound?
    06 August 2019
  • The making of ARIPI. Characters
    How are characters made? How many personas does an astronaut have? What age is the most dreamy? How does rhinoplasty enhance charisma? Which space suits are in fashion right now? How we got the knack of the script and killed off the dog?
    26 July 2019
  • How “Aripi” was made.The history and the universe of “The Wings”
    Have Moldovans been to space, why death needs scotch tape, why do true friends leave, how is the Moldavian space station made, can you fly on cardboard wings, and what dreams do they have in outer space?
    17 July 2019
  • The garbage trucks
    What is it like to spend a day on a garbage track and remove 30 tons of waste, why the guys work almost seven days a week and never complain about life, is it worth valuing work at the office, and who threw out rotten hering???
    05 June 2019
  • Sonr Design. Cutting the unnecessary.
    Where is the design hiding, how to avoid stepping on a rake in the water, why listen with the back of your head and what you can cut off with Occam's razor?
    03 April 2019
  • The Rubicon is over. No turning back
    How to lose 4 kg (8.8 pounds) and how to “draw” road marking with snot? Why is Coca-Cola more important than your own son? Is it tasty to eat pilaf with condensed milk and what is Rubicon really about?
    15 February 2019
  • Pole of Cold 3. Racing in Outer Space
    Is it possible to run at -60°C (-76°F) , why do gods like pancakes, what do you see when you look through a jelly, how to make the worst photo of your life, is there thickener of thoughts and how to defeat three hippos?
    29 January 2019
  • Pole of Cold 3. Running outfit for -60°С (-76°F)
    Mom always taught me: you need to wear warm clothes, in order not to freeze. Is it really so? What is the definition of “cold”? What to wear in outer space, why your leg can be cut off, how to look like Sub-Zero, why do you need elbow pockets and what is universal socialism?
    24 January 2019
  • Pole of Cold 1. Unfreezing childhood dreams
    Who lives in Oymyakon, what will you catch if you fish with a vanity worm, how to they sew up rivers, how traffic jams happen in the tundra, what is the point of the Yakut preference, and how many years does it take to return to childhood?
    19 January 2019
  • 2015

  • flags
    Freedivers’ paradise. Y-40
    How to run more than 60 bridges in one minute? What is an aperitif by Voloshin? What is the depth of the deepest pool in the world? And can air be breathed out through eye?
    05 December 2015 flags
  • flags
    How goes Death to the country of ice
    Where do they live - 13 different Santa Clauses? Why can not you get in jail with all? What kind of beer do not love the whales? And where you can touch two continents simultaneously with your hands?
    04 December 2015 flags
  • flags
    Chicago. Marathon in the concrete jungle
    Do you need a GPS navigator in a stone jungle? Can beans be mirrored? What for do doctors suck the blood out of runners? Chi-pizza or what does it mean “a delicious pizza”?
    11 October 2015 flags
  • flags
    Fooling around at the height of 5642 m
    Why sometimes it’s better to not pick up the phone, can you live in a barrel roll, what are you thinking about sitting in a WC wich stays over the abyss, can you steal a smoke at 5000 meters height, and finally what rakes can teach you.
    17 September 2015 flags
  • How we crossed the Moldovan Sea
    July 19 in Moldova, the third consecutive Ghidighici swimming competition took place in open water. More than 400 participants swam across Ghidighici. Swimmers from other countries took part in the race, such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Italy. So, Sea Mile swim in open water has now acquired an international status.
    19 July 2015
  • flags
    Freediving world championship in a pool in Serbia
    Why to be sleepy and inhibited is the key to success? What is better - 2 or 3 white cards? What is the temperature of the heels of the Yeti? How many records can be beaten in 3 days? And where are the best trainings for breath-hold in Moldova.
    25 June 2015 flags
  • The story of two Half Ironmen
    Who is Serge the Cheerful and why does he have sad friends, when can mom hit an Ironman, why does Andrei feel like a lonely lonely loner, and is it possible to glue two Half Ironmen into one complete?
    27 May 2015
  • Chisinau Marathon. Premiere
    Why the first International Chisinau Marathon could fall apart three weeks before the event, why are the trolleybuses more expensive than a marathon, whether 30 people are capable of paralyzing the city and start a one-day long civil war, how expensive is sports opium for the people, and what takes more: to prepare for a marathon or to prepare a marathon?
    26 April 2015
  • flags
    Tough Guy. Pass the Fire, Water and Dirty Pipes
    Does the word “fuck” have a censored synonym, why the organizers do not assume responsibility for participants’ lifes, and the most important thing: when begins NE-VER?
    01 February 2015 flags
  • World Premiere: Wine Cellar Race
    How is the weather underground, what kind of doping is allowed at a race in Cricova Cellars, what can you meet in the closed corridors of the cellars and when do we run again?
    25 January 2015
  • 2013

  • Supergoals and their role in human life. Video
    Why 90% of people that wanted to lose weight, quit exercising? Why do you need to run across the desert? Are you ready for being considered an idiot by people surrounding you? What will be your stories for your grandchildren?
    09 December 2013
  • Can you hold your breath 5 minutes?
    Why you have to be slow to become a winner? What is the schedule of contractions? Is it possible to sleep under water? And how to set a national record in… a month?
    01 December 2013
  • flags
    Just Breathe…
    The trip to Hurghada. The first trial of depth brought pain and fear. Eustachian tubes, sinus lobes, middle ear, what’s wrong with you? Let me dive! Ah, no, not that easy… Video
    19 November 2013 flags
  • Земля в иллюминаторе
    Как запустить ракету в космос, разозлив военных и при этом не развязать войну, почему НАСА говорит, что это не НАСА ракета, и как за 5 часов стать персоной нон-грата в соседнем государстве?
    04 November 2013
  • flags
    39 seconds in Amsterdam
    Amsterdam: expansion of mind or narrowing of housing space? What should not be mixed with shrooms? What do marathons and casinos have in common? How to turn your legs into… two sticks, and what do 39 seconds solve?
    20 October 2013 flags
  • flags
    Ironman 70.3 made in Moldova
    What is a carbohydrate bomb, and what are its consequences? Does an
    01 September 2013 flags
  • flags
    Moldovans on Mont Blanc
    Why a cat (crampon) remained on the glacier, how to cook monblamalygu, how to survive the shame, when you are overtaken on the rise by children, women, and animals, what are the birthday cakes for climbers prepared of?
    09 August 2013 flags
  • 1st Ghidighici
    Is there a Sea in Moldova, how many crazies live in our country, and do our swimmers like pilaf?
    14 July 2013
  • flags
    3497 strokes between continents
    Why it is good when the water is cold and what the bilateral breathing means, Why you have to shave your legs debofer a swiming competition, why you must want to throw up after competition, where have disappeared 300 hundred swimmers and how does the Bosphorus look in my eyes?
    07 July 2013 flags
  • Ask yourself
    I am a simple triathlete from Moldova, having in my pocket only a marathon, the Bosphorus and a couple of small competitions. It just happened so that in our country, amateur sport is in its infancy, while the triathlon lacks completely.
    05 June 2013
  • flags
    Preparing for the Bosphorus – Video of the 4 km swim in Kemer
    Strange, but the open sea turned out different from the pool. Remember: the pool lacks waves, which do not allow you to breathe, and the water is not salty. Pools also have tracks, and most importantly - the bumpers. And there is none of these in the sea. This was the
    23 May 2013 flags
  • flags
    Ekadashi. Fasting and Sports.
    What does it means to ”eat a monster”, why eating is a habit, is it useful or not to train in ekadashi?
    21 May 2013 flags
  • flags
    42 195 Meters in Paris
    Why is it necessary to take diarrhea pills before the race? Why not only sneakers make you a marathon runner? Why do people need to patch their nipples? Why do marathon runners wear cellophane bags? And why did I become so addicted to running?
    07 April 2013 flags
  • flags
    Barcelona Half-Marathon
    That does the PS hide, what is the percentage of moldovans at the Barcelona half-marathon, which are the steps on the way to the iron purpose?
    17 March 2013 flags