Morning in the kitchen. RTR Moldova

What does Voloshin do in the kitchen, is there mamaliga in Africa and how to cook the perfect breakfast?

-Good morning, our dear ones. We are glad that you have joined us and in the kitchen What does it mean to have a dream and finally realize it? Especially if you are a person who is strong and physically resilient.

– This morning we’re talking about dreams, but more about how to make them come true. But we’ll still cook while we’re here, and breakfast is just an excuse to learn more from Dmitry Volosin 

-Are you nervous?

-Yes. Between two men this morning.  

-Good morning!

-Good morning. Welcome to our home.

-Hello. -Hello.

-Because it’s not the first time. You’re very ambitious, soon you’ll be in Alaska.

-No, not really Alaska, I’m going to go to the North Pole, right to the very top of the Earth, the very top. That’s where the axis goes through the earth. You know, the astronauts saw, right through the Earth. There’s one at the top and another at the bottom. I’m going up for now, then I’m going down.

-There’s still no sign of Moldovans up there, right? You first?

-I don’t know, no Moldavians have run the marathon for sure, but at the North Pole there might have been someone, who knows.

-You know that Moldavians, there’s no place that doesn’t have a Moldavian. You go to Africa, the store opens Moldavan or something Moldavian.

-Moldovans are everywhere. If I go to the North Pole and meet them there, I wouldn’t be surprised.

-It’s important to go back. Until then, we’ll talk about your expedition and journey, and we’ll cook breakfast…

– Which you use very often. As I understand it.

-Presentation. Today we’re making the simplest breakfast we can think of. Probably in this show and in life. And very, very tasty. I learned to eat breakfast this way back in my college dorm. But that’s how I ate back then, because I didn’t have any other foods. I used to pick raisins at home, my mom used to dry grapes, I used to buy cottage cheese, there was no yogurt then either, there was just sour cream. And the fatter the better. It’s different now. Now it’s vice versa: the less fat, the better. It’s not even sour cream, it’s yoghurt. And cottage cheese. Five percent.

-What can we do to help?

-You mix it all up and you get an awesome balanced, very healthy breakfast, especially after a workout.

-For energy, to charge the batteries, right?

– Then let’s mix it all up.

-We’ll get to work now.

-In fact, our guests feel right at home with us.

-It’s not that easy. It’s a complicated dish, you have to prepare for it seriously.

-There’s a bowl here, I’ll give you a closer one. There you go. You cook, men cook in the kitchen this morning.

-Write down the recipe.

-Get a pen and paper and write it down.

-Not bryndza, I guess you could make it with bryndza, but it’s more of an evening dish. We have cottage cheese.

-Cheese curd. We have cottage cheese and sour cream we’re all talking about….

-this is yogurt.

-that’s at the end.

-How about all of it?

-I sometimes use pine nuts, sometimes hazelnuts. And this is cashews. That’s why it’s too coarse, so we’ll chop it in the blender and it’ll be just right.

-How at home…

– Should we put all the cottage cheese or not?

– This way, it’s as good as it gets.

– Just enough for all of us.

-You asked me to leave you some so… -If you don’t want any more, go ahead. Add the yogurt for now. 

-Dmitri, at least until they start making noise…

-Don’t grind it too much, right into the mush, and this crumb is just right, so it feels like it. That’s it. You add nuts, you add – it’s dried cranberries – and raisins.

-that’s it.

-That’s it.

-Is that breakfast?

-That’s it. -Congratulations. Give each other a round of applause.

-And yogurt.

-And yogurt. So that would be…

– We almost forgot about him.

-To make it…

-How often do you make this dish, this menu?

-I’m telling you, I’ve been making it for, what, 20 years I’ve been eating this breakfast.

You want more carbs, you add more raisins and cranberries, you want more protein, more cottage cheese. That’s it.

-Good. Let’s talk about your expedition. Because I’ve seen breakfast.

-Let’s go to

-Maybe I’ll try it.

-Come on, you try it.

-Dmitri, how many kilometers are you gonna run out there? 

– The usual. 42. It’s a regular marathon. The only difference is that there are white bears at the North Pole.



-These big, white ones?

– And in order not to eat the runners, they made a four-kilometer run. A circle. People with guns are standing in a circle, and the marathon runners run ten laps of 4.2 kilometers, because if you run somewhere far away, you just might not come back from there.

-We need you, we don’t need you.

-How do you prepare for this marathon?

-This is a big problem, because in Chisinau there’s no snow, our temperature is warm, and it will be cold there, and the snow will be deep, it’s unclear where to train. That’s why now when it’s been snowing for the last few days, a week ago, it was snowing and laying, I go out of town, where there are no roads, wear special sneakers and let’s run in the snow. There’s even a video, you’ll show me. Video of training.

I also went to Orenburg, my parents live in Orenburg. I went there specially and trained for two weeks, because the weather there is similar, 25-30-degree frost and also snow.

-After special training, there you will be guided, you will be somehow protected by some doctors, will they intervene if something happens?

-No one has died there yet, everyone is alive, healthy, but there is definitely a big … Why is it expensive, because you have to take specialists there, because doctors are needed. tents are needed, medicines, there should be a helicopter just in case, because there were cases of frostbite, people came running in with frostbitten noses, with frostbitten feet.

-We talk and she eats. You can see how interesting our conversation is to her.

-It’s inexpensive, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy.

-Where you end up, at the North Pole, I get it, it’s not about the contest, you just have to have money. To get there?

 -Yes. You don’t have to know how to run here, it’s not Boston. In Boston you have to learn how to run, qualify, get selected. Here you just have to have the money, you have to have the health to run, and you have to have the desire to go.

-And you have the desire?

– I have all the same. I’ve been dreaming for a long time, I just couldn’t talk myself into it, it’s expensive, yes, but if you’ve been dreaming about it for five years in a row, God be with it already.

-But what’s the purpose of this marathon? People ask, “It’s good at home. Why do you need it?

-Because his dreams always come true.

-And you feel good. And you feel good at home.

-Is this your dream, the limit of your dreams, to set another point in your development? In all the madness that accompanies your escapades?

-I don’t want to show others, I want first of all to show myself that I can do anything. At least, what I can do, I can do. And I’m constantly pushing back the boundaries. It gives me…

-What is this here?

-Dear viewers, the guys asked me to bring some equipment for the marathon. I’d like to show it to you now and tell you what it is.

-And put it on Sasha.

-We’ll put it on Sasha, let’s show him what it is. These are goggles that people wear when they run, and they have special ventilation. I’ll show you how it… To stop them misting over, they can be moved aside. You can move them around so there’s a draught, because without them you freeze your face off.

-What’s the temperature in there, Dimitri?

-I mean, the temperature is not very cold, -30 somewhere. I was running in -30 in Orenburg. But there can be winds and very high humidity. And if the humidity is high, it’s twice as cold. Take off your goggles. Take off your goggles, I’ll give you a balaclava now.

-I wanted to be stylish too, but they took the glasses off.

– It’s a balaclava so you don’t freeze your nose off. Come on, come on, put it on, come on.

– It’s like he’s a bandit.

-Which bank am I supposed to rob now?

-Now put the mask on.

-And I’m putting the mask on. Ok

-That’s how you’re gonna run. And put your gloves on.

-And the gloves. 

-He can’t see them.

-He can see everything.

-Tell me, Alexander, how do you feel with your glasses on? Can you see anything?

-It’s hot in here.

-They’re very nice glasses. They change their transparency. If it’s too bright outside, they go dark and vice versa. Handsome.

-Do you mean just one person, or can I come with you if I’m already equipped?

-There’ll be 70 people running, probably from different countries. And everyone’s outfitted, who knows how. I saw, there are crazy there, running without even a hat. And some, on the contrary, wear so many jackets that they can barely move. The boots are huge. They don’t run, they walk.

-What are you going to run in, boots? What’s it gonna be?

-Snickers. How do you say that in English?


-Sneakers, yes, but sneakers are different. There’s the insulated ones, I’ll take the lighter ones, they’re cold, but they’re light and they’ll run faster. Hopefully, by running fast, my feet will stay warm and not freeze.

-How do you think you will get back from there? What are your expectations? What do you want to happen there? Stop right there, stop right there.

-I’m not gonna stand like that.

-What do you expect from this trip?

-I expect, first of all… I expect to make the top five, to be honest, so between you and me. Top five would be my personal…

-I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

– Then to tell the runners how to run in cold conditions and to prepare for a more serious run, which I want to do at -50 in a different place and time. But I don’t want to talk about it yet, but it will be like training for that straight up extreme-extreme.

-It’ll be our secret, just between us.

-What about communication, because there’s no way to call your family at that time when you’re not home? No?

-My family often travels with me.

-And this time?

-I just got back last Sunday with my wife, we went to Lisbon, Portugal, and we ran a half marathon there. She ran 7 kilometers, I ran 21. We set personal records.

-Will your wife stay this time?

-My wife’s staying home. She asked me to. It’s Easter, April 8, everyone will be eating cakes, and I’ll be running in the frost with polar bears.

-Let’s bring one to Chisinau and put it…

-I’ll bring one from Oslo, an Oslo Easter from Norway, a Norwegian one from salmon.

-Everybody will celebrate Easter, and Voloshin and the bears are there.

-We’ll still be on Spitsbergen. Before that we will go to Spitsbergen, it’s a big island. And you can ride the dogs there.

-These glasses look good on me anyway.

-They don’t.

-Do you think they’ll fit you? Handsome.

-It’ll look better.

-It’s better this way. Dimitri, good luck. Promise to come to the show and tell us how it went.

-I’ll be sure to bring you a piece of iceberg ice, if it doesn’t melt, of course. If it does, it’ll just be water.

-You hope to be in the top five, we wish to be in the top three there, and don’t forget to stop by and see us when you come back.Thanks for the breakfast, which you made is very good.By the way, I tried it, I recommend you too.It is very easy to make …

– Cheap

-And delicious.

-That’s just the breakfast I need after my workout.

-Good luck.

-We hope you cheered up at home. You saw the atmosphere we were able to create here. We even dressed up Alexander. He can go to the North Pole, too.

-Why not?

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