What’s your association to a black fin? How to fight fire? How to cut a wire? And what’s the difference between a shark and a god?

Are you afraid of height? Or, maybe, you’re afraid of planes and public speeches? What about spiders and snakes? Of course, fear is a personal matter, but I want to share mine. When I swim in open water, a single terrible thought bothers me: all I can think is that now, at any moment, a five… no, ten meter creature will appear out of the blue, and will attack me with its monstrous jaws. God…

And the black fin, swimming in the ocean near you, makes your butthole tighten so much, that you can nearly cut wires with it.

Yes, my friends, I’m referring to Sharks.

Well, the thing is I’m not the only swimmer with such a problem. Apparently, every second swimmer lives the same scenario. And many of them don’t swim in oceans just because of sharks. As for me, I’ve had many unpleasant moments during my swim in the Philippines, when my accompanying boatman told me there are lots of sharks around.

Enough! Let’s say “No!” to our primal fears – I told to myself. If I’m going to swim in seas and oceans, I must get rid of this phobia.

And, with the old proverb “Fight fire with fire” in my mind, I went right to the sharks. In South Africa.

At first I felt really uncomfortable and terrified, but after fifteen minutes I understood that sharks are just as scary as stray dogs – everything depends on your own behaviour. If you show fear or arrogance, they will beat the shit out of you. But if you are calm and confident, it will help you avoid the conflict.

I’m not saying that now fins do not make an impression on me, but I treat them calmer, especially if I see them on TV, and not near myself 🙂