The Story of our Bathhouse. The Tree House

What’s behind the tree house door, what to look for at a construction site, why crooked is cool and where dreams go

When you grow up but remain a child at heart, all your childhood dreams are added to a special list of unfulfilled dreams. And what you do all your life is trying to make them come true.

At least that’s my case. And this is why many of my stories begin with the words “When I was a child, I dreamed of…”

And here’s one of them — I dreamed of a little tree house of my own, where I could climb up a ladder and lock myself inside, and no adult could get in there.

And one day I shared my dreams with my children. I spoke to them softly and gently, hoping that our dreams would match. And you won’t believe it — our dreams DID match, my kids wanted a tree house, too! Great, so we got down to designing.

After browsing a lot of examples on the internet, we formed a picture in our minds and modelled the little house to get a better idea of its shape. A crooked, shingle-covered cottage, with windows seemingly existing separately. It looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale and was nestled between two oak trees.

We set to work in earnest and began assembling the frame of the future house. Here Mishka, like a real man, took part in dragging the beams and fixing the walls to the ceiling.

The next day we took care of the sheathing of the house. Here my daughter was more active. With the drill. Very nice.

The third day was devoted to painting. The kids chose purple as a magical and unusual color, and off we went. After getting a roller and a can of paint each, the kids started painting with enthusiasm!

The fourth day was dedicated to the fence and roof. The July heat made the work difficult, but we didn’t give up and finished painting the fence and windows during the day.

And there we finished our Tree House. Inside we installed a bunk bed, a table and a wardrobe. Outside, we built a bridge, invited friends over and had a party — a housewarming party!

Just like that, we got a tree house, the kids got their own private villa for the summer, and Dad his childhood dream…

Because we can see the reason for all this ????

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