Morning.TNT Bravo.Anna Smolnitchi

-While his wife and children, ages 10 and 5, respectively, sleep peacefully in their cribs and have probably their 20th nap, our hero today breathes deeply and intensely, continuously, for 40 minutes. Such a windy feeling.

-Excuse us for interrupting you like this, but it feels like the wind is blowing and it’s getting cold. How do you breathe like that? Explain the principle and why you do it so early in the morning?

-I do freediving. It’s a sport where people spend some time underwater without air, on one breath. So I want to improve my performance in that field. That’s why I do pranayama. Pranayama is a type of yoga which studies the breath and how it affects the human body and how it purifies your thoughts and changes your life.

-Fridiving is an extreme sport that involves breathing in air once and then diving to great depths in water pools without the so-called scuba mask. Its origins go back to ancient times, as it was the only way for people to get food in the sea. Today, the world’s best scuba diver is considered to be New Zealander William Troubridge. He was the first man to dive to a depth below 120 meters without assistance. One of the biggest problems for deep-sea divers is tinnitus, which constantly rises. In extreme cases, high pressure can cause severe hallucinations. The heartbeat slows to the necessary rhythm, and the oxygen-starved lungs literally take the oxygen in the blood and can cause loss of consciousness.

-If a person in a normal state, when living, working, takes 15 breaths per minute, when I meditate and go deep into myself, I get 1 breath per minute. It allows you to focus on the fact that you are not thinking about anything. So the trick of pranayama is when you fully exhale the air and you have 30-40 seconds when you do nothing, your task is to think about nothing, the most difficult thing, i.e. to clear your mind, your thoughts of all cockroaches that come in your head, all noise. Try not to think about anything.

-That’s how we spend this morning with Dmitry Voloshin, thanks to whom Moldovans learned that we can also make movies in three dimensions. Dmitry Voloshin is the producer of the first 3D cartoon “Gypsy”. Other works by director Voloshin include.

Dmitry Voloshin also founded a website that sells and buys everything from underwear to cars and apartments. If you’re looking for something, start there. Businessman Dmitry Voloshin also has the nickname Ironman, as he swam 3.8 km, biked 180 km and ran 42 km non-stop in 13 hours. and 21 minutes. He earned the title after finishing the extreme triathlon in Zurich, placing 1736 out of 2655. In December 2014, he became the freediving champion by holding his breath underwater for 5 minutes and 50 seconds. He will also run his first 42-kilometer marathon in Moldova on April 26. Voloshin and his creative team initiated “Chisinau is Me” project. Unbeknownst to some, special to all, Dmitry has special techniques for awakening children.


-Sleep. So, Mishka, are you asleep? That’s it, let’s go.

-After much negotiation and resistance from the children, they somehow end up in the bathroom, where they brush their teeth. And Dimitri is in the kitchen, where he cooks very often.

He cooks breakfast very often, being the earliest of the Volosyns.

Their family is divided into two camps: the women don’t eat in the morning, and the men are seriously stuffing themselves. But during Lent, none of them spoil themselves with gourmet meals.

-We have a sad fridge, a Lenten one. We don’t have much choice, that’s why in the morning we eat in the same way, without any mood. Daughter began to understand that it turns out that vegetables are food. I used to think that not food and my grandmother also said: “Who eats apples, is it food? Or eggplants. Here’s belyash with meat. That’s food. Or dumplings.”  Look, what is food? Food…

-I’m fasting too, but it’s different in that I can’t eat sweets, baked goods or junk food.



-Yesterday I went to school for the first time, and the boys from my class came with me. So they bought so much stuff. Everyone was shocked.

-What were you looking at?

-What I was looking at and I didn’t eat it

-Didn’t even think about it once? -What about anything. Daddy doesn’t have a camera and you don’t have a chip on you either.

-No, I thought, well, maybe. But I didn’t eat it.

-Yeah? -What’s keeping you that way?

-Well, for one thing, I want my dad to trust me.

-Not all kids are fast. In fact, there are some kids who are real gluttons… who eat large portions in the morning, so breakfast can turn into lunch. See.What some kids say about their mornings.

Warren Buffett, 84, one of the richest men in the world  with a fortune of $78.2 billion, begins and ends his day with a drink sweet carbonated soft drink, which is high in caffeine and is said to be secret to his longevity is the sugar it contains. The businessman has read that the healthiest children are six-year-olds, and decided to eat like them, i.e. that is, to consume a lot of sugar. The kids turned his theory upside down, at least the kids we talked to.

-I go to brush my teeth in the morning, and then I go to drink watermelon and anaphora, and then

I go to eat, and then I go to play, and then I collect toys.

-I wake up without Mommy. I wake up without mommy.

-But what does Mommy do?

-Cooks food for my daddy.

-And for you?

-And for me.

-What do you eat in the morning?


-What kind of porridge?


-I eat soup, I eat porridge, I eat porridge, I eat porridge, I eat meat.

-All in the morning?


-I like to eat more.

-More? How much do you eat? How much can you eat?

-More pasta.

-Do you like sweets? 

-Yes. -Yes.

-Do you eat sweets in the morning? -Yes. Tea?


-I eat eggs and syrup.




-Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots… …and night and day, and I’ll grow big and get to the bridge.

-Before Hairy’s breakfast, if they get up early, the little ones have time to play a little. As a family, so is play, by no means simple or ordinary. It’s a developmental game, in this case a memory game. Me and one of the cameramen are caught up in a flock. Once the children are fed, they are stroked on the head by their mother. Especially Michael, who occasionally throws a crying fit, either because because Mommy messed up his hair, or because he doesn’t want to wear a hat, so from for chores, after all. Dressed and kissed, the kids are loaded into the car to drive to kindergarten or school. 

But how do other citizens of the country wake up? Here’s what a few select random passersby told us at random choice.

– How do you wake up in the morning and what do you like to do?

-Very curious as to why?

-When and how.

-Very simple. I make coffee and go to work.

-How do you like to get up?

-I don’t like to be woken up too suddenly. Too abrupt, with too shrill a sound. I mean music.

I don’t know, pleasant music is fine. But a sound, like a horn, I don’t know if I like it.

-I wake up at half past six.

– Sometimes a cup of coffee, sometimes tea, sometimes clean water.

Nicolae, who started the morning by cleaning the trees, did not want to come downstairs. Then I went up to him.

-Hey, get a little younger so the girl doesn’t cry.

-How do I get up in the morning? What? At 6 o’clock I get up in the morning and go to work.

-You want some coffee? -Yes.

-No, tea.


-Yes, tea.

-Anything else? With sweets, like you like?

-Bread and butter.

-I have a cat, her name is Sylviana, she takes care, if I tell her at six o’clock, six o’clock. she’ll come and give me a paw, come on, it’s time. She’s never been wrong about the time, I can’t put cell phone to ring.

-Are you serious? Will you tell him what time it is?

-I’m very serious, yes. -Yes.

-If it’s 10:00, will he be here at 10:00? -Yes.

– Whatever time I tell him, that’s what time he’ll be here.

-Why so early in the morning? What are you doing?

-First I cook food, I have birds, I have animals. I cook the animals, I feed the

the animals, then it’s half past 7:00 and it’s on. We have a flatbed car with guts.

We’re cold, but what do we do? That’s how we work.

The gentleman, who didn’t want to show up and was in a big hurry, starts the morning with pigeons.

-Wheat and bread mix. Love is nature.

Dmitry Voloshin does not waste a second. He starts the working day right in the car, just after finding out what the weather is going to be like, checking his e-mail and watching all the news.

-They write to me from Moscow, inviting me to the freediving championship. A couple of coaches advise me to get ready. Registration for the Chicago Marathon, in the lottery began to participate. Then we will see what will come. Then we discuss t-shirts. Today we will have a meeting on t-shirts, so they sent me t-shirts as they may look for the marathon. We fought all day yesterday over them, do not get what you need. Today we will continue the war.

-What kind of marathon?

-Marathon? On April 26 in Moldova we’ll do a marathon, a 42 km run.

-Do you know that the famous running competitions, which are held all over the world and are called marathons, originated in ancient times? History takes us back to the beginning of the 5th century B.C. to the lands of ancient Greece, when the Persians occupied Asia Minor and the 12 Greek colonies of Ionia. After several battles, the Battle of Marathon ended in victory for the Hellenes. According to historical sources, all the Greeks, 6,400 Persians were killed, and among the defenders were only 192 Athenians. The famous courier Phidippides was instructed before the battle to ask for help from Sparta in the war against the Persians, but they refused. Then the courier traveled 420 km, and after the battle of Marathon he was ordered to flee to Athens to convey the news of a brilliant victory. He ran 42 km in about four hours, shouted “I won,” then collapsed to the ground and died. The Greeks felt that no man had ever died a more glorious death and decided to introduce the marathon race into the Olympic Games in memory of the brave warrior. At the 1908 Olympics, the Crown required that the start of the marathon race be in front of Windsor Palace so that the family could watch the race from the start. The start of the race. Thus, it was officially established that the distance of the race would be 42 km 195 m, which is the distance from the Palace to the Olympic Stadium, where the finish line was in front of the Royal Lodge.

So, for the first time in Moldova a marathon will be organized at the initiative of Volosin, one of the most indefatigable citizens. Those who wish to participate will be able to choose whether to run 42 km or 10, or even less – 3 km. It all depends on endurance, health, and not least on the degree of laziness. Volosin assumes that 500 people will run 10 km, 400 people – 21 km and about the same number – 42 km.

-Chisinau hasn’t had a marathon for 30 years. Every European city, in general, in the world has a marathon. It’s a race, it’s a celebration of the city, where all the amateurs gather and run where 42 km, 21 or 10 km.The whole city is blocked off. Cars don’t go, transport doesn’t go, everybody stands along the route, with bananas, with water, with crackers and watch these crazy people run. I’ve traveled a lot in different countries, I’ve seen it and I want to do it in Chisinau. We’ve been working for the last six months to make this holiday happen for us. It’s very difficult, not everyone understands in the government and in the mayor’s office. There are sponsors who will support us.

-The start will be given at the Great National Assembly Square. It will go through Muncești Street, then along the train station, reach Mihai Viteazul Street to return to the Arc de Triomphe. And so on 3-4 more times. 42 km is about that many laps.

-All participants will be given a T-shirt. On the back is written – I run because… And you write in a felt-tip pen why you run, what motivates you to run. Run in order to be healthy, or you bet someone or get money for it, or because you do not have anything else to do. Everyone writes their own thing. So it’s the Guguetzes running, that’s the logo of the marathon, see. Three Moldovans are running.  One girl and two guys. 

-Speaking of Moldova and Moldovans, look and appreciate the photo of the day. From now on, you won’t see Mikhail Gorbachev’s birthmark with your former eyes. Internet users have taken care to give it a new meaning. Every day, Mikhail Gorbachev sees the map of Moldova in the mirror,” social network users joked, referring to the birthmark that strikingly resembles grapes, to the outlines of our country on the world map. Internet users also recalled that previously this spot was associated with an archipelago in Siberia. This is the April Fool.

The first passenger of the Voloshin family to arrive at their destination, namely the school, was Nika.

Since the journey to kindergarten is long, the Voloshin family can’t afford for it to become boring. And that includes music. And so it goes, a merry go round to kindergarten.

Here the father’s duties end until evening, when he comes home and deals with, among other things, putting the children to bed. He makes up the fairy tales himself. But at 8:30 in the morning Dmitry’s “golden hour” begins. After a little warm-up, the hard work begins, a real workout. About 10-12 km of running three times a week.

Did I tell you he’s planning a marathon? His passion for the sport doesn’t end there.

-Look, another direction for the sportsman, we’ve decided for ourselves we’re going to do such sports hiking events. That is, now there will be a half-marathon in Bucharest. We book a bus, we take an inexpensive hotel, and we make such a tour package. A person who is willing to run, he just pay a small amount of money and we take care of all the details: the trip, visa, accommodation, food. Then we plan to do the Balaton Swim in Budapest nearby. Here. Mountains, diving in Dahab in Egypt, traveling in Baikal. Around sports events to make tourist events.


-Yeah, I think that would be interesting, too.

-Whoever’s last, puts down the beer.

-Oh, I know who.

-What spurred me on was running up the famous stairs at Valley of Mills Park with a mask on my face.

With the mask on my face, up and down three times without taking it off. That’s how Voloshin trains his breath to achieve new freediving records.

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