The Story of our Bathhouse. Wind in the field.

Can the wind replace the sun, why I’m not a fan of wind turbines at the cottage and what our own experience of installing a wind turbine has brought us

Autumn came, the days were getting shorter, and our solar plant could no longer produce enough energy to provide the bare necessities.

That’s why we thought, let’s expand our green energy park and add a wind turbine. Let’s find a company, choose the size and power (we chose a 15-meter and 5-kilowatt fan) and order from China. While it’s on the way, we’ll cast concrete and pull wires to the basement.

Finally, the long-awaited day has come – the windmill has arrived! We spent the whole day assembling it on the ground from sections, like a giant antenna.

And basically, during the night the crane came and lifted our tower!

We fastened it to the foundation with huge screws and there you go, it’s ready!

The next day we hooked up all the utilities, inverter, controller, batteries and… it didn’t work.

 Only after a week of consultations, conversations, internet searches, trial and error did we manage to connect the wind turbine to our system.

That’s how we got another power source, which after a year of operation burned out all the equipment and failed.

It was only in 2022 that we managed to restart it with new equipment, but for the future I don’t recommend using wind turbines in the vacation house or at home because of the massive construction, maintenance difficulties and noise.

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