Baro and Tagar

How to make a cartoon about April Fools’ Day? When you don’t have to spend money on vodka? Who the muse is friends with? How to blow up grandpa? Why is it good to smile?

For us, April Fools’ Day is a day full of fun.

Everything we do on this day is done with lots of fun. We fire someone, send someone out for vodka, and don’t give them the money when they’re back. We schedule a meeting for 8 a.m., but we don’t show up. We put an imposing doorman at the door so that no one gets in without changing their shoes, and he sells tickets to employees who want to get inside.

And, of course, our characters couldn’t stop playing innocent pranks on each other. So, we decided to introduce you to another pair of characters – Grandpa Baro and his Grandson Tagar.

 We’ve already told you how they came to be, and now we’re going to tell you how we made a cartoon about these characters.

 We started working on a scheme we had worked out and tried out earlier. We got together, waited a bit for the muse and her friend – inspiration (usually late) to come, and with their help we wrote the synopsis and then the cartoon script.

 It’s a story about how Grandpa slipped his Grandson a fake candy, which caused him to lose his favorite pipe and his hair. Very funny!

 The idea was accepted and we set to work. We started working on the storyboard: frame by frame, the script came to life in pictures.

But one storyboard is not enough to go on. You have to determine the exact length of the shots and start writing the music at the same time. So, we did the animation starting from the storyboard and then moved on.

While working on the animatic, we don’t just sit around. Work on the sketch-art is in full swing: at this stage the layout of the video, the color scheme and its composition have been defined.

It took us a long time to figure out how to blow up Grandpa.

Эволюция деда Баро.

Once we’re done with the animatic and sketch-art, we can start the animation. As I previously mentioned, before we start working on any plan, we film it.

Animation wasn’t easy with the boy because we couldn’t get the emotions right. It took us a month to get him to act like a child and not like some crazy dwarf.

And finally, it’s worth mentioning that the music belongs to Zdob si Zdub. The guys, as always, did an excellent job and deserve the highest praise!

Overall, the cartoon did not present any difficulties either in animation or post-production. The kid came out a bit weird, but we’re not Picasso’s caliber yet either. I’m sure Tagar will be developed much better in the next cartoon.

 So watch it, send it to your friends on April 1st and smile, everybody! Smiling is good, and a serious face doesn’t necessarily denote intelligence!

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