Lock, Stock and Two Barrels

How to make your own playing cards, what makes people stupid, how to become a trump character and why do you need cheat cards in your deck?

Scientists have long proved that people get dumber during vacations. Even more so during the summer vacation. Unsuspecting readers of our blog might have thought: ‘The Gypsy project is not publishing fresh news. Naturally, everyone’s on holiday. These will be on holiday for three months. And in that time you can get so stupid you forget the letters.”

Alright you lot, those who thought we could afford to rest all summer, even in the midst of the Crisis, even during election time, even with such leadership, are at least naive. We, dear readers, have been working. We have been working in a way that neither the proletariat nor the working peasantry could have imagined.

In short, we have thought it over and decided: before we make gypsies with playing cards, we will make playing cards with gypsies.

That’s right, real gypsy playing cards, so you can play poker, belote and fool. And finally, each of our characters became a true Trump Character.

Let’s take them one at a time:

Cards two through ten don’t differ too much from the traditional ones.

The four jacks bear the face of the youngest member of the family, the boy named Tagar;

The four queens, of course, are represented by Zara, the only woman;

The four kings bear the figure of grandfather Baro, the oldest and wisest member of the family;

The four aces, of course, feature Gojo, because he is our main character and has the most trump cards.

Death is drawn on two jokers, because he is the strongest of all the characters.

And since these are gypsy cards, we added 4 more cards with Ilo the turkey. This character constantly messes up the plot (and sometimes the cards), which is why the Ilo cards came out a little weird.

All in all, we have a standard deck of 54 cards, and four cheat cards to keep our sleeve full.

No kidding, like any project, we try to develop a range of related products. In the case of large companies, this ranges from short films to feature films, toys and cartoon-related accessories. In our case, it’s short films, and as of today, we also have a deck of cards.

The cards feature our cartoon characters. The deck can only be purchased from us.

And, of course, those who donate in support of our project will not only be marked in the cloud of gratitude, but will also be able to receive a deck of cards as a gift. These unique cards can be bought only from us. And we will use the money received from the sale of this nice souvenir for the project itself.

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