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Is it possible to raise sports in Moldova, what is the secret of the strongest motivation and when is Voloshin going to die?

Hi, I am Dmitry Voloshin, founder of Simpals, ultramarathoner, iron man. I am the organizer of the Chisinau Marathon. 

My personal achievement is that I did the first Ironman in Moldova, the fact that I ran Comrades 90 kilometers, or what I plan to do with you in the near future from sports achievements. But probably I would call my greatest achievement the realized opportunity to raise sports in the country. I happen to have the Universe that gave me the desire to do sports, gave me the media resource, and gave me a very strong team. And when those three components came together, I had the opportunity to make a difference in the country.

We’ve been working on this for four years now. We’re really getting somewhere, something is changing. And more and more people are getting involved in sports. I consider this my biggest personal achievement.

The biggest and most powerful motivation in doing sports and what I’m doing now is for me to push my limits. Every challenging competition gives me the understanding that I can do more, more and more. Not even physically, not my muscles are getting stronger, but mentally I am getting stronger. I understand that nothing is impossible for me. 

And that’s what I try to explain to all the people who play sports, that the main thing is not your health, not your weight, not your physical bonuses, but the main thing is the mental bonus that sport gives you, that it makes you all-powerful. At some point you realize that you can do absolutely anything. It’s very, very important for a person, because not only does his physical form change, but his whole life changes.

Every year as I live through the next year, I realize that I’m getting better, and not just in physical form, but in the fact that I’m becoming calmer, more balanced, I’m making more friends, I’m radiating more positivity. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been exercising, the fact that I’ve recently started doing yoga, meditating. But I think that’s the right way for a man, when he doesn’t want to go back to his past. When you always look ahead and realize that you’ve never been better.

If this continues until death, you can consider that person lived a happy life. And when people ask me, “Dima, do you want to live a long life?”, I say that I want to live exactly as long as I don’t want to. I want to leave at that moment. Not sooner, not later.”

And that path means for me to become the best version of myself throughout my life, to try to strive for that.

Triumphant start for outdoor triathlon event!

Triumphant start for outdoor triathlon event!

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