Visa-free relay. How it was?

What’s the consumption of bananas per km? How long does it take to cross the border without a visa? How many calories burn after running 80 km?

People say, that on April 28, 2014 the European Union is going to officially cancel the visa regime for Moldova.
Well, let’s run to the border and see!

So, my friends and I decided to kill two birds with one stone: to run the marathon-relay race of 80 km and to become the first Moldovan citizens, who pass the border with biometric passports.

Once conceived, should be done! The marathon-relay race (80 km) “Chisinau-Leuseni” was waiting for us.
We were seven: Dmitry Voloshin, Liviu Croitoru, Andrey Khokhlov, Andrei Matkovskiy, Vadim Zhelyaskov, Denis Kyrylyuk and Alexander Mynza.

We started on April 27 at 13-00 from the central square of Chisinau. We were running in turns – 2 people every 10 km. The toughest ran all 20 km at a time. But on the last ten km before the border we were running all together, in the night, so to say: “the darker, the merrier”.

During the marathon, we broadcasted a live-video on, to show once again that a person can do anything, even if it’s an 80 km marathon with people who are as crazy as you!

Running distances at the relay:

Liviu Croitoru – 40 km
Dmitri Voloshin – 37 km
Matkovskiy Andrew – 30 km
Andrey Khokhlov – 30 km
Zhelyazkuv Vadim – 20 km
Kirilyu Denis – 15 km

We reached Leuseni Customs closer to midnight. Exactly at 00-01 our documents were shown to the border guards and… we were  allowed through! This means that there are no delays – at 00-00 on  April 28,  the Law came into force.

We did it! We ran a marathon of 80 km length and were the first to pass the border with biometric passports!  But with a return.

Hip-hip hooray!! Pour champagne into the glasses

Summarizing. During the marathon, we have spent:

1. 5 kg of bananas
2. 20 liters of water – each marathon participant, orally or topically, used about 2 liters (pouring water on yourself during the marathon is so cool!)
3.about 23 000 kcal (!!) for the whole group after the entire marathon, which is approximately 2.5 kg of weight
4.And not a penny or a second to get a visa.

The media were surprised and delighted they have such an interesting report, and drove with us throughout the country. Well, thanks for supporting ????

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