Ocean Man Seminar. Simpals

How to escape from a medusacula, how to unfreeze your eyes in the Arctic waters, and what is the most important thing in preparing for the most difficult swim?

– A bunch of people have gathered who have decided to take up open water swimming . I want to introduce myself, Dmitry Voloshin for those who don’t know, an amateur swimmer. This is Mikhail Dmitrievich, our new generation is growing up, who will swim, will now go to the oceanman.  500 m in the water with jellyfish, as he likes in the open, with sharks, everything is like him. I’ve been swimming since 2012? Started? I’ve never done the sport.  In the asset I have in addition to swims Ironman, swims Bosporus, Balaton, Escape from Alcatraz, the Castle of If, was a couple of short, long and Gibraltar was and was a race Otillo-swimran, which I think is still the hardest. If you want I will tell you later in two words, while we are warming up, I want a short report on the adventure, we sailed literally two weeks ago the Arctic mile in Murmansk in cold water, but it so happened that we were promised water of 6-7 degrees, the water was 10 and I have not encountered any difficulties, no problems, and when I wanted to write a report realized that the write their own, put on a wetsuit, gloves and socks, the shot sailed, 45 minutes later we arrived. All the end, to get high. It was me, I’ll tell you later, when we’re talking about vomit, I will tell you how it vomited, but when I realized that the write nothing, but something to write want, I wrote a very specific report, I’ll read you to warm up, I hope you like it. here Mishka liked it very much. Let’s go, it’s like Zhvanetsky does, paper throws … The door creaked and in the nursery, slyly looking around, peeked gray-haired old man:

– Already asleep? - In a whisper he asked.

– Grandpa! - From under the blanket appeared freckled face. - And I’m waiting, waiting, almost fell asleep.

– A contract is a contract. Whoever doesn’t touch the virtualizer all day gets a story for the night.

– If I found it, do you think I wouldn’t plug it in? Eh… Okay, give me your story. Just make it scary and funny. Like the North Pole and the bug in the desert.

Grandpa sat down on the bed and furrowed his brow.

– Okay, listen. One day I decided to swim across the sea…

– You already told me.

– Uh, then how on a desert island I almost got eaten by…

– Grandpa, you’ve lost your memory, you’ve told me twice already.

– The one about… Oh, you weren’t listening to that one. The story about… the ice jellyfish!

The little fellow goggled and crawled under the covers.

– When I was young and full of energy, and people were communicating by cell phone, I found myself on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, in the village of Teriberka. Fifty of the best swimmers from all over the world gathered there to finally find out who was the toughest. We decided: who is the first to swim a hundred nautical miles in icy water among icebergs, waves as high as a house, and underwater predators – he is the king of swimmers!

The boy opened his mouth:

– And you were among them?

– When I wasn’t telling you the truth? Don’t interrupt. So,” the old man went on. - It was the toughest sea in the world – the Barents Sea.

They say that no fish ever swam into that sea. They were afraid. What about fish, even germs could not survive in this arctic ice broth! Well, it didn’t matter for us, so we decided to swim naked, without any wetsuits and goggles. Just underpants. By the way…

Grandpa stood up, pulled down his pants and pulled out the edge of his underpants:

– Here, in these floated, my lucky ones! When you grow up, I’ll give them to you.

The boy grimaced, but his grandfather continued as if nothing had happened:

– We had a very serious test, because that year was especially cold and the water temperature dropped to -10 degrees!

– And we were told at school that the water couldn’t be below zero…

– Don’t argue with your grandfather. Salt water can. And there was so much salt that fishermen caught fish immediately salted in jars, beat off pieces of salt with a hammer and then soaked in running water for a long time so that it could be eaten.

Such water corrodes the average person in half an hour, but we were tough nuts. We went neck-deep in the water and waited for the starting shot. The water was so cold that the wet hair on our heads immediately turned into an ice helmet, and our nuts (the grandfather winked slyly) pulled in like gophers in minks.

The boy chuckled.

– Bang! - A shot rang out, and my neighbor to the right shrieked and went underwater.

– Was he dead? - The little boy was frightened.

– No, he was shot with salt shot. Then they dragged him to the shore, he came to his senses, but after that he quit swimming and became a laborer at school. Never mind… Now, where was I? Oh yeah, we swam.

My strategy was simple – swim in the middle to see what would happen to the rush. And my strategy turned out to be right! After a couple hundred meters we were swimming next to a huge iceberg and an iceberg the size of a car broke away from it and swam into the water! The first three swimmers were thrown up in the air by the wave, and they flew up, hands and feet dangling funny. But since the temperature was -60 degrees and they were wet, what happened to them?

– Did they freeze? Yes, did they? - The boy was eager for confirmation.

– Of course! They turned to ice and fell into the water. They were dragged to the atomic icebreaker that accompanied us and taken closer to the reactor – to thaw. They say they turned brown after this warming.

The baby was wrapped up in a blanket and eagerly awaited the continuation:

– Brrr, that made me feel cold, and what happened to you?

– Good thing I wasn’t the first, and when I saw the giant wave from the iceberg, I dove under it. If you remember, I was freediving and could not breathe for two hours, so I took advantage of the situation and decided to outrun my competitors underwater. But I forgot that at depth the water is even colder and my eyes froze.

– How, completely?!

– Like glass, I couldn’t even blink. Try not to blink while I’m telling you and you’ll understand – what it’s like to be a hundred meters deep, under monstrous pressure, in icy water at minus 30 degrees naked and not blink at the same time. The horror.

The boy blinked:

– Ugh, I can’t last long, can you, can you?

– What about me? The only thing that can help in such a situation is a warm liquid. But where to get warm liquid at the bottom of the ocean? Now, do you have any ideas?

– No way,” the boy frowned. - Grandpa, did you pee on your eyes?

– How could you think that, grandson. I… I… – Grandpa realized he had no other ideas and agreed. - Yes, I did it, but what can you do – competition!

– Ewww gross, ewww.

– Okay, okay, gross. Your virtualizer is gross. Anyway, I blinked and swam up. I jumped out of the water and saw that there were 20 of us left. The rest had been thrown far back by the wave, and some had just frozen up and were pulled out. I felt a chill, too – it was starting to get windy. There was always a draught in this place, between the two islands, and quite a few ships had sunk in this perilous place. Through the thickness of the water I could see the graveyard of ships at the bottom.

Suddenly the wind began to howl, showering us with a million sharp ice flakes that bit into our skin. It was hitting us in the face with a blizzard of snow and waves so hard that no matter how much we paddled, we couldn’t advance a meter. I was clinging to the waves so I wouldn’t be blown away, someone else was holding onto my leg, waving like a flag in the wind. A quarter of an hour passed, but we were still standing still. Some gave up and their shaking bodies were lifted onto the icebreaker.

And then a brilliant idea popped into my head. I remembered reading somewhere that ships could sail against the wind – a tack. Or at an angle, obliquely. So I sailed: first to the right, then to the left, right, left, and so zigzagged my way against the wind and waves. But my competitors brazenly stole my idea and swam after me. There were no more than ten of us left. So we reached the bend and then the wind died down.

– I sighed with relief and when I saw the finish line in the distance, I started paddling with double speed! I shouldn’t have done that… If I had known a giant ice jellyfish lived in these waters, I would have kept my head down, trying not to wake it up.

– Medusacula? Is there such a thing? A jellyfish and a shark?

– You’re too young to know about such monsters. They don’t tell you about it at school on purpose, so as not to traumatize the children’s psyche. A jellyfish is a translucent shark with tentacles like an octopus, and it’s the size of a nine-story house. In the water it is difficult to see, but when it rises from the depths – all life freezes with horror: torturous tentacles as thick as a car and creepy toothy jaws, into which it pulls everything it finds. And it electrocutes you, too.

– Mom would kill us if she knew what kind of horror stories you tell me before bed,” the little boy whispered from under the covers.

– And we won’t tell her, don’t worry, everything will be all right, – the grandfather looked under the blanket. - Come on, come on.

The little boy got out and looked around. Grandpa grinned and continued the story:

– So, all adults know that jellyfish lives in icy water and likes peace and quiet, but when he hears a desperate floundering on the surface – he rises and drags the victim to the bottom. And since I was the first to swim and row the fastest, the jellyfish chose me as its victim. It wrapped its disgusting tentacle around me and dragged me to the bottom. The swimmers, seeing the monster, were confused and some preferred to finish the race, but a few determined guys had the courage to swim over the monster right toward the finish line.

– What about you?

– The jellyfish ate me…” the grandfather made a mournful face.

– Well grandpa…

– So, around me squeezes the tentacle, burning my skin, and I sank into the ocean darkness towards the toothy jaws. What to do? Fortunately, I remembered that I hadn’t cut my nails in a long time and tried to split the jelly tentacle with them, but to no avail. Then I began to tear its disgusting gelatinous body with my teeth, but I got heartburn, and you know how Grandpa doesn’t like heartburn. In short, I almost gave up. It got dark around me, there wasn’t much air left in my lungs, and I was horrified to see a hundred shiny teeth in the open mouth below. Six gleaming eyes twinkled predatorily in the darkness. The beast was dragging me down, straight into that black, grinning abyss. I saw the bottom littered with the skeletons of huge animals that had the misfortune to swim nearby.

I knew this was the end, and it was time to take stock. In seconds my whole life had flashed in front of me. Here I am going to school, and here I am at McDonald’s meeting your grandmother, and here I am playing with my babies: we’re running around the apartment, and I’m grabbing them and making zabodulsky. And then I got this crazy idea in my head…

– Who are you doing?

– You know, a gadfly… From the word gadfly, it’s when you tickle until you drop. I did you too, don’t you remember? Okay, what am I saying… Ah! So, the jaws are almost out, and then I decide to do the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

– I thought you said your wedding was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

– Okay, second place… The monster’s jaws are almost upon me, and then I decide on the second stupidest thing I’ve ever done, because I have nothing to lose and I’m going to give the monster a zabodoulsky. I start tickling the tentacle that’s squeezing me. Suddenly I realize that I’ve stopped sinking, and the pressure has decreased. I looked down and saw that the mouth had closed. Is this monster afraid of being tickled? I started tickling harder, and the tentacle completely loosened and began to shake.

The monster’s head began to sway, too, and its jaws opened and closed, as if laughing silently. There was no more air left and my consciousness was floating away somewhere, but I tickled and tickled those gelatinous tentacles that were everywhere. The head, shaking with silent “laughter,” was already very close, its eyes bulging and its teeth clenched. I tickled with the last of my strength, and then something happened that no one expected.

The terrible monster laughed at the top of his monstrous throat. Of course, there was no sound, but you can imagine the force with which the monster pushed water out of itself. That powerful jet picked me up, twisted me, spun me around, and carried me upward. I lost consciousness.

– And what happened next?

– I’ll tell the rest from the words of the judges. They saw that the monster had dragged me into the depths and had already said goodbye to me. And so, when the first athlete was approaching the finish line and there were ten meters to it, suddenly a column of water shot out of the depths and took me straight to the finish line in first place. My son clapped for his grandfather.

This story is about what, that in each of our adventures need to see exactly the adventure, a tale that we can tell our grandchildren and that it was interesting, so usually the harder the race, the more interesting, there is something to remember.  And now essentially. Prepared a small cheat sheet and so I have three big sections: equipment, technology and problems. I suggest we start with equipment.  You probably know what the main thing in equipment is a wetsuit. They come in several types, so let’s agree that if something is not clear, immediately set, interrupt, raise your hand, ask a question. I have brought a wealth, which has accumulated over the past 5 years, I always buy some nerds, there are nerds with money – the worst people, because they buy everything that moves. I started out swimming in a wetsuit, which I recently literally sold to my friends for next to nothing, because they were just out of the question. Then I bought a wetsuit like this, this is a classic wetsuit it has long sleeves, with long legs and is designed for people who can not swim very well, the feature is that here they have very thick neoprene inserts, in those places where you want to support, to beginner swimmers usually sink, they fall through the legs, they swim unevenly, so that’s it, so many, very thick literally five millimeters here, hands too That is all such a heavy, powerful armor, but because of this it has one drawback, it is rather oaky, that is to stretch and feel the water with the forearm is very difficult in such a suit. but I have helped, where only I did not swim. Recently I bought myself a suit of the same company, it has different thickness in different places, here the thinnest, where the shoulders work, here one and a half mm, here comes to 5 where it’s necessary to have great weight.  This one has a different situation. The thing about this one is that it stretches, the thickness of this neoprene is 8 mm and there is no big support here, 3 mm maximum, it is light and comfortable because it fits your whole body, you almost do not feel it, but it has much less support than this one.  But today I was swimming in it and it throws me off the pace for 10 seconds. That is very satisfied and hydraulics are divided into a special coating hydrophobic, these expensive wetsuits, we went out today with the guys, when you swim that is the usual wetsuits when you go out, they shiny, it just glitters, all as if it glossy. This suit remains matte, with a lot of droplets on the surface, that is, the water is not distributed over them, and it repels it, it also creates slip, which allows you to swim faster. Next, there are such wetsuits – these divers, they are not smooth, they are neoprene rough, they have no problem making the swimmer faster, they have a problem to make it warm, just because they do not bother to slip and the main thing to insulate, they are cheap, there is $ 30, but they do not recommend swimming because they will slow down more than you swim without a wetsuit. next, that I still have in stock is. There’s this wetsuit where it zips up the front. Who knows what it’s for? It’s for a swimrun, with a swimrun, that’s right. Swimran is a sport where people start and finish in the same outfit, but on the way they have to run and swim, that is, people run out in a wetsuit and in sneakers, swim in sneakers in the water, run out and so on, then 20 steps. We’re here with Liviu Croitoru two years ago exactly, by the way, today was the day yes. We passed this race world championship swimrun, frankly the most terrible event, probably the worst that we had in our sports career, you can see everything on their faces in principle. Look at the photo, everything becomes clear. And why you can not do it in an ordinary wetsuit, because it does not allow you to run and arms and legs here will be strained, here it is cut off and in order you can stretch, it is hot to run, unbuttoned before the introductory stage, buttoned up, put on glasses, put on a shawl and scratched. Due to the fact that it has a different, different meaning, it slips worse, indeed such a type of fabric, but it breathes better because usually wetsuit run very hot and there was water of 12 degrees, we ran 65 km and 10 km swam. Water is icy, here in it here is to swim in 12 degrees in water, it is certainly dark: 22 stages, 22 islands and we ran, but the most stress of that, that time was constantly pressing kotoff and, and the finish line was closed at 14:00, we ran for 13:45, that is, almost last pair was who finished. And we ran two, there’s a race that needs to run in a bunch, you can not run and swim alone, because people are lost, drowning, the short horrible horror. So I have more of neoprene. Here’s such a thing is quite nulivka, if you want a little warmth and you do not want a wetsuit you can wear a wetsuit, it’s just a little warm you or I used it too in Artik Swim to warm up. You can wear a wetsuit like that and it’ll be 1.5 times warmer. Here’s a great thing, recently discovered for myself – swimming shorts, that is what they are good, the fact that to support the whole body usually does not make sense to support the lower part of it sags, so put these pants, they have a thickness of about 7 mm actually huge. put them on and the head goes down, ass sticking out. When I was swimming in the pool, the coach said that just now I see the first time in my entire career who swims correctly in the pool, with the correct position, because he lifts, it’s really impossible. Here I recommend to use, here you see how thick it is, such pants to buy in order to do certain training in the pool, to understand how your body should look place kolobashki can be used, much more comfortable. Well, there are also dry wetsuits, about them, too, will not talk, it’s more of a diver’s topic. This is all wet wetsuit – which means that the water gets inside, that is, this is not to fear, they are warm due to the fact that around your body does not withdraw heat, it gains, heats, is kept there. It is absolutely normal.  Dry wetsuits also use divers or techno driver and they do not allow in the water to get special cuffs, socks, they can be with sufficient comfort, you can wear a sweater under a wetsuit but this is also not about swimming. So how to glue I probably will not show, but you know that the wetsuit is torn, some people have long nails, they often leave holes, and then water passes through them, it is unpleasant, so there is glue, glue it is very simple.  On the outfit I have more here different things, let’s talk about them right away. Here are these things for example, yes probably you have not seen before – this is such a thing that is put on the legs with neoprene to support the legs. So you just put it around your ankles and you bring your feet up to the surface. No at all, if you don’t have a hydric. Yes, or here for Swimran also use such things to have a high position in the water. Here’s such a thing I have, it is constantly in the sand for some reason, a very cool thing, I recommend buying, probably those who have swam in a wetsuit know that he periodically rubbed the neck, the back is such a great velcro, it does not always buckle and after 5 km may be bloody wound. Here’s such a thing you put on the neck, a cuff on top of a wetsuit, no problems will never be, more vaseline to put it all, good, everything will be great, look, then I’ll tell you where to buy. This socks neoprene, different to swim in cold water, there are also many different manufacturers, also 2-3 mm, absolutely comfortable to go into the water, do not feel any discomfort, as if you do not even entered the water. Here I have such a helmet, helmets are also different, there are full helmets that even cover the neck, diver’s such they are here only the nose sticks out. These are ordinary swimming helmet, different thickness of this helmet is one of the warmest, double, that is, you can swim in such water there in a few degrees, under the cap you put on the bottom, this top and 2-3 degrees, please swim, no problem. Well Gloves also wetsuit usually sell gloves, in expensive models, exactly to make it easy to put on, so as not to tear it well and shoe covers recommend to carry a suit to make it easier to put on a wetsuit, wore shoe covers, leg slipped through, his foot came out quickly, click.This is what concerns neoprene. So – buoy let’s talk about buoys. I know now on the oceanman 10 will be given buoys, and I know that sometimes at 5 gave us and even 2 km now in Arctic Swim, it depends on how dangerous the track, big waves, and how there may be problems. People cling to the buoy, I have a few types, this one is good, they cling to all of them, they cling to the belt, which are fastened on the back

 First of all it makes life easier for the organizers. They know that they won’t drown if they have problems, they can just hang onto it and wave their hand and they’ll pull them out.  This is good that inside you can put food, I do not know snacks, alcohol, some lightweight drugs to swim it was not boring. You can put your phone, a camera to take pictures if you have such a recreational swim is not on the result, you can use it. Now on the oceanman someone swims a ten, can you raise your hand? Two people, here we are sure to give, to a five I do not know yes. I have my own. I have 1-2 of them. If you have questions about the buoys, ask them, they’re all different. There is a problem with them. When the wind blows against you, all is over, it slows you down. It just works like a sail, you’re practically floating on the spot. And when the wind from behind, it’s always knocking on your head, too, to be honest, there’s not much comfort from it.  Sometimes you have to. It should be as inflated as possible, so there’s as little resistance to water as possible. If it’s going to be like a pancake, it’s going to be even more of a drag, so you have to inflate it to the max.  So on goggles, I do not know what to say about glasses, glasses are put on the eyes, in order to be normally visible to long distance swimmers in open water often use masks, that is, like glasses, but wide, they are not inserted into the eye sockets, and outside becomes. They, they have an overview, they fit well, they’re like a vacuum.  I use them sometimes, but mostly I use my favorite company and I don’t want to advertise it. This week were here and here they are . I’ve got the advantage that they’re photochromatic so they change transparency depending on the light.  These are nose clips. In order not to sweat glasses, you need to spit on them, I do not know with me everything works, a spitting attitude to the glasses – this is the best remedy. There are different means, but I do not know anyone who would say that I have found the perfect tool, it works.  Well there are many recipes for baby shampoo or Fairy say good help, I do not know. Saliva is just always on hand. I started having problems recently with my nose, that is, it turned out that literally 1-2 years ago, when I swam Balaton in Hungary, such a swim fiver, I swam as usual, got out and suddenly I had a couple of hours started to runny nose, runny nose, but it turned out that not just a runny nose, runny nose killer, I poured a bucket of snot out of me for a week, I could not do anything about it, how much I did not spray, so much antihistamines, nothing helped and since then I started some kind of nonsense, when I swim in open water, fresh water, I start a terrible runny nose. I do not know what it’s about, maybe an allergy or some kind of bacteria develops there and I’ve since switched to a nose clip, by the way now when the swim was sea mile and I somehow decided to experiment with a clip, took another clip, not the one I usually use, and another. After 500 meters, it broke off, and I had a few seconds to decide whether to go ahead and then suffer a runny nose for two weeks or go to the finish breaststroke and say that the race is over for me. You know what I chose, I basically did not expect anything else and suffered for two weeks.  I recommend those who have problems with snot, do not try to treat with any drugs, homeopathic sprays, rinses, just clip on the nose, there will be no problem. Many in the pool have this problem, but it is also resolved, uncomplicated through a clamp, I have different ones. You’ll get there later. Some have problems with ears, sometimes water gets in the ears then they hurt.  So wetsuits attached another thing, which is called body glide or Vaseline banal. Why? Because often it chafes in different places when you swim a long time, in particular the neck and armpits, so . And secondly, secondly, having Vaseline, you feel better in a wetsuit, to smear these parts, you slip there better, not dry. I use this one, it’s dry, you probably know, you put it on the neck area, armpits, and there’s a softer, liquid one, but you can put it on with petroleum jelly, it’ll be fine. They’re on sale everywhere. If not, find me at the start and smear it on. I do not know, I did not use so much to wait until there are holes on the neoprene, I do not know how much to swim, and I’m with you still take at the start when I swim two types of pills just in case, when on long distances, when there is no need to take anything to five, when you swim long.  I honestly have never used, but I carry. This is one of them Loperamide, but I take it before long races in the morning. It’s for diarrhea, that is, you eat it and you can’t have any problems for 2 days, you start to miss even this process, but he doesn’t care. But, here’s Andrew will not let you lie and how it happens at the races at the most inopportune moment closes in the toilet and sit there, that’s what’s eating away at the suit exactly.  And ketones painkillers pill, I usually cut one out and hide it under the wetsuit itself in the sleeve.  If you suddenly your shoulders start to fall off, which is quite often, when you’re there and maybe you’re not ready or the waves or the current is against you and you feel that you can not go on, you get your secret weapon, take a pill or 2 and the pain goes away. It will come back after the finish line twice, but it’s true, we are not about that. So now let’s talk about swimming technique in a nutshell.  So on the equipment let’s have more questions? And also because I was telling, because I’m in a hurry maybe a little bit. You can buy a cuff on the internet, I’ll tell you what it’s called, you’ll find it, I hope it’s not very expensive, but very useful. 

-Are there any women’s ones?

-Yes, there are orange ones. For girls, there’s two or three sizes, s-m-l.  So it’s technical.  Well, drifting you probably know what drifting is when it happens at bicyclists, swimmers is when one person brazenly swims behind another person and uses the advantage, he pulls it.  This is not forbidden by the rules, even in airoman it is allowed, in open water the same thing. The point is that at the start try to find a swimmer who swims faster than you for 10-15 seconds and get a grip on his legs and swim behind him, 20 meters from him, in this stream, he breaks the water and you there will be much easier, the most difficult to keep up with such a comrade and the problem is still , it can lead you to the wrong place, because it can turn out that he’s swimming faster than you, they’re terrible at orienteering, you can zigzag or go the other way, I had that in Mexico when I swam a 10 km oceanman in Cozumel.  And I also fell into one of the legs and I look so and so good what my horse, and then when I decided to look, I just looked at his feet to keep up with him, he’s breaking, a second hesitate and squeeze, no it and then you can not catch up. I was watching his heels, and then bam, he stopped and stood there. And we are like two gophers watching, and the buoys are 150 meters away, I do not know, too, maybe someone sailed, but it was carried away in the other direction, so be careful with it. Watch where he’s dragging you. 

-One more thing, you can get a foot in the eye.

-Yes there are techniques of leaving such comrades, which is annoying, that is, when you have someone floating behind you and you heel snaps, it’s very annoying, horribly. I usually do not so, I had one case, too clinging to my heel, I began to boil slowly, at some point I stop paddling and feet, I look, he is not near, I do not know what he did there. there is also a technique of leaving these leeches, just begin to swim zigzags. That is, you swim this way then that way, he just might lose you in a moment. Or vice versa you start to slow down, slow down, he relaxes, and then you make the maximum sprint, sprint doing 50m just, he did not keep up with you, you open up and at a distance of 10 meters he did not catch up with you. Well, you’re more worried not how to get away, and how to catch. They say, I have not checked, that it is better to cling not even behind, and the side to swim, so his feet were at your hips, and that’s so, so they say even better, but here you have to get in sync on mushrooms. That is, you have to be at the same time.  I tried a couple of times, I did not succeed, it is better to fall at the feet. I remember when I did this monte cristo swim, swim, I remember that I did it, I drove one horse, he rushed, but it turned out that he was a beginner, was at his maximum in the beginning, and suddenly I see he swells up, all I see the pace drops to the indecent and then I find something floating near, once jumped over him, then swam with him, then another and then I got very much jumping, very good pace was average.  But usually it’s 2 or 3 kilometers at the start, then it’s so dissipated that it’s almost impossible to find a travel companion, i.e. they all swam away and you swim alone in the ocean.

-How much do you save?

-Ouch a lot of 15 seconds – 20 seconds you can save at 100 m, that is a lot, well from 10 to 20 seconds just as if you understand fast and power respectively there 15% power you can save on this, it’s a lot, but very difficult to find his, because I had a couple of times that I cling to a man, but I do not know what the master of sports and swims for a minute 10 and I do not try to hold on his feet just no way or slow, rushing at first broke, and then stopped. In short, as luck and such a lottery. That’s what you try – is to practice the skill at the pool today swam at Lake Komsomolsky also split into pairs one after another, drafty, tried to cling . By the way it’s a question of orientation, maybe the most difficult question is how to orientate in open water, how not to swim a hundred meters, sometimes kilometers and how not to zigzag. This question is difficult, it comes only with experience, because orientation in open water is hard, as soon as the waves rise a little, all you see your buoy, because it is behind the waves and you have either to stop or look where needed or do something strong effort, to jump out of the water and look . But usually the problem with orienteering is that we swim unevenly, if you just close your eyes and let us in the ocean, we’ll be swimming in circles, everyone has different radius of 1, there’s a 100 meter diameter circle, and someone has a kilometer, and someone has five. Again, there are no people who will swim evenly, because anyway, some hand works better, rows better. So I say with my eyes closed, yes. When you orientate with sunlight, but your brain is not so sharp to distinguish one turn from another. That’s why I recommend you to look out from 5 to 9 stroke, depending on your ability. I don’t know why you do it so often, but you can save a lot on a very long distance by swimming more or less straight.  And on the breath there are several techniques how to look forward from time to time, here’s one that I can not master, as it were the most correct, but I can not master it, Andrew seems to have mastered it the other day told me there, what’s interesting that you when you swim you are the water surface you first lift your eyes, looking into the eyes but do not breathe while doing so, and then turn, make a breath and went under water. I mean, you’re a little higher in the water. Yeah well if you raise your head a lot, you have a lot of drag, you’re slowing down.  I’m doing it easier, when I do a stroke, I just put my head not like this, but like this.  If you don’t remember the picture, you get some information, but you can’t make out the position of the buoy, you make one more stroke, this picture comes together and you see it from a different angle, you understand where you want to swim.  While you’re sailing you make 5-7 strokes, you try to look at the sun, where it beats, at what angle. We’ve all swam too much, we all know 20% of the distance is a disaster. Here now we do not know what will be now in Odessa, with orientation looked there like the buoys are quite often, but again it is unknown what buoys, that is, may be tiny, because of the waves, the wind will blow and they can not notice and now was another problem, I sailed when the Volga, Volga swim was in July, there what happened, what a confusion, all given buoys also and buoys huge made the same color as the buoys.  So when you look up, there are 100 orange dots in front of you, and you do not understand if it is as big as the one closest to you, you do not understand where to swim. If you see that you are rowing there a lot of people, and there is no one here, this is a very bad sign, it means you are swimming somewhere wrong, so try to choose that you were in the middle, then it will be possible to watch where you are swimming.  So on orienteering what else, what questions are there.  That is, when I am up like that, I see it just out of the corner of my eye, I understand where to swim, and I do not have to stop and look, even Attila was when, they did we had the first stage was 6 am, it was still dusk, it was dark and we first 3 km – 1, 5 km, we were built , They gave us the start and we were running towards the sea for 1.5 km and I thought, let’s go for another 5-6 minutes per km easy, they were running so fast, no one runs like Liviu, 3 minutes per km, we were running, running, running and we were running towards the sea, my heart was jumping out of my chest and they jumped straight from the water. We were jumping into the water and my heart jumped out of my chest, because the contrast was so strong, you were shaking because of the heat, the water was 12 degrees and everything went crazy, we were swimming for 20-30 m, breathing stopped, we stood up and had no idea where we were going, it was dark, they told us at the briefing there would be no buoys, it was 1.5 km to swim, and there would be a lighthouse on the other side.  The lighthouse that you can’t see at night will be visible. We were staying there, I was looking around in the dark and all of a sudden he showed me, “Look over there!” We were looking at the candle and there was nothing around, while we were swimming we started loosing our way, boats were sailing over there, we were going that way and it took us so long to get there. Never eat butter before you start, I learned from a Russian that in order to stay warm, you need to eat a lot of butter before you start, it warms you up. I ate a lot of butter and I got sick in the water, so I went out and started vomiting on the beach while everyone was running by, we were the last ones left. And Liviu says let’s get off, I say now, I asked for it in 6 hours he told me, you didn’t listen to me then, I won’t listen to you now.  By the way, let’s move on to the food smoothly.  Who sails ten we will be fed, or rather we will feed ourselves.  Who swims five, it will probably be about 2:00 hours probably no more, you will swim. I want to say that you do not need to eat anything, do not get upset completely, because a person has enough glycogen in the muscles and liver for 2.5 hours of active swimming or running, no matter what, enough to have a normal breakfast, sweet, cereal, long carbohydrates, you enough over the roof. We are going to prepare something to eat, it will be for 5 km, I didn’t say exactly, it is usually put in the middle of the race in Mexico, we are swimming up, there will be someone who wants to spend half an hour for this, someone who wants to eat for 30 seconds,That’s the point, I usually eat fruit purees, children’s purees. If you know baby food – Agusha yes, they are very tasty, they are fast enough and you can eat a lot of them it is important because it is very difficult to eat a lot of gels, I can eat well 3 gels, but I crammed 4, all further it does not work.  These things you can eat a lot and cola, cola I can drink liters at the races, there when I ran comrades, I ran only on cola, neither eat nor drink anything else, even water I could not drink, and only cola came in and gave energy to move further. If you swim a long distance, prepare yourself a bottle or two of Coke. I swam in Gibraltar on Coke too, after 10 km there I drank Coke and fruit jelly. Also take 1 gel with you just in case, I recommend Sis gels, they are enough, they have plenty of water, you don’t need to wash them down. If you squeeze a regular gel in your mouth, then you feel thirsty, sis gels are soft enough, you can squeeze one out and then you do not want to drink. Gels shove one into your sleeve, it’s just in case something happens, if you feel collapse of strength or bad or even just a psychological support that you know you have food with you, it’s better in the upper part because there is a rower.  Be aware that you always have food with you. You already know about beets yes I told you last time.  Yes there is such a legal doping for swimmers, for any endurance sports for running and for swimming, for cycling, for triathlons – It’s beets, beetroot in English. A lot of manufacturers out there, it’s just dried beet that is degraded and then it’s taken and made into a powder then diluted with water and drunk . This thing works, a large concentration of nitrates, it seems that it is nasty, harmful, in fact it helps open cellular respiration and thus reduces the need for oxygen. If you had a pulse of 180, 180 you could swim at a speed of maybe 30 minutes per kilometer, now 1.2 per kilometer at the same pulse and slow swimming still gives an increase, more strength is saved and very useful stuff I recommend I have a couple sachets there, generally on the Internet to find and before the start an hour and a half. It’s not a dope, it’s legal, you can drink it and see the difference. The guys tried this on the Bosphorus. Well, when I sailed Cosumel, I also sailed 10, the plan was very simple, that is, I have a normal breakfast, there’s porridge with jam and I love Nutella, a sandwich with Nutella to eat, then before the start in 10-15 minutes for five gel is sucked out, went to swim, swim to the middle there to stop, there 30 seconds per minute drinking cola, eating gel or FrutoNyanya a few pieces and having one gel, I swim to the end, well, you can take with you or in a buoy to throw. Because 4 hours is not such a long time to eat every half hour.  At the marathon a little different, there recommend to eat every half hour, eat a gel, if you run long but I’ve recently more than two gels I have not eaten, that is, well, again, I’m probably not an indicator, because maybe beginners need more but you who swim ten take with you in a buoy or in the sleeve a couple of gels, just in case. Signs of what hypoglycemia, I do not know, who faced with this, I do not know what it is, but it is usually runners often face, I have not seen this in swimmers, hypoglycemia is the first sign you get cold, your hair stands on end and peripheral vision is cut off.That is, I had such a thing recently, I was running, Liviu and I were running when we ran there through the city to the city gates and back.  Yes I was sick, I was sick on Monday, I didn’t eat anything, I felt bad and I didn’t eat anything all day. Next morning I didn’t eat breakfast and I ran 24km without eating, I had 17km to go. That is, when I run, I stop seeing what is going on at the edges, my field of vision is narrowed, my legs begin to become tangled, my hair stands on end, I get chills, I understand that all this, there is no more glycogen and the body switches to lipid metabolism and tries to make energy from fats. And this process is energy-consuming, very hard and you start to kolobatsya, kolobatsya strongly, so in this case if you feel that some weakness in the eyes in the brain begins to dim, just stop, eat a gel 1 – 2, 10 minutes, they begin to work, you feel a rush of energy, swim further no panic.  But for swimmers, I have not heard that so attacked, maybe on the ultra-long distances over 10 km, which happens and this happens exactly on the La-Manche, Gibraltar, and to 10:00 is unlikely. this dietary supplement is a nutritional supplement and its recommended triathletes, people on endurance.  Where do you buy it?   Well I recommend to buy it on the Internet, I have never seen it in stores, I do not even know in a drugstore, look in a supermarket, probably more in pharmacies. There is a juice Yes there are sold such shots that you are already diluted just open the lid and drink it just, not always convenient to carry it on the plane, with a powder is easier, allowed and drank it. I want to say that this is not a panacea, you will not improve your score, if you swim there usually a minute 50, it is unlikely you swim in a minute 40, two seconds may be and the overall feeling just seems easier. So you can’t set records with this thing anyway. The more professional athlete, the less he feels the benefit of this thing, the more beginner, the more his body works optimally and helps him, like a wetsuit actually. professional athletes use completely different technology, doping blood transfusions, but horror, I do not want to tell.  So let’s move on to the most unpleasant and the most pleasant – is the problem that the swimmer is facing in the open water. The first point – the current. It would seem where in the sea to get current near the shore, usually current is in rivers or somewhere in the middle of the ocean, something like the Gulf Stream. But in fact the current creates very big problems for swimmers, if you do not know about the map too, I have what happened in Mexico.  The briefing was in Spanish, because I was the only one who did not speak Spanish, everyone else spoke Spanish. The Spanish were Mexicans, so they didn’t bother me, I kind of saw him say something, pointed at the map, it turned out he was talking about the current, it turned out there was a current, so I could not understand why it did not come to me when I was swimming there, was there one way to the shore and back, I swam there, I looked for 20 minutes – 25 minutes pace, I usually do not swim that fast at 100 meters, that is fast.  That is, I have to think that you are swimming downstream you are carried, and back will be a problem.  I turned around and when I realized that I was standing in place, then I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that before.  I swim, and the fish under me and they look at me with such enthusiasm, I row, and they are in one place, they stand looking at me, I remember, I begin to panic, because as soon as I stop rowing, I was carried back. I raise my hand, a boat comes up, I say, “What’s going on?” They say at the briefing we explained to me that I should go near the shore. Made a detour, swam up to shore, sailed right there, was practically rowing in the sand to get out and came out and terrible result I got, shoulders killed in the trash. Since then I’m with the current on you, so desirable to ask at the briefing if there are any surprises will be if there are but you need to understand how to bypass them, to take advantage of the countercurrent, and when it will be back to think how to bypass it, to fight with him almost impossible, that is, it just need to get away from him somewhere if possible.  If not I even raise my hands, let them catch you. So about rubbing I told you that there is rubbing that hurts.  But swimmers usually don’t stop, they can’t go off the course because the neck is chafing. So then we’ll treat it, it’s bloody, it helps with Vaseline, cuffs.  So you can burn to hell, if you swim without a wetsuit long enough in the heat, you can get charred.  To do this, use regular sunscreen is smeared abundant shoulders back , no problems will not be. There are also mass starts, when several thousand people run into the water at the same time and you are right in the middle of this mess. Maybe people who do triathlon know what it is, even swimmers, for example, on the Bosphorus. Yes, but here for example we were swimming this castle of If again, there start and had to beat me 15 minutes, that is, I have someone was beating, someone was beating me. My glasses were taken off once, I stopped, swore, swam again.  The battle for a place under the sun of these horses is trying to pull . Here’s very simple advice, if you do not want to get in such a mess, you just have to put somewhere on the edge or at the very end, and then may suffer a result, or to the left is possible to the right in order not to get caught. If you feel they’re getting in the way, just step aside and let them fight. On the other hand it’s fun, I sometimes like to fool around, pull someone’s leg, swim across someone’s face, someone swam across you, it’s cool. The shoulders, I told you about the shoulders. I do not know if everyone has this problem, I have a problem that is, if I do not swim long and not ready to race, she at the seventh kilometer begins to hurt my shoulders, especially one of my sick, there impeachment syndrome, I do not know who knows what it is, swimmers often have this, that is to lift here is so painful at a certain angle, to pump the rubber bands beforehand . That is, if your shoulders often hurt, you should do lots of repetitions of triceps, biceps from all sides and have a painkiller with you just in case.  If you suddenly decide to chop to the last and shoulders just fall apart, just drink painkillers and swim to 1 pill on pharma. cramp, has anyone experienced an underwater cramp?  It’s when I’ve never had a cramp, no matter how much I’ve run, I’ve never had a leg cramp and fall down screaming.The first time it happened a month ago we, when we were in Uzbekistan and there was a caravan on camels, walked across the desert and came to the lake called Aydarkul, an artificial lake, huge and we decided to swim there. There was Andryusha there and it turned out that I got away from the guys, they came back and I decided to swim, got lost, there were lots of islands, met fishermen who came up to me and asked why we can’t see the shore, and here a man swims naked, what are you doing here. I had to explain that everything is OK, it’s okay, I’m just walking, and there’s 3 km to the shore, how can I walk here. Well they did not pull me out, I swam back, when I swam back, I saw these guys who realized that I was there for an hour and a half, I was scared, took, maybe not scared maybe, took a boat, found a dude in a motorboat, sat down and went looking for me. And here when they came up to me and I turned them to welcome, I suddenly twisted my leg, twisted that even sparks fell from the eyes. Well there’s a simple recipe you know that you pull your sock and can twist a little right to left and just wait a minute or two or three cramp passes, you can swim peacefully, the main thing is not to worry, do not fall into hysterics, just stay on the water, wait until it goes away, nothing terrible in this.  I also heard about the pins in the underpants, I’ve never seen swimmers with pins and there is another recommendation, if you have a recurrence, this happens frequently, drink salt tablets before the race. When I ran in the Sahara desert, we were forced to take these pills before the start, everyone was given 20 pieces per race, two pills before each day should drink against cramps, many different types of cramps.

-When you swim in new places in company, don’t take a buoy with you so you don’t lose it.

-No, I probably should. -Well, I don’t. Probably too confident, but if you go on any adventures with you, take it with you just in case .Let him be, maybe it’s right to do, swim with a buoy or with a friend in a wetsuit. So the cold.  The cold happens, the cold you know there are cold races, when the water, wetsuit you know yes when worn when the water temperature below 18 mandatory, from 18 to 24 degrees it is optional, above 24 banned, but it happens that the water temperature is not 18-16 and 12-10 or 6 and then in such cases is that except wetsuit organizers do not allow to wear anything. That is, naked, there is a race, such as the same La-Manche, there can not swim in a wetsuit, you have to swim in just underpants, and the water temperature is 16 degrees. They have a situation in La-Manche. They used an example of a man who was the first to swim, how long his shorts were, what material they were made of, exactly the same shorts, his shorts and swim even one millimeter lower.No neoprene and everything and they came up with a super super secret recipe ointment with goose fat, which are smeared to be warm, and what about the wetsuit, when you go into the water in a hydriga in cold water, for example there is about 10 degrees if you dive into the water and can be a little panic because the water gets in the face, it is cold, my heart starts to beat and starts to type.  That’s why I recommend before the start, I say just come up and splash a few times on the face or put your face just in the water there 5-10 minutes before the start, once or twice or three times, all the body adapts, you understand what happens to him soon and when already sounds Start, you swim and do not feel discomfort .Yes there it did not help. There was no time for it all, it was breaking . Here are the gloves that I sailed in the Arctic, very comfortable, and you can, and this firm you recorded here for a reason, because I spent probably half a day to figure out what company is better, so you can safely take pictures and look for exactly the same. They are really very comfortable and a nuance when you put on a wetsuit gloves and neoprene socks, the rule is simple, that the wetsuit should be on top of everything, that is, the wetsuit should be on top of gloves, because if they are over the wetsuit at the moment when you pull out your hand there water falls or pull full hand with water, the same with socks.  They say that there is no such thing as a hard race, there is a bad outfit so say runners. In swimming the same thing that is it is possible to swim in zero water. The main thing is to choose the right outfit. I threw up in the Arctic, it’s the first time I’ve been swimming this kind of thing, it’s a short distance, only 2 km, we were swimming but the water was cold and I felt sick, because the waves were breaking, you couldn’t breathe, I tried left and right, it’s very important to learn to swim with two sides, because you never know where the wave is coming from. You should be able to breathe to the right and left, but if you have waves that hit you in the face, you can’t do anything and you will get a lot of water.  And here I was eating, eating this water and at the end of 100 meters to 200 meters, I feel that all comes out, and I have the first experience, I was so excited how it would be, very excited.  Not as scary as here and get drunk, and you throw up is just a torment, here somehow and small portions go out and swim on and it becomes easier at once. so do not be afraid if it happens, and in salt water it can happen.   But I know that seasickness on the ship is much more than when you’re sailing next to the ship, I mean in the water, I do not know, I sailed in Gibraltar, I got a little sick, not as bad as the waves, maybe not as bad. There are different pills to have with you just in case, I did not have that problem. Well, all probably worried about jellyfish, what we will do in Odessa. They say there will be a lot of jellyfish, to eat well this is very severe. I hope to make a skewer of jellyfish, a few pieces to do so, as they sting will not be strong, there is a man specially went to the Black Sea, he can tell you how with jellyfish, how much they sting, what size they are. Here the hybrid of course gives its advantage. I do not think that someone will come to the finish line here stung and will crawl out all over and will smear it with some creams, just will be uncomfortable, you will say, how disgusting and that’s it. Well here is more to children this issue of course, they are not very friendly with jellyfish. I hope a little bit sorry for us, so not so much, we’ll see.  Well here in two words I told what I wanted, now let’s ask questions, I will tell you what I may have forgotten.


-That’s right, I had a topic about the clock. Watch first, do not forget to charge. You know probably that the track clock is necessary, well I need them because I orieturuuschih them on the pace, I understand when I need to accelerate and when you can slow down, that is, I have there a plan for the race is a, at worst, to swim for 3:30, and at best there to try to three swimming out if everything will be fine. I approximately orientate, and there is also a situation, as in Cosumela was at 4:00 closes Cotoff at 10 km and just have to have time to swim out.  If you can not do it in 4 hours, you are disqualified, so you know if you can do it or not, you look at the distance and time and your pace. I set my watch to show me two numbers – distance and average pace, because when you are swimming you have small numbers and you don’t have time to understand anything. The main thing is distance and pace and you see that pace is down and you start to run, after 200 meters you see a second is gone, great. Then you see, you can relax and everything is fine. I said, the distance and the pace, you look at the distance you swam, the pace. This is the most important thing, the heart rate is not important, during the race, the heart rate is not guided. Everyone has a different heart rate, I was somewhere between 160 and 162 .

-It can’t be high in the water.

-Yes in the water it is difficult to speed up the heart, with running easily accelerated to its maximum and easily and in swimming is very difficult to speed up the pulse, I do not know why so. I do not know why it is so. I don’t know, when I was in Gibraltar and I had this weird thing, I was charging my watch and after two and a half hours I just bang, the workout stopped and that’s it. Maybe there were some GPS jammers, I do not know, there was a border.  And the main thing this situation happens with all for some reason here in gibraltar, for some reason in the middle is cut off training and I did another workout, and then they glued, joined to get one whole line, well, here I do not think that these problems will be.  It’s very useful to know where you’re going.  And then to see how you swam, whether you swam like a lousy swimmer or not. Well, usually like a laggard.  You make beautiful zigzags and then you make conclusions, how not to swim. I had an inquisitive mind, I thought I would make an experiment. I had a watch on my hands, I put it under my hat and it would look at the satellite all the time. The same tracks as rubbish, that is, there are such pum pum pum pum and this is also the same, what is it about, I do not understand, maybe when you turn, they go under water, I do not know where to hook on the buoy can be hooked as an option.

-I did an experiment on the Dniester when I swam against the current, the clock showed 2 km, then for an experiment I just walked along the shore, 1.2 km, that is, with the phone and the clock. 

-We also swam a week ago against the current, we calculated, we have the Dniester 2.5 km per hour current, that you can already orient. We are thinking next year to swim against the current, to pick up such a speed of the current, that people were in place and do a corridor 5-meter start and finish of 100 meters, to drive all in a corridor and Start and all swam.  Last one to the finish line is the winner. Next year Simail will be on the Dniester, we will swim downstream, such a Bosporus, we have Moldovan, because we are tired of the lakes.   In order not to swim in Transnistria, we will try to find the most beautiful views and that there was less mud and all kinds of fishing gear and reservoir, in which there is no current, so you can swim and admire the views. And the buoys will probably allocate, frog knows, control is very difficult, it’s not Komsomolsk Lake, where you see everyone at once. Yes, yes, yes, just often, I sailed now on the x-water, two event, buoys give you rent, you have in the starting package, and you unhook at the finish, like a chip and take away buoy sraz.I have three – four different buoys, there is a small collection. Here by the way, such an interesting mask. Why did I buy it, because I have one idea to swim in the dead sea, a long distance to do there. It is very dangerous for mucous membranes, it gets in the eyes or mouth – that’s it, the concentration of salt there is the maximum that can dissolve in water, it is impossible to do more. If you want to swim a crawl, this mask can help, because it hides the whole face here and the water does not get inside. Well, we have all right with the press present, here’s such a mask you can swim, the only uncomfortable swim that the shoulder, so when you swim, there you get on the shoulder, and the others, I have not found. All in principle I’m done, you can ask questions, you can leave. Yes, if you are in a hurry. Who’s going at all? Who will live where, have not decided on the apartment? On Friday we are going to the pasta party, on the beach. Yes, we took a hotel called “Black Sea”, 1.5 km from the start. I go on Friday, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon leave, we can crowd go, if anyone goes by car. By the way, they say, that the train is a good variant. Start packets are given out till what, till 8?  Well here it is necessary to leave somewhere around 12 o’clock, to have time to come, pick up starter, eat pasta, drink a glass of wine and sleep. Sleep is very important before the race, sleep is very important, I noticed that not even as nutrition, if you didn’t sleep, all the forces you have no, you’re sluggish. And if you go at 10, and you wake up at 7 or 8, so you sleep 9-10 hours, then generally. You have a lot of energy. So try to get some sleep. A glass of wine has never hurt anyone before the start, eat and drink. 

-You need a confirmation that you’re able to swim, for 5-10 some kind of certificate of participation. 

-I already told you that.  And on Sunday, the children’s race, does anyone take the kids with him?  I’m dragging my 2, let’s see if they make it, 500 meters. We were at Komsomolskoye lake the other day, we swam on Friday or Saturday, they swam and passed the standard, they are really good swimmers, they are training. They swim 500 meters. So on Sunday they’ll swim and we’ll go home in the afternoon.  Everyone then, let’s relax, smoke, drink, snack and thank you very much for coming. It was very interesting. 

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