Interview. Publica. Natalia Morari

Can a loss-making project be successful, how did it happen that the Gypsy cost Simpals 200 thousand euros, and what is a pin?

-I want to ask you a question. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to hear your presentation, because I had to prepare a program, but everyone told me that the premiere of the cartoon was a success. Unfortunately, we have no chance to show it to our viewers, but I hope Publika will be the first channel to show it.  I want to ask you, you spoke about live and dead projects.

-I mean a live project, a project you’re passionate about, you’re obsessed with, you live with.  With which you wake up and go to sleep. This project is alive. It lives by its own laws. It has a program of life, which you can’t influence, you can’t speed it up or slow it down, it just evolves.Your task is simply to love this project, to water it.And I hope that everything will be okay with it.

-There are thousands of young computer guys in Moldova who are studying now and have yet to finish university, and they all dream of being Steve Jobs for sure. Do they have the opportunity to do it in Moldova? Doing what you’re doing, being in this IT industry. Without leaving this country.

-I was talking, my speech wasn’t about that, not about the difficult conditions in Moldova. I was talking about universal human values. 

-Your opinion. Still.

-It could certainly be in Donduseni, to be an unconditionally happy person, and to prosper.  It doesn’t matter where you live in Moldova, in Dondusany or in New York.  You can always find something to do, that you’ll love. You’ll do it, you’ll enjoy it, you’ll burn, you’ll be happy and you’ll live a happy life.

-That is, you can do it in Moldova.


– A successful online project that will become interesting.

-As for successful, I wanted to define successful project. A successful project is not a project that brings money, but a project that brings joy. If it gives positive emotions, this project is successful. So it doesn’t have to be super profitable.

– Okay. Let’s not talk about super profitable, let’s say not about building a company, the second Apple company. But if the project is purely a joy, but does not provide at least the company that works on it. It can be called successful or not?

-Yes, absolutely.

-Can it be called?

-Yes. -Because you’re going to be running a lot of projects. If you’ll burn with all of them, it’s impossible, that any of these projects will not make money. Because giving your energy to a project, there will be money, and success, and fame, and everything else. But if you will be engaged in the project which you don’t like, from which you don’t get pleasure, probably it will fail.

-Can you give some examples of successful projects that have been launched in Moldova?

-Such as a cartoon. With a loss of 200 thousand euros.

-Is it Roma?


-Is it a successful project?

-It’s a successful project, of course.

-Explain the paradox. 200,000 losses and yet a successful project. 

-But I already said in my presentation that what is the measure of success? If you measure success by money, then you can say that a person can be rich but sick. If he can be healthy, he can be in prison, if he is in prison, but he can be lonely, or free, but he is lonely. So the measure of a person’s happiness is the positive emotions that he gets in life. The more of them he has, the happier life he has. If a project that you work on gives you joy, gives you happiness and gives you a feeling of life – this project is successful. It does not matter how much money you spent on it. If you have been living in this happiness for five years, it means that you lived five years as it should be. And if you worked for five years and the project ate you, you worked through hard work, you went to work with reluctance, and you hated working and you earned a million, can you really say that this project was successful for you? Of course not.

-And one last question before I go on to the other bones, I bet you had a lot of opportunities to leave this country. Why didn’t you?

-I’m comfortable here, I’m happy here. I could probably live happily in Dondushany, too.

-So you can launch successful projects and live in this country?

-You can launch successful projects in this country, you can live and enjoy life in this country, you can be a successful and happy person in this country.

-Thank you very much.

-I want to confirm my words by saying Happy Birthday to Dasha Shmigaleva. I’m supposed to be at her place today.

-Dasha, forgive us.

– Dasha Shmigaleva Happy Birthday! Let’s clap. Everyone, thank you.



The link, that divided my life into before and after.

The link, that divided my life into before and after.

What does being an office jelly feel like? What will be interesting for grandchildren to read? Do you feel comfortable in your comfort zone? And how can you change your life in one night?