Motivation vs Discipline in Business.

What kind of motivation is there, why is inner aspiration more important than external expectations and the desire to please, and where to start if you don’t know what to do and where to move?

-Dmitry, please. So, Dmitry Voloshin, the founder of Simpals, ultramarathoner, and further he will tell about himself, in general, I talked a little in the beginning on this subject and also Dmitry will tell about the girl Eva to which fund help we actually all proceeds from the event, we will send.  Part of it has already come directly from the site, partly there are still received through other channels, we will transfer them necessarily.  So that our contribution would also somehow help the girl. 

– I was invited in vain, especially after Ruslan Kojokaru, I have nothing to say.  I think I screwed up the whole presentation and I was about to say the same thing.  I want to play this reel.  This is a little bit accelerated my race in Oymyakon, I compress it to 45 minutes, 30, 10 times faster. Let the man run in the background, as confirmation of the motivation of the extra. Look what motivates him, he is running in some asshole of the world, in 60 below zero temperature, what the fuck he is doing, he is suffering, he is suffering. I will tell you, I will try to answer the question why I do it, because honestly, I have not found an answer and at these meetings, I’m trying to figure out why I need it. Maybe one of your questions will tell me the answer.  Motivation. I believe that motivation come in two varieties, external and internal. External motivation is also happening to you now, I speak, you look and be inspired, think how cool, interesting, super, I want to do something like that, I also want to move from the dead point, too, to start something for myself. But usually external motivation ends here, it is short-lived, it works, ends very quickly, there is a day, 2-3 and the person again needs to go to some seminar and conference, to hear again, light up, live for several days, like drugs such. Therefore strive for motivation inside, which comes from within, but it is very difficult to achieve, and I will even say that the answer to the question of where to take the strength, how to ignite – I do not have.  The only thing I agree with most psychologists who say that in order to become motivated, but you do not know where to start and what to do and where to go, you just need to start doing something.  I don’t know if you cook borscht for the first time in your life, take your kid to school every day, take a shower in the morning, as Ruslan said, you need an incentive to start doing something, then you get more incentive when you do something else, and step by step you get to a big goal.  So when you ask me what to do, I advise you to do this.  The other day a guy came over and asked me one question: you’re so cool, you’re awesome, I’m your fan, I’ve read everything, I’ve watched everything about you.  Well, I have such an asshole, I do not know what to do, my hands are dropping, I am unmotivated, I do not know where I should go, I lay on the couch and watch soap operas all day.  What do you advise me to do?  I say: Well, I do not know.  It’s a complicated question, I don’t know what your situation is. And while I was mumbling back, trying to figure it out, he said, “Listen, I’ve got a great idea.  I’m gonna take out a huge loan, buy a super car, and then I’m gonna have to work it off. Is that cool?  I said: No, it’s not cool, it’s the wrong motivation, you’ll feel even worse. And then I formulated for myself three basic such moments that believe that will help somehow in this life to determine what to do, specific things, not just blah-blah, and they are sports, meditation and creativity. If you don’t know what to do, try this.Meditation, Ruslan also talked about it. We went to Vipassana with him, each to a different side, but we have an idea about it. And one of the important meditations is meta meditation, meditation, he says that you have to look for what to thank a person for, and meta meditation is the same thing only on a global scale, thanking the whole world for whatever, just love it, give love to every person, starting with your wife, then you mentally imagine children, embrace, you love children, then your friends, relatives, parents, strangers, some dirty Indians who live on the banks of Ganges, then all animals in the world and then you start loving politicians. You just love everyone and wish everyone good and happiness and prosperity.  So you start to feel not only on the plane like you meditate, but in reality, in life, that is you start to treat people differently, with love.  That is very important. The second one is sports.  I could tell you about sports at one conference, maybe 10, very long, but go to the gym, go to the pool, just run a couple of kilometers. I know many successful people, almost all of them go in for sports. It clears the brain and leaves time to be alone with yourself, when we usually rack our brains, we just spin the same thing, monkey brain so-called?  Which does not allow you to hear the voice of the subconscious and actually what you already want. The same running allows you to be with yourself for an hour, two or three, six. You free yourself there for half an hour, you think about how to put your foot down, how to drink, what your problems are, there are children, it’s all 5-10, then your brain gets tired and lets go. And you suddenly find yourself running in silence.  Just at that moment, the voice of your subconsciousness comes to you, you start to have some ideas, thoughts that pop up from the depths, which do not appear in normal life.  That’s why I also highly recommend sports.  And also creativity, you know, when a person is in the flow, I don’t know if you tried it or not, to draw, to write, to make cartoons, anything.  When you are creative, you get into a certain flow, and in this flow, you fulfill yourself and get satisfaction from the fact that you are a creator, even if nobody reads this poem, not a single person on earth, but there is a feeling that you have created something.  So to move from the dead point, I recommend to do 3 points, they will surely help.  Regarding the leader, Ruslan said, showed a slide for the table, where the dude sits on top with a whip, and below the boss, harnessed together with the staff pulls the cart. In my case, I would add a 3rd slide where the employees are pulling the cart and I am running ahead, but not harnessed.  I think that the owner of a business shouldn’t get involved in the operation, the operating system, he has to be on the outside because if he is part of the system, it would be very difficult for him to look at what is going on in the company from the outside, I mean, assess in general, and what my company is really, where it is going next. The operating system eats up a lot of energy, many of you know, and it’s like putting on the glasses in which you’re flashing some pictures, you can’t look soberly at what’s going on.  That’s why I’m trying not to get into company’s operations, but lately at least, it’s impossible to set up a company without knowing all the processes of it, without going through that.  But as soon as there’s an opportunity to pass that steering wheel to the guys who are smarter than you are, you have to do it, don’t be afraid to step aside and that doesn’t mean that you have to look at it from the outside.  Your task now is to make people proud to work in your company, to make people say that our boss is the boss of the boss, and not just sitting there… That’s really the person in the company that I want to work for, so there are certain obligations imposed on you to fit in because you’re really the head of this company.  So I think that you have to step back, you have to motivate your employees, who you are, what you are, how you live your life, how you think, sometimes come back to the company to say: guys, I saw one thing here, and let’s go right or left or sideways, let’s dig there, the treasure is there and it usually works, because a person who looks from outside, sees everything from outside, sees all the problems.  Generally it’s very hard to look at yourself from the outside, usually, I mean we have some idea of ourselves or our brand, but usually from the outside we look completely different and it’s very hard to look at ourselves.  If you can look at the company, it’s quite difficult to look at yourself. I, for example, rarely manages to look, and who I am in fact, to me only my wife sometimes opens his eyes.  Come on, that’s not what I thought of myself. I always thought I was handsome … It turns out not always handsome!  What about discipline.  That’s if the employees of the company enough motivation that gives them an external boss, or for example what the company does, they are motivated, the boss is usually nothing to motivate . That is, he is unmotivated from the outside with nothing, and he needs internal motivation and discipline. Discipline is quite complicated and sometimes, without motivation, as Ruslan said, it is impossible to force yourself to do anything, you need some bright goal that hooks you and to achieve it, you need to dick around. It’s true, but when the guys tell me, I have decided to do sports. I say, okay, what? – Running. – Fine, but for what purpose? – Well, I want to get out there, I want to get healthier. I said you’re gonna quit running soon, that’s not the goal. – I want to learn to run fast. – That is also not the goal. They ask me why?  I say, because you’ll never know whether you’ve come to it or not, whether you’re moving towards it or not, because these concepts are immeasurable.  You’re healthier now, by how much?  What’s your goal . The goal of running a marathon in Paris on April 15 is a goal.  The goal to run a marathon barefoot is a goal.  The goal of running 5 kilometers at the North Pole is a goal. Clear, specific measurable goals. When you know what you have to do, you train, you go to training every day in order to achieve something for sure one day, it is the same in business. The goal should be measurable. Not just I want to become a big company, I want to make a lot of money, you have to set measurable goals, and then it will be easier, then there is discipline. Because you know in order to break down this plan into certain pieces, you can do certain things during the week, to put together a puzzle for you at a certain time.  About the pie, I wanted to tell you. It’s a little off-topic, but I’m going to tell you what’s bothering me right now. At this point, what’s bothering me, I’ll tell you. I was just chatting with my spouse last night, and she says, and I was doing an interview with a channel before that, and she tells me about the pie, she didn’t talk about the pie, she says, here’s our life circle.  Yeah and there’s a family segment there, sports, career.  And I’m listening, come on, I just gave an interview to a channel yesterday and there I was talking about the same thing, that this pie has to be complete and when you feel like you’re missing one segment, you don’t know which one, you have a hole there.  And you feel discomfort inside, you don’t understand that there’s something wrong with my life, you don’t know what.  I had such a period there 7 years ago, when everything was good with my business, with my family, I had a segment, I had kids. And here you feel a hole, as if you took a piece and ate it, and with what to fill without a clue.Then I did not understand .With such terms I did not understand, but just understand that I suck, but why did not understand.  And then I got the sport, accidentally, one day I suddenly saw what is Ironman and I just lit up, I have this piece fell into place. I realized that it had to be a sport. Now this pie at me is more or less whole, I am a fairly harmonious person, I do not feel any serious discomfort, any psychological problems, fears, but I want to say that over time I begin to understand that this segment of sport, as I was engaged, is very much sticking out for me,  If you imagine the pie as a wheel that rolls, then I have a huge bump there and I began to realize this year that I was overdoing it with sports very much, right specifically overdoing it, then you could not go to a party with me, drink beer and talk about movies, about work, about girls in the end.  No way, Adidas sneakers, training, competitions, medals and awards. Of athletes are more or less interesting, but the average person, especially the family, this is already here, like this, so now I start to come to the understanding that these segments, they should not be paid, that is, there should not be one small, one huge. They should all be packaged in some way, so that it would be like a circle, so that everything would be in harmony. So if you feel, and everybody feels this way at the beginning, when you start to do business, you go crazy, and you understand that you’re going crazy and you need to do something, of course, but try to calm down a little bit over time.  What Ruslan is doing now, he is trying to spend an hour with his family.  Hallelujah, I went through this period two years ago, I can go half a day without going to work and do not feel any remorse, in order to have a circle, to enjoy everything, but I am now at war with sports, sports is such a thing, it drags, but I am now trying to do something to make it happen to me slowly by itself. I calm down a little, I understand that sports is not everything, that there are a lot of other activities in life, you can get pleasure from the other and thus trying to be all in harmony. Now I want to tell you how I see it, I’m not a motivational speaker, I mean a theorist, I can not lay out in broad daylight, tell you how you should and how you should not. I am a man of emotion, I feel how I feel, and to teach me the problem.  In fact I am not a teacher of life, I am more as though I can simply show, here it is possible, and you already, so I thought recently, that life is similar to a coat.  This life is like an overcoat, and everyone has his own coat, some people have it out of crocodile skin, some people have it out of some rags, some people have it expensive or cheap gray, out of rags of different colors.  But the thing is, I’ve been sewing my coat from different pieces all my life, putting it together so it fits my body perfectly.  If I take it off now, and someone pull it on himself, it will not be perfect, not the figure looks, so I can not tell you my model, you take a copy of yourself, put it on and say “All I tell you a happy man, everything at me works, all the cool, all the problems disappeared. No way. Everyone solves their problems differently.  I tell you how I deal with my problems, you solve them in your own way, you can just take some scraps, maybe something really useful.  And I also ask me, you’re going to go to a conference now, you’re going to talk about motivation and discipline.  Could you tell us about what was going on in Oymyakon and what really motivated you and what kind of discipline you had to do what you did.  I have already run 25 kilometers while I was talking to you. When somebody asked me, Dmitry, how much training have you had to run 50 km at -60 degrees?  I initially answered that I practically did not train, I have been training for the last year, then I began to understand and analyze what was happening, I wrote a report which will be published soon and I got into what happened, I realized that this race, to this race I began to prepare from the day when I decided to become Iron Man, in 2012 and all the way which I passed over the past 7 years and all the knowledge which I acquired, which seemed to me generally unrelated, they now poured into this race.  So when you do something and you think it’s not useful in your life, you’re wrong.Everything that happens in our lives, all we need sooner or later, one way or another, and it forms us as individuals.  And here in this case I needed a lot of experience in different areas in order to do it. Well firstly I needed endurance, normal endurance, I acquired it by running ultramarathons, running in the desert 230 km, Ironmen, and then I liked the knowledge of proper breathing, because the mask was constantly clogged with ice and it was very difficult, hard to breathe because there was a lack of oxygen, clogged muscles.  The experience of free diving helped me here, I practiced for several years, I learned not to breathe for a long time, I studied pranayama and it helped me to cope with it.  From hypothermia to me saved by those races that I was in cold places, it was taiga, in the mud 4:00 hours and a marathon at the North Pole, a harsh otilot where 12 hours of icy water and ran in the cold in Scandinavia, and that’s not all. It is impossible to go there without having money, in order to go there with three guys, you need several thousand euros, again, if I did not have, I could not earn, several thousand euros for equipment, a trip of several thousand euros for the fact that my company has people who helped me shoot, send out press releases and so on. I wouldn’t have been able to do that either.  And there are quite a few things like that piling up, when journalists ask me why no one has done this before, I understand that basically people don’t do it not because they can’t.  I think that many people can do it in Russia, in Moldova there are guys who can do it, but the puzzle just doesn’t add up.  I think in general this puzzle is not only about money, health or navaga freediving – it’s still a karmic thing, I take it as an opportunity to do it, as a gratitude from the universe that I somehow spent the last time, years. That is I did something right, so I was given the opportunity to realize something that no one else did. I give myself a clear account that it is not my direct merit, but just probably and one of them is his girl Eva, whom we helped.  I’m sure karma has two sides, two sides that is if you help, this good comes back to you.  So I believe that Eva and I helped a friend, we helped raise money, she helped do what I had in mind.  So pay attention to the karmic twists .I mean I am absolutely sure that this is not just somebody’s theory, this is an absolute law simply which we cannot write in books, like teach in school as physics, but sooner or later it will happen and where it will be written that in order for everything to work, you have to give back.  You have to, your actions have consequences both good and bad.  So think about what you’re doing .So you still have to work at it, it’s very important.  Wow, how much longer we have to run, a whole 15 kilometers … I also look at it now, what drives this man, why are you running, why are you suffering?  Let’s go to 50 km tell you what was going on in my head at that moment, if it’s interesting I can tell you. I didn’t sleep the night before because I was turning over and over in my head, I wake up, I get in the car, we are going to the start, I put on a hood, I take helium with me, I start running, it’s dawn, I look at the dawn, I eat, drink tea, I have a hard time, I fight with myself, my face gets cold, I knock down icicles, I finish and I run again… I went around and around, every minute I imagined, I was afraid of what was going to happen. I could not fall asleep, I think I was just banal, I did not have such a challenge.  I usually participated in competitions where there are organizers who know you’ll come from point A to point B, they’ll take care of you, a thousand people have passed this distance, nothing will happen to you.  Here you go into the unknown, you do not know what will happen to you, you’ll get there or not get there. Probably why I could not sleep, many athletes can not lie if the competition is not slept, then all hell, it certainly also demotivated, already 2 hours, at least 3 hours of sleep, 2 hours, even an hour, no way.  I woke up first, looked at the thermometer, it was 58. Thought it was still 2:00 in the dark.  We all got up, all packed up, went to the start. There was such a big stele written there – Tomtor, we decided to start from there.  The owner of the hotel brought a hunting rifle, all steel – bang, shot.  You see filmed on the car, which drove behind to register the race, drove, drove a loaf behind with 2 cameras, to shoot all 6 hours. Here I was about to run and the director of the local history museum in the town of Tomtor, which has only 1,000 people, came up to me. It was 6-7 in the morning. He says: Dmitry can not run, you must first feed the spirits. I say what spirits? – How can you not run without asking the spirits for help? I said, “Well, I guess not. She brought me some pancakes, hot. She said, “Put them on the snow, and ask for help. They are pagans, they have no churches, no classic faith. I put those pancakes in the snow and I thought for 30 kilometers why the hell had I left them there under that stele, I would have mashed them up there with great pleasure. Shot the gun, I ran, 10 km first was in the dark, it was unpleasant enough to run and the mask began to clog very quickly. I watched, in training, mask held for 30-40 minutes, here 20 minutes and immediately froze, probably because of the temperature, because it was colder.The temperature dropped to -60 and we changed the mask. It started to dawn, I said to myself, now you’re running the hell out of here, now is a special day, try to enjoy at least a little bit of what’s going on. Yes you feel bad now, but in two hours you’ll be fucked, so try to get high now.  I took my mind off all the problems, there with the hypothermia, with the mask, the ice mask on my face and looked at these beautiful trees, you see this sunrise, this creaking road, this is what they call Diamond Dust. It’s a natural phenomenon, we don’t have it in Moldova, it’s when the icy air freezes in the air and it shimmers in the light, it’s a wonderful thing.  That’s 15-20 minutes, I just deliberately tried to fix: how fucking cool. Well on 20 km all it was over, all this has gone and problems began, I began to choke that is, I did not have enough air, that is, when they changed a mask and gave me a new one, 10-15 minutes I ran normally, then began to choke and air came out as a dragon from all sides, pulled in from all sides, it is unclear and my muscles were clogged, when there is not enough oxygen, it is very difficult to breathe. I slowed down, then stopped, raised his hand, we had a sign, a car pulled up, I tried to explain what I need here and I took off my mask, breathed all right, oxygenating the blood, then back mask and ran again.30 km we had an agreement that the guys will ask what distance I run, because initially it was not planned how long you run and all. was 42, now drove it was a marathon. I had Andrei at first before the start, I had a polar ointment, smeared it in my eyes so it wouldn’t get into my eyes. At 43 it was already so… It was just such a layer and it was fine. I didn’t know how much I was going to run, 38 or 42 or 50- there were 3 plans. At 30, I said that I would run 50, they told me: Dimon, judging by how you say, it’s better to run 42. I said it would be all right. They tried, but it was useless to talk to me, they decided to run 50. It was necessary to get to Oymyakon, turn around and run back. I ran a marathon, all noted it, cool, but the cold began to seep from 20 km, whatever the equipment, inside. Because you can not put on 10 layers or a spacesuit, because you start to sweat, and through the moisture the cold easily passes. So you have to dress so that you were both dry and cool. If you’re okay for the first 10, 20, then it turns into cold and chills.  And after the forty-third kilometer I began to have serious problems, somewhere 44, began to narrow the peripheral vision, began to pass out due to the lack of glycogen, as on the usual marathon I eat 3 gels, and here I took myself 5 in reserve.  More sweet tea, but they were not enough, because at such temperatures the body needs more food to warm up the body and so to 45 kilometers, I had a hard time running, but I knew that if I want to recover, it should get up and eat more sweets, I had more food, tea was. And stand for about 15-20 minutes to smoke and wait until it all come into my muscles, to run on. I did not want to waste time, so somehow already to telepath, the speed has dropped at the end and again hypoglycemia off the peripheral vision is only one hazy picture in front of me a meter and a half, I did not know why it is hazy, then I found out why.  And here I sent the guys to the finish line at 47 kilometers, I say go away.And I’m running, I’m not thinking straight, everything freezes, my muscles, my speech and my thoughts in my head. I run, I look at 47.5, I think it’s great, I run for 15 minutes – 47.6, I think what happens to the clock. Time stretches in 5-10 times, when you feel bad you think holy crap when it’s over. and there will be seen the hill and I ran and ran all already and my feet were braided, I had already begun to loop, accelerated look that briskly running, in fact, not really cheerful. And now I was running up to 50 km, I thought, well, now the guys will be standing here, and I bumped into the crust. According to my feelings, I got close to the edge of Everest, I thought he was on top? Couldn’t get down here to do the finish line, then get me up by car. They were 100-200 meters short, and when I watched the video and looked at the profile, well, the elevation was 10 meters, and it seemed to me like Everest, I climbed it and ran up to it as such a hero that I did not even stop, and there I saw them at the finish, they had stretched the tow rope and were waiting for me. I stopped at the finish line to unfold the flag, now there will be a video too. I took it out, unfolded it and ran. Then when I watched the video, it turned out it took me 1.5 minutes. That’s it standing, putting on my gloves, then where is the flag, what am I looking for. I flag.  Then I zing, I got it. Fell down. This woman behind me came out to help me turn it around.  And all I ran, fell down, that is caught up to stutter, a couple of phrases what is, spoke slurred language. Just this topic of pain, I’ve been turning it over in my head and with him constantly. I always say to the organizers, put it in front of Ruslan, so I made an impression, and he did. Today it turned out the opposite, the further, the cooler. I have studied this topic, the topic of pain.What pain allows you to progress very quickly in a spiritual sense. why is that, I know from my own experience, for my 7 years that I have suffered a lot and endured a lot of pain, really and felt grown spiritually and humanly began to understand. this is due to the fact that when you are suffering you overcome yourself, you begin to believe in yourself that you can and this and this. I am confident in their strength gives you the opportunity to do much in general. for this strong motivation, in order to evolve further.  Therefore I urge if there is such possibility try not only to leave a comfort zone, but to do something, that gives you very strong discomfort, that is actually Pain. it will allow you to progress very quickly.  Not without reason they say that enlightened people say that the closest way to enlightenment is through suffering. That’s why I asked the guys, I put the material in a video that I tried to put it in.  Let’s have a look at it. ( Video) So that’s an interesting experience. All friends, thank you, now the questions.

-I want to say that watching in a sense replaces achievement, motivates.  How do you motivate yourself during a run, a marathon, when you are already at your limit, and still have a lot to run?

-Good question. All athletes know that you have to know how to negotiate with your brain, I usually trick it with singing, I sing songs to myself, and sometimes out loud, when it’s quite a pipe, songs or about the war, or a song you heard. You don’t have to know the whole song, just know the chorus and go around in circles like a mantra. And the brain, its whining goes into the background and you try to separate suffering from pain, these are different things. In vipassana we were taught that you can feel pain but not suffer. There are practices that teach you to do this, that is you feel, you know that you are in pain but you suffer a little less than in the normal mode, everyone switches to the mode differently, I do it with the help of songs.

-By the way, I heard that vipassana will organize, or at the end of March and beginning of April, in Chisinau, to organize a ten-day trip to Vadul Lui Voda. It will be interesting, if anyone is interested, I’ll send you the link in the group, I even signed up there.  So, from what you told me today, what do you apply to your employees?

-I have already said that I try not to get directly involved in the company’s business processes, I try to be an outside observer and just be an example to them that they can do this, this, this and not be a jerk. But with a jerk it is sometimes more difficult, because as soon as he starts to get into the heart of the problem and see that something is done wrong, that not so should be done, what is unclear.  I’m nervous, I come home nervous, my wife is also nervous and I think, screw it, let them do it. Why did I take them if they do worse than me .I think some things I just get away with and perhaps I do not have the most optimally tuned business in the country, most likely not the most, the kpd of it, Ruslan it seems to me higher.  But I’m trying to preserve my mental health and the health of my employees.

-I saw a cool video where they talk about Simpals, about the corporate culture that you practice there.  What, what’s, what’s part of you in that corporate culture, how much of an influence you have on some basic, such principles on what’s allowed, what’s definitely not allowed in the company.  What do you set as an owner?

 -Corporate culture is exactly what an owner should think about, not business processes, not about how to set tasks and control, but to create atmosphere, this is the spirit, this is his number one priority, I think. And I’m really working on it and I try to create this, this right mentality of the company, this spirit, this mission and principles. To show that it is necessary to live and to communicate with other people and to work and to love. Of course I can not force a person to live by my pattern, but in general in the company it turns out so. When I walk around the office and see how my employees communicate, how they work, what kind of relationship they have with each other, what projects come up, I see that this is exactly what I imagined, what I like and for me this is an indicator of the success of the company, they reflect the state of my mind, my character, my emotions.  If the company can be judged by me, then all is well, if the company goes bankrupt, it means that I was going for it. I consider for me will be as the businessman collapse, when I will come to the company after a year and I see that it has become a bureaucratic device for earning money, I will say all is over.  That’s it, I’m quitting and going to Bali. 

-I mean, I just wanted to ask a question in this context, that you try to describe the situation, that you came to the company, you saw something and you understand that it’s not your company, you don’t want to be associated with it.  What was it like in that situation, what do you see there, how do they communicate with each other or is there something going on inside?

-Yes, thank you for your question, I think that firstly, this is the relationship between people within the company, if I see that people undermine each other, if I see any gossip, I see a war between departments, I see a fight for money, some backroom games, I would give up on such a company.  Secondly, if the company stops doing projects aimed at economic projects that do not bring us money, but help us, it shows the universe that we are willing to give and are willing to take from it in return. If we are still just chopping the cabbage, we think why the ad costs 1 leu, let’s put 10. We close all the social projects, we fire 80% of the people, we leave only the accounts department and programmers to support 999, everything else is fucked, we become multimillionaires. It’s not my company either, it’s not interesting.

 -What motivated before 30? 

-Km or years?

-I’m thinking about years here.

-It was probably the same thing that motivated me, to do what you like to do. I never did anything to make money, no it was never interesting to just earn 100000 dollars, it was always interesting when it turned out your hobby suddenly became your business.  Here it certainly ignited always and it always motivated me.  Just after 30, by 37 years I came to the fact that I realized myself in many areas, and business and creativity more or less, but the pleasure of life I did not get. I was just then talking about the cake, I did not understand that I lacked. And before 30? I worked hard, before 30 I already had a family, also had my first child, and everything was like everyone else, before 30 it is easier to be motivated, because you are young and hot, it seems to you that all the roads are open before you. Now you realize that some are closed, but then you can do everything, you can do everything.

-What examples of real people motivate and is it even worth taking an example?

 -Well, I don’t have people that I could say that I want to be like that person or that is my idol, but certainly there are characters that… I admire courage in people. courage, the scale of plans.  People who want to send to Mars, people who want to compete with nasa, people who want to create a new kind of computer, people whose scale, the planetary scale of ideas and they are not afraid and they do and it certainly cannot but inspire nobody.  I think of course and I’m motivated.

-I mean something on a global scale, people who change the fate of humanity.  I thought about asking a different question, but in this context, it makes sense to ask it here.  Were there any ideas to organize something really large-scale, a Moldovan Ironman, all standard distances only in winter. Here is such a trail…

-Yes, they did, if a person ran the Rubicon with us through the whole Moldova, it would probably be cooler than the Ironman. Because to run 150 km in 0 degrees, in fog, in rain, in snow, day and night, it’s very unpleasant. And if you’re sick at the same time, it just becomes the toughest it can be. And this race, when we are carrying the flag across the country, running through all the districts, it is very motivational, very difficult, but nevertheless we finish, people just hug each other, cry, so much emotion comes out, because so much time spent with people, raising the flag, feeding and warming. Such events unite the people and do not depend on the language and parties, consider themselves one people, one nation, it’s a pepsi as motivating. 

-What was the click that it was time to pay attention to the family?

-When my wife was packing my suitcases for a month, I realized that enough is enough and I need to change something. She’s my kind of girl is very quick on the hand, and I understand it, she gave her life to me and bet on me as in the casino on red or black, she chose me and bet everything, va bank. And when she realized that she got a jerk, bet on the wrong card, she will try to correct, she does not want to admit that it was a mistake. And she will fight for her happiness and she is absolutely right and when we had situations, we had a very difficult period, I will not talk about it here much, but it was a difficult period, it was when sports closed my eyes, I saw nothing but sports goals, there were periods that I was not at home, we argued, she packed my bags and I went away. And I was recently asked at one of the interviews, Dimon, what would be if you could call yourself 5 years ago, what you said to that guy, knowing what path you’ve gone through now you think differently, how would you be able to resolve the situation, what you said to him.  And I think I would have called. I understand that no one person can convince anyone, never, nothing, no friends, no relatives, not even you from the future can not change you, can not tell you: listen man, do not behave so with his wife. and everything, OK, changed, all forgot about sports, all I am now a different person. Bullshit, that’s not how it works. I thought about it and I said, I would say:  Take now buy a bouquet of flowers, come to her, with her, invite her to a restaurant, the quickest way to get in the face with this bouquet, so take not prickly flowers, some soft. But put her in front of you and say: Vika, you know, I’m not the best party for you now, but I have this period, I want to promise you that in a few years everything will change, I will change, everything will be great with us.  I beg you just bear with me for a few years, I can not change, but I love you very much and I beg you to wait for me.  I will come . 

-Thank you for your answer, because it’s really impressive.  How to motivate yourself for interviews and speeches, if the problem did not work out at home.  I understand that here you can expand the context, that is, how to motivate yourself, if there is actually no strength, moral, internal

– But do not go, if a straight pipe what you have, lie that he got sick. I mean, let me try to answer correctly, I was joking, maybe now so unfortunate. 

-Let me try to reword it. Here you’re talking about that when you overcome difficulties, you feel pride that you have overcome, and you become available to new challanges, you start to believe more in yourself, but I understand that the man who asks the question faced with this situation, I do not feel the internal forces, this barrier to take, that is, what can help inside, that all through it can not step over?

 – They ask me specifically, let’s not have this philosophy, what specific measures, find the strength, you have to pull yourself together, take the first step. I say sports, meditation and creativity. these are clear and precise instructions on what to do. Take a 5k run, you don’t want to, you can sit for 15 minutes and not think about anything, but if you can’t even do that, then you just fucking do nothing. Live your life and you just can’t do anything .

-It’s like Lebedev’s famous post, How to Motivate Yourself to Do Something – No way stay fucked.  So what is more important for your employees Discipline or motivation?

– Motivation is unambiguous, because with discipline we have as you said asshole, even if something you have there will not work at all.

-Is there an idea to organize an annual race in Oymyakon for crazy people from all over the world?

-Yes, we’re coming up with a name right now.  There will be next year, we are planning to make a race for people from all over the world, who have health money and broken psyche.  We will.

– When did you find out about the Italian, who wanted to repeat the race in Oymyakon. When did you find out? Did you run with the motivation of being first in the world?

-I found out about him eight or nine months in advance.  It all started with the fact, that when I had an idea about Oymyakon, a year ago I wrote a post in Facebook, that in Oymyakon there is minus 60, I want to run there. It was a vague dream.  Then it turned out that the Italian set the world record, I found out.  He has serious support, Italian, Italian television is coming. He’s doing it in partnership with the construction of Yakutia, there’s federal support for this project, he’s going there to test his uniform, which will be developed by Italian scientists, some kind of super advanced, technologically advanced thermal underwear.  Well then I realized that we must go urgently, we must go and so I was so particularly quiet, I do not like to make noise, after me, there were a couple of cases such fakapov that I decided to just shut my mouth, now before the show came a friend and asked me, Dimon, and this is what the next Challenge? I say – I will not tell, because usually when you start talking and usually nothing happens.  I even know why, because when you tell someone, tell you that I want to run a marathon on the moon. That’s it? Seriously? Wow, you’re cool. One or two words. You haven’t run yet, and you’re already getting a high from it. All satiated and all your motivation is already … You’ve already got from this event and it falls off and he dies … And when you keep it in, save, save it all and it shoots.  It’s the same with the Italian, I kept silent and then I noticed it was impossible to keep silent any longer, so I went there and got there a week earlier than he did.  But I was chasing the temperature at least was below -50, but when I got there and wanted to run that night, we went outside early in the morning and it was -48. And that was it, we were deflated and we decided everything for the week off. And the hive-mouse himself, the Italian has already arrived in Yakutsk, he’s already waiting for the film crew.  And then he came to Tomtor in three days, we lived a few kilometers away from each other, the EMERCOM team began to arrive, he was running, there were rescue workers, doctors, a Kamaz cart with the EMERCOM team. And it was all pulling up, the media was building up the situation, that he had already arrived here, he was met at the airport by these Yakut people in Yakut costumes. And I am sitting quietly with Tomtore, making stroganina from fish and drinking vodka.  We are sitting sadly and the weather came, I now see that it will peak, 60 degrees, here for the whole season and it will not be colder, all say that it will not be colder, this wave is such a steepest. and I understand that now I am here, I lived in Tomtore, and he in Oymyakon. I think I’m going to run from here and he from there, it’s the coldest night of the year and we’ll run into each other somewhere in the middle.  We ran, we did not see him, he did not appear on the road. It turned out he was not running, he was waiting for a TV from Italy. How to run without cameras, well stupid. And he was waiting, and then they arrived, missed the plane, came a day later, then when they were going from Yakutsk to Oymyakon, they fell through the ice, they were pulled out by some kind of EMERCOM. They lost another day, the temperature was dropping like heat, heat, heat, he had already run, he was about 52. Why he ran 39 km, I did not understand what it was, not 30 … Here between the cities of 38 km would run 42 km, it was possible to strain 3 km, at least a marathon was. To be honest, I probably screwed up his map a lot, because some Moldovan was just sitting at home, of course locals told him, some guy from Moldova wanted to run here, okay. Suddenly when he saw the TV on RTR he thought, “Fucking hell, it’s colder and longer, he has a sponsor list like this, right Yakutia is behind him”, he got upset, but he ran too, well done, handsome, here…

-I think he wanted to rub his nose in it after all…

-Of course, it’s just a sporting interest… -We know about each other, we’re sitting…

-I guess by the law of karma you’re ready…

-That by the law of karma by the way, I helped the kid, he helped the Italian scientists. More importantly, the universe must have put everything in its place. 

– This question, do you know any marathon runners? With a heart problem – 1st degree mitral valve prolapse, is it possible to become a marathon runner or an Ironman with such a diagnosis?

-I am not a doctor, I am not saying that you should forget about it and run the race, everything will be fine, but I think that we underestimate the capabilities of our body, that if you approach the question correctly, maybe, but only under the supervision of a doctor, because you can do the race even in 17 hours, on foot. So it is worth to train under supervision, although I do not know if it is some kind of crap, where you can not walk without a clue. 

-Will there ever be a Moldovan cartoon?  Maybe make a cartoon about Dima’s life, a great success story?

It is impossible to make a full-length cartoon in Moldova and it will not happen there in the next 50 years, because you need about 300 animators. In Moldova we have 5-6, so you understand what resources are needed. But I believe there will be a cartoon based on a Moldovan script.  I am working on a script, on a book, so that it would be enough to make a full-length cartoon. It is possible, but unfortunately it is impossible to produce such a cartoon in Moldova…

-And finally, what is the ultimate goal of helping Eva. How many it is necessary to collect in total?  Tell us a little bit about Eva.

-Eva Pismenyuk, a girl with cerebral palsy, 4 years old, she is very cool, you can’t tell she is ill, she is very cheerful and tries to do everything herself, she is very mischievous. The thing is that she needs 5-6 rehab courses, the more the better. Because each rehabilitation improves her health and not just to throw money away, nothing happens. After each rehabilitation, she gets better, better, better. Doctors promised that if we do them regularly enough, from 5-10, they did not say how many, she can become a complete person without any serious signs and can grow up to be normal, like us. We have collected over 20000 lei for her on the site, now there will come another 100000 lei, and that will be 10 – 12000 dollars, that should be enough for several years. I expect that in two or three years to shoot a report, to see how she has changed.  If you help, it would also be great.

-We’ve already helped. There are 120,000 and 20-25 of our people from the event. So…

-Let’s give each other a round of applause, beautiful people.

-Thank you very much. Dmitry Voloshin.

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