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Why do global projects fall apart, how to create a unique product, what is an American startup incubator, and how does the New York subway get rid of phobias?

-Greetings! Let’s try to reach our hearts with meaning, not decibels. So. “Today you learn about a great project and enjoy my fabulous english.” That’s how I started my presentation in America, for people to understand that fabulous english is not going to happen today. But how I got to this point I want to tell a little more in detail. Starting with the background. And all history has begun with that I very much time, very long and very persistently was engaged in sports. I had to do lots of sports Challenges, lots of unbelievable things to be satiated with it, to be sure that I can do everything, I can conquer any peak and breathe quietly. Today I want to give you a presentation of the premiere film. I’ve managed to put 7 years of my adventures around the world into one video, and now you can watch it. it will be directly connected with the project I’m going to talk about, so part of the presentation


The roots of the project we have been working on for the last 1.5 years come from there, the swimming. Having been training for 7 years I realized that it’s hard to make progress fast. It is probably the slowest learning sport. This is due to the fact that swimming is a sport where the student can’t hear his coach, his ears are under water, he just can’t hear what he’s being told. Because of this, when the swimmer swims, the coach can’t explain to him that he swims with mistakes, mistakes become a habit, a habit needs to be broken and you have to do everything all over again. That’s when 2-3 years ago I had the first idea to make such a device, which allows the swim coach to talk to the swimmer in the water, that is to do real-time coaching, to improve and accelerate progress.Then I was busy with the sport, I was not before it. This year, when I calmed down a little after Oymyakon, I realized that further on the road just there. I realized that I’d better stay here, I had time and strength. I started to work on the project. So the idea of Sonar was born, this is the test name, which implies communication under water and the sound under water. Now I want to show you the stages of its development, because I came to the guys and said that now we will do a project not for Moldova, but global, for the entire world and try to change the world of swimming, the world of swimmers, the world trained, to make such a small device, which allows the coach to communicate with the swimmer. They twiddled their thumbs, they said that Dima, it’s impossible. Technically impossible, because the phone, bluetooth and gps does not pass under water, and a special radio is a big antenna, a big antenna in a small body will not fit. And so you dreamer. It took six months to make the first prototype, then the second, then the third, then the fourth. And as a result we got what I will now show you. Let’s have a look.


We managed to make the first device, it was a little ugly, unaesthetic, but it worked. And then about 9 months later we put the receiver into this little thing which you could see in the video with the big antenna and now it looks like this. And we realized that we were ready to go and conquer the world with this device. Frankly speaking, to conquer the world is not the same as to conquer Moldova, it has its own laws, its own market, its own people, other rules. So we decided to send an application to the business gas pedal.  This is an organization that takes promising start-ups, promising projects, seeing their potential. They invite you either to China, or to America, there’s a business gas pedal in Europe, in Moscow. If you come there you start to get trained, you get mentors, you get an administrator, people who know how to do business in the local market. In return, they take a small share in your project. They give you money for living expenses. In our case, we got the money to invest $ 120,000, of which 20,000 dollars were given to us, so we could live in New York for 3 months. But the main value of the incubator is not that they give knowledge, it is very important to show future investors that the project has credibility, there is the first investment, the estimated value of the project and then investors come more willingly. And so we sent and selected from 500 projects 6 applications in the gas pedal of New York Start and invited us there, so that we went there and lived there for 3 months. it was of course very much waiting, I had to remember my youth, dormitory, trips by streetcar and eating crackers, but it was an amazing experience. But we were able with Sergei, my business partner to go to America and learn a lot. We were able to focus on the product, which is important. Here in Chisinau it is very difficult for me to focus on one project. There was a heavy focus, we opened an American company, we opened accounts, we made a presentation for investors, we made one pager, we made all the necessary documents which we had to send out. 

We made a website. We built a little ecosystem around the device, with which we could move on. One of the very important things is custom development.  It means that any project has to go through this gateway. It’s to explore what your client, your customer really needs. Not to fantasize that it will pass this client, but just come up and ask him. There are special techniques. You can’t just walk up and ask, “Do you like our stuff?” Everybody will say yes.”-“Will you buy it?”-“I will definitely buy it. It means nothing, because when you come to him with the finished product, he won’t buy it, he won’t need it. The challenge is to understand his pain, with sly questions, not straightforward, around the bush. To understand whether he really needs it or not. And so Sergei and I traveled all over New York, were at six large swimming pools, public, and talked to coaches, with swimmers, with triathletes, with children, whether they need it, how it should work and whether we do it all for nothing. It turned out not in vain, we were very inspired. We were told that it’s really cool and some people were ready to buy it, but unfortunately we have a prototype and don’t sell it. And I have a video of how it all went


And this is the most valuable thing we did – we got feedback from real people who won at the Olympics, coaches who train Olympic teams. And with these reviews you can go to investors. Feedback is a strong argument. It’s very important to do this project, this product that you love, that is important to you personally, not just for the money, but because you see the need and care about it. Then you have the motivation to do it long and stubbornly until you succeed. One of their goals was not to find money, we’re not ready for money, we have no traction, we have no sales, no schedule. We’re not selling the product yet. It was important for us to find strong partners, future investors, to introduce them to the product so they would start to follow us and in a year, when we had sales, they would invest in the project. So we spent a lot of time to feed this project sonar local business angels and venture capitalists to introduce it to them. But because my English was fabulous, it took me a long time to stop shaking on stage with a slurred tongue babbling something about Moldovan know-how. Here, speaking Russian among familiar faces, I feel at ease and at ease. There, I remember the first time there were 5 people sitting there, I was shaking, I forgot everything, I could not do anything and when the demo day approached, it was like a final exam of the business gas pedal, when 100 investors come from all over New York, business andrew sat down and the teams from the gas pedal spoke. They watch and comment, ask questions. Then they come up and leave their business cards. The main thing here is not to shit yourself, here you have worked for 3 months, be good at the final exam, make your presentation so that everyone gets up, everyone wants to give you money, help, so that you have strong partners.And I am not ready, as if a week remains, I shudder, more and more, what to do… I have one rule in life which has helped more than once, I try to do what I’m afraid of, the wedge blows out the wedge. So I decided to make it worse, to make the situation even scarier, and decided to practice and propitchet in the subway. I went down to the New York subway to practice my pitch, so it bounces off my teeth and I’m not distracted by anything else. You’re about to see what it was like.


That’s who would pat me on the back. another new york freak. zero emotion at all, no one cares, it gets even scarier. They kicked us out, but I came out of the subway a little different. I realized that I will not be scared anywhere else. In fact, at the demo day we did very well. I asked the organizers after the pitches of all teams to put this reel and it played a very important role, we were approached and congratulated, we handed out business cards. By the way I have prepared, you can take on the table. I tried to recreate a picture of the demo day, so venture capitalists could come up and see how our page looks like. One pager is what it’s called. One page, which tells everything about the project, who we are, what we are and what we need. I want to wrap up and tell a little detail of New York life. The fact of the matter is that our life was very tough. We lived far away from Manhattan, in Brooklyn and it took us an hour by subway to get there and an hour to get back. We didn’t have a lot of groceries there. We worked 15 to 18 hours a day. There was practically no rest at all. And my favorite woman came to me.Maybe it’s a trifle for business, but for me personally it was like a breath of fresh air, she gave me strength, piled us with Sergei a bag of dumplings, so we do not miss home food.Hugged, kissed, left. I stayed for a month, bombing and beating everyone. Today I remembered why. Today is an unusual day for us, it is my daughter’s birthday with Vika and I want to make her a little present. And once again I say to everyone who is starting a business, start with a woman, find your woman and you will succeed, the very first step that any start-up needs to take. Thanks guys. Now for the questions.

-OK, Dima, how do you find a wife?

– I think it’s impossible to find her, she has to find you.  You have to fluff up your feathers and your tail so that she can see you from afar and say that I’m your soul mate.

-First question, it’s very simple. 2019 ends, 2020 begins. This is the goal you set for yourself with the startup, what was your score?

-I mean, how global was it for you and do you set goals for the next year. How does goal setting work?

-Thanks for the question.  I used to try to set goals for a year, but now my year is down to 3 months. I’m afraid to set goals further, because everything is moving so fast that 3 months is the ceiling for me. Our goal in the next 3 months to go on a kickstarter, go to China, the manufacturer. Produce the first batch and in the second half already start selling closer to the summer. Here it is now about the purpose of the project, but there are many projects. and which I am focused on it, but there are other goals and objectives. Life is not just a sport or business, you understand.

-If you take the question of goals, what is your main goal?

-No I do not have a main goal, I do not divide them into major and minor, they are just in my head, they are built by themselves with some kind of priority, I can handle one project for two weeks, then another, then deal with family, then to do training, I do not put everything in order clearly, in my head a little bit of a mess.

-I will have it later. How many people work in your company now?

-About 200.

-And how many living projects?

– In general, in the history of sympals was about 50, now living about 22 or 23.

-Which ones are working? So half of the projects you just cut?

-Yeah, I had a tough time when I came back from sports and saw that the business was a little bit tilted because I hadn’t done it for a very long time. I had to get into it. I had to make drastic changes, shoot some sick horses that I didn’t have a chance anymore. Those chances I could patch up the holes and move the business further up. Thank God now everything is fine, everything goes up, but on the one hand you need to focus on something that you do in life, but sometimes this skew can be fatal. you need sometimes to look back on what you do. not be carried away by one thing just that…

-If you count your fails, you have 27.

-I have more. I said I have 23 projects. Did I say they were profitable? The money brings me 5 projects out of 50.

-Is there more to close?

-There are projects that I’m counting on, I’m hoping maybe to shoot, maybe not. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t.

-Okay, let’s change the story. The biggest fatality you had in your life, it might not be the business. Any fact that you had, the conclusions you made and now what?

-I had such a fate, it was not a business fate. It was 2008 as far as I remember and it was not a design failsafe, it was a failsafe in my head.

In 2008 it seemed to me that my business was growing so fast and that I was so fucked up that all the other people should consider it an honor to be in the same office with me, under the same roof. So, in a year I lost half of my employees, I quarreled with many companies partners, my wife almost left me, but she survived, she still remembers me. When I realized that the world was starting to crumble around me, the crown slowly slid off my head, I looked around and realized that I was in ruins.I left a scorched field.My ego scorched everything around me. I decided that I had to fix this situation before it was too late. It took me three or four years to find someone whom I hurt, to explain, to fix things, and only then could I say that I was done, I closed the holes, but I lost a lot of respect and I still have echoes of Voloshin as a jerk. Now it’s not such a jerk, but then … The residue remained it was the biggest fake-out in my life, I can not advise you not to do that. It can happen to anyone. But thank God it has passed, it was very valuable experience, experience is very important, I learned something from this period. 

-Let us understand who is here. Hands up businessmen, entrepreneurs and owners of companies.  There is no shame in being a businessman in our country. Good. Raise your hand if you are an employee, this is also important. Some people earn more than businessmen as employees. Raise your hand who doesn’t work. It’s just a period in your life. Raise your hand if you’re enjoying your life. It’s okay. And who doesn’t get high… The statistics is that someone is a businessman, someone is an employee, but everyone gets high. And you raise your hand that you get high too. What do you get high from?

– You know what I get high off of in life? I’m high on the fact that I may never have a billion dollars, I may never set an Olympic record, but I’m high on the fact that my wheel, which is sports, work, kids, love, wife, hobbies, it’s more balanced and can roll. I have a little bit of everything in my life. I feel high because I can afford this luxury. Other businessmen get into business and lose their families, some people are too busy with their families and have problems with their work.

-Raise your hand who sees for the first time Dmitry Voloshin. In fact, here’s a live one. Raise your hand who has never heard of Dmitry Voloshin. There are, but less. Raise your hand who knows that Dmitry Voloshin runs a lot. Everything is good, you have a business, you have a family, you have friends, why do you have to run? I even had a video where you have icicles on your face and it’s really hard and painful. I agree that the whole of Russia, not just Moldova learned about this record. In general, why? What is the point?

– This applies to the same wheel. In my wheel, there are specialists who demand that I prove to myself that I can set the world record. 

-Who hasn’t heard of this world record, what is it?

– It was the coldest ultramarathon in the world, 50 kilometers at minus 60 degrees.

-Minus 60 degrees… World Moldavian. Why?

-I am often asked why you run, why you do sports, what you need it for. Why Everest? They ask you why people go up Everest. Because it’s there. It’s the same here absolutely. I want to do it, I do it. I tried to find the answer to that question, I was inspired, I managed to do it, I went and did it.

-Did it change your life in any way, for the better?

 -It’s changed my life, it’s just rewired my life, I’ve got totally different values, I’ve steeled myself to do business, better understand myself and my body and my brain. And as my relatives tell me, I calmed down and became a person who is even pleasant to work with sometimes.

-Yeah, that’s funny. How important do you think it is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a businessman or a hired worker, to set such ambitious goals, not related to business, not related to money? Some people climb Everest, some people climb records, like you.

-Seven years ago I would have answered your question clearly. This is black, this is white. This is it. That’s how you do it, and that’s how you don’t do it. I’m not gonna tell you now. Everyone decides for himself. Everyone has his own plans, everyone has his own ambitions, and everyone has his own goals and objectives. And what’s good for one is death for the other. So I will not give you a clear answer. For me yes, for someone else no. Everyone wants to change the world and create a device that will sell millions of copies. Not everyone wants that. Maybe in five years and me, you’ll ask me what your plans are. Remember you said you were going to sell 100 million units a year, and now I’m growing celery in my dacha, and it’s much cooler.

-If you were asked, you know, there’s an opportunity here, we were talking about superpowers…

-I thought the audience would ask…

-That’s the last question. If you had to digitize your superpower, how would you define… You’re a successful man, you have a company where 999 is probably used by everyone. I don’t know anyone who’s never been on 999 in their life. You have projects that almost everyone knows. Can you explain your success, what you’ve done that’s successful?

-I will tell you about an allegory that came to my mind recently. I am often asked a similar question, I want to say that there are two models of doing business. If you imagine business as a labyrinth, a big labyrinth in which you have to enter, go through it and come out with a successful product. There are several models of how to pass this maze. One of the most popular is to sit down at the table at the labyrinth, to discover the experience of successful maze passage, learn the plan of passage, try to memorize it, and the second model is just to go in there and walk, feeling the walls, stumbling deadlocks, turning around, going to the next corner and until you come out sooner or later. I’m for the second option. It takes me very little time to prepare. If I like something, I go straight into the maze and try to find my way out. I am very stubborn and very tedious, I don’t stop in the middle and say I’m sick of it and I’m out. For me it’s a value that I’m not afraid to get into any fight and I fight as long as I have strength.

-And when was the last time you fought physically?

-Yeah, I think it was with a Spaniard, but we were in such a state that we hugged each other after an hour. It was winter. A Spaniard came to visit us in winter, we drank a little, argued about art, we fought and he got offended and went into the forest, to a military unit in Dourlesti, without a phone, without anything. We were looking for him by car. The soldiers brought him up: “We do not understand what he was saying. Is it yours?” I said it was ours. In general, I’m not a fighter. And I got hit in the head a lot at school. Not my thing. I try to make sure there’s no war.

-That’s why you started running, so there wouldn’t be any questions.

-Actually it had to do with some kind of school experience, that I was a nerd at school and only lazy guys and girls didn’t beat me up. So I was 37 years old and it seemed to me who they were to offend me. I’ll show them now. It was all on the subconscious, it never came up maybe. And now I meet my high school friends and say, “So what.

-Let’s have questions from the audience now.

-Good evening, Dimitri. Tell me, do you have a clear view of the sonar project. Do you have a 100% involvement, do you build a team, do production, production and sales, or at some point will you involve investors and stay on the sidelines with some share, and will you be happy with how professionals sell what you have invented?

-Thank you for your question. we are now working on the team, we are now recruiting creative and strong managers who will help us make this breakthrough, if anyone is interested in working in our company, I would be happy to get your advice, but I want to have some serious experience behind us and our task now to go into production and start sales, promote the product on the American market, go into profit, get good traction and within 3 years of our plan, maybe 5, we want to make an exit.  That’s what it is. This is when you sell the business to some big company, which buys it, you get the money and this is the reward for those 3-4-5 years of your work. Money from investors unfortunately does not give you the opportunity to stop doing business, because when they give you a million dollars and they say, “Dmitry, we give you $ 1 million dollars to develop this business. If you leave, we won’t give you the money. They say to me, “You have no right to leave the business, because if you leave the business and hire a horse trader, he will ruin the business and my million dollars. I trust you personally, nobody else. And when you do it, you get the money and put it in your pocket. So I expect during these years, I hope if it happens, this pinnacle of success among startups. The same business gas pedal bragging about his achievements, he said-we had 5 exits and $55 million. only at that point you get money, at other times you just get a paycheck.

-Good evening, tell me at what stage do you plan to register the intellectual property of this project.

-We already have, already doing it. If you know, there is a patent which is made for a year, it is preliminary, it does not cost a lot of money. And then another patent is made, it is already serious – 10-20 thousand dollars. Then another patent is taken, this one is serious – 20-20 thousand dollars. There are two different patents so you can understand if you want to continue the business and if it is successful or not. If so, you prolong it and if not, you get a preliminary patent.

-Hello Dmitry. I wonder how your partners perceive your hobbies, how you build a relationship with them, what the joint goals are, how it happens? Here you talk about Sergei, do you have any other partners?

-Sergey is the director of Simpals. I chose him because I needed a colleague, as the saying goes, one man is not in the field. He is the director of the garage, director of the hardwares department, which made a lobster. He’s running it now. We went with him, he has a share in the project, he has a share in the project. The two of us are working now and we’re ready to give to those people who will put their all into this project. We are ready to share, because we don’t have the task of making a billion dollars.  We have a task to make a successful product, because any investor looks at the portfolio, and what we did before, whether there were successful products. 99 percent are not, this is the first project, and if you have a successful one, successful second, they all have money, they all have a live site, with people happy, you have no problem supporting the third, no questions. You can trust.

-Why do not you invest energy in existing projects, and you chose a new project, you are bored with the other 5?

-The answer is very simple. I understand that spending my time I can make 999 more successful, they will grow, they will take more market, I will earn more money. Maybe I will make more money with 999 than I will with Sonar, but my priority now is not to make more money, I want to try to reach a new level and take the team to that level where I can make a hundred times more money. That’s why I’m not calling anyone to leave here, I’m telling everyone now that Moldova has a unique opportunity to live here and work with talented people that you can’t afford to work with in America, because they cost fabulous money. Here you can find a professional team which can bombard the world with great products which will be bought by millions of people. I believe that and I will try to prove it.

-Good evening, my name is Victor. I am a graduate, recently finished studying abroad. I know that there are a lot of talented people in it. Tell me where to start financial capital, and what kind of relationship to be in with some of the authorities to be sure that you will not have any trouble? As in other businesses. Maybe in IT no such thing.

-I do not know any other ways, of course I do not know any other sick millionaires’ relative. If not, this is probably the easiest and most correct way. Start doing something for someone, raise the money and then start something of your own. Regarding raids and problems with the state, these are probably fairy tales. I have not come across this, no one tried to take away my business, if you do everything according to the white law, if you have everything clean, I do not see why you should take away something. These are fears that you have to fight, not be afraid to go forward.

-Say, I’m complementing the young man’s question about the money.  And if you attract an investor?

-I don’t think a programmer who just graduated from college and started programming will attract an investor. investors are not interested in investing in young people who have a 99 out of 100 chance of burnout.  If you already have a startup, you already have a team, you already have a working prototype, you already have plans to enter the markets, and you’ve already spent a lot of your money on the market. ffft, you know? When you’re raising money among your family, then yeah, an investor will take a look maybe.  But be prepared to put everything into it. And usually people come to us with a startup, but usually no one wants to risk their money. Usually it’s like this: Let you pay my salary, and I’ll invest the money in my startup… Maybe give you a cut. You have to take a risk. Sell the car, mortgage the apartment, you must have something on the line, so you’re not risking anything and that’s the problem.

-And show of hands who is thinking of launching a new project, a new business in the near future.

-Thank you for asking these people to raise their hand. I’m ready, if you’re interested, you have a presentation, you have some minimum viable product, I can help send you applications to the business gas pedal, which I was in for the spring. So if you have a presentation and some product, drop me a line, I will throw you to New York and maybe 3 months later you will tell the same story.

-Here’s a question that anyone does not know. There was a great project called garage in simples. that is, this project is just for start-ups. Approximately how many projects have you studied in history? How long did the garage live?

-Well, it’s still alive.

-I mean actively, when it was active.

-To be honest, I don’t remember, but we certainly examined about 5-7 dozen projects. Some guys came to us, but we generally came up against the fact that the topic of acceleration and business incubators, it is going hard even in Russia. It is usually subsidized by the government.  And even the gas pedal in New York said, “Dima, if you think that we will earn millions, then we do not earn anything here. We have a fund, the fund needs money to invest, everything is complicated, so, in Moldova it’s even harder. People who come here are not ready to radically change something in their lives, to take risks, and secondly, they are even afraid to share the idea. I now realize after America that an idea is worthless. It does not matter what you do, the important thing is how you do it. What matters is the team and people, the packaging, and the idea itself is worthless. We faced this problem, we couldn’t find a team to work with and make a project with. I’m not saying that we have a bad practice, we were just unlucky to find these projects. And so the garage is now engaged in the projects that are now in development, this is lobster, you know about it. this is sonar and we have one more test, I won’t say anything about it yet. Let’s see

-Hello, I follow you more as an athlete.  But I was wondering what became of lobster, you said that lobster can also give work, it’s a small business and you also talked about it with enthusiasm. I’m wondering what became of it, are there any sales, what kind of sales and where are you now…

-No problem, Lobster is alive and well, he’s fine. We’re up +40% this year compared to last year. I say it’s a small business, we only sold 90 pieces in November. But the lobster itself is quite expensive, so it can feed 2-3 families. We’ve covered the whole freediver market,we have encountered that there are actually very few.So they all know now and plans for next year,we will probably differentiate products,we will create new products for freedivers,in order to fill the freediver market. It’s okay there, it’s still working. We have a small production facility that employs 8 people, has a few managers. Why do not I tell you about it now, for me this stage has passed, for me so more or less everything is clear. I understand the amount of money, I understand that it is almost impossible to find an investor for such a business. Because a business that brings 5000 dollars a month and if someone gives you $ 1 million, he will never get them back. And here is the third project, which is designed for the mass market, for products that are needed in every family.

-Dmitry, I have a question about extending the current issue. Here you said that the target audience of Sonar, it’s larger than the lobster. You roughly estimate it, however, do you have any doubts, thoughts that this product can pass from hand to hand, between athletes and the mass of its rather questionable.

-Of course there is, because we in America, we realized an interesting thing, that we have to be business, because when we started going to swimming pools, we realized that maybe, we have not checked this hypothesis, now we will check on the website, that not swimmers will buy from us sonar but coaches. And maybe not even the coaches, and pools in which they work coaches.So now we run a few advertising campaigns, by the method of audience-channel-message. We will select a different audience, different messages. Evaluate where we need to spend the least amount of money on clients.And maybe this will be a coaching topic. It may turn out that the market is not as big as we suggest. But it’s definitely bigger than the lobster market, not 100 times, maybe it will be 10 times. But it’s still a challange for us. It is very important for start-ups not to get into a business for which you are not mentally, psychologically or financially prepared. So if it will be even 10 times more, not ok.

-As there is very little time left, I have a couple of closing questions.  Half of the people here are businessmen, half of the people who are hired. It’s clear that they want to take something from you today that they can use for themselves to become better, to earn more, to be more successful, to live as if they want to. To take something from you, you have to understand how you’re becoming and shaping who you are today. Can you tell who your mentor is, what books you read, what you watch, where you get your information and energy? Your wife… got it, your wife inspires you.  We get that. Who else? Who’s your mentor? Where do you get your energy, your knowledge? Who are the people to talk to?

-You have to communicate with people with whom you feel comfortable.

-Wife again, I don’t get it.

-Not just my wife, I have a lot of friends. I never communicate with people I need, people who can give me money and give me opportunities. I have a big problem with that. I am a very bad salesman. I do not know how to sell, I do not know how to make friends. My business probably suffers from that. For this I have my companions, my colleagues who know how to sell, I know how to create a cool, super product, as it seems to me. And behind that, it’s not really my thing. So going back to your question – what actually motivates you.  I read the same books that you read, I communicate with the same nice people as you. When you remember the last time you asked me about it, it was two years ago, you encouraged me. I thought that such meetings are even harmful and you insisted. and I came, began my speech with why you came here, what you want to hear, why you think that your life will change after you listen to me. nothing will change. Everything must happen not from the outside, everything must happen from within. So I will not give any secrets of success, I do not believe in them, I do not believe that you can listen to someone and change your life. You can be inspired, that’s for sure. And enough for a week, a month for sure and then pick up more. but I do not have the secrets of success, gentlemen. I’m sorry, I’m sorry

-Okay, there is no secret, the maximum you can take is inspiration. But you can point it out. You have a theory of success. There are people who succeed, people who don’t. That’s what you think, your point of view, why do we have those, we have enough of them in our country, but there are the majority, which unfortunately do not reach the high results.

-I will speak platitudes that are written everywhere on the Internet. I know unsuccessful people who try, but they do not succeed. And some people do not even try, they do not succeed. I compare myself with them and ask the question why they do not succeed. Well my answer is always that people are always fickle, that is, they get carried away, they don’t succeed. That’s one of the reasons. The second is that people do business because the idea that it should bring money, because the pattern is right, it should shoot, because of market research, not because he loves, not because it solves his personal pain, wants to change something in his life and in the lives of others. And thirdly, I noticed that a very important thing is how well you can attract people to you. That is, whether you have charisma, when people are attracted to you. There are people who live in a vacuum, from them on the contrary bubbles. This is bullshit, I don’t know if you can train it, if you can do something with it, maybe it’s an inborn thing. But usually such a person will lead people by themselves, usually even if he himself can not do anything, he can ask so that to refuse him simply it will be impossible.

-Cool. the last final question, looking at you, one always wonders what kind of pigtail you have? 

-Do you want the story of the braid?

-Short, just a lot of people don’t know about it, but I’ve seen a lot of people looking at this

-Braid, Vika will not lie, I had 10 years ago, when I had a son. The story was that I had long hair and I was so bothered by this hair, I wanted to get rid of them.I had a son and that day I gathered all his friends, said today we drink, today’s booze, I had a son. And it was on. And in 4-5 hours I was like this, I said to the guys that I have this idea, here are scissors and each of you cut a bundle, here I have this hair. Well, guys don’t need to ask twice. Snap, snap, snap, snap and the last one, I had some mantle left behind, was Serdar Jumaev, our animation artist who directs cartoons. He was also smitten and said: “Is this my bundle of hair?” I said yes. Then he says he leaves it. I say go ahead and cut it. He says no, it’s mine. I’ll do what I want. I say, all right, I’ll cut it off myself tomorrow. In the morning I woke up, got up and went to the mirror and besides my face, which was so wrinkled, I saw what was happening on my head. I said shit, quickly ran to the barber, I was asked who beat you. I was under such a roller. I said do something about it. They say okay, what’s sticking out the back of your head? Cut it off? I said, what are your options? They said: “Well, we can do a braid.” Everything in life is so banal. You think this is a symbol of something, in fact, everything is very simple, the pigtail came out this way, I wear it. Her birthday coincides with the birth of my son.

-Cool! I really thought that was the power.

-But there are many stories involving pigtail.me such as when I went to the most difficult tests, my wife with my daughter and son wove me a rope red, yellow, blue Moldovan flag and thus I always carried my family in his braid, she gave me strength. It’s no fool, that’s how it was.

-How patriotic, fun! But are you planning on it, or is it all until you’re old?

-Nah, as long as I’m alive, let it hang.

-Friends, it was Dmitry Voloshin, let’s have a loud round of applause!

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