A year ago, I launched an experiment called SHORTCUT. I meet with entrepreneurs and help them with advice, recommendations, connections and investments.

And now I’m ready to invest in those who want to move forward. So, I’ll be glad to meet you if …

1) You already have a business you want to scale, and you need advice and investment to do that.

2) You want to start a business, you have an awesome idea, but for a start you need money and help.

3) You are a manager and you realize it’s time to start your own business. 

Please fill out the form and send it to me. You will be contacted by my colleagues, who will tell you what to do so that we can meet.

At the meeting, you will have 25 minutes to tell me about yourself, your project, and how we can cooperate.

See you at Shortcut. Dmitri Voloshin.