Marathon secrets.Presentation. Dynamo

Forest Gump, long carbs and lots and lots of support – what life hacks will help you run a marathon, and why can’t even flat feet prevent you from becoming an Ironman?

While we were waiting, we were discussing the triathlon distance with the guys. the swim, the run, and the bike.I imagined if I told you all the tricks of the triathlon, it would take not an hour, but 2-3 hours. How many pitfalls there. but we are lucky, we run, we only have a run today, not today, but on Sunday. And I want to share my experience,what you need to do and what you should not do during preparation and directly during the race.

Let’s start with what you need to do from now until Sunday, until Saturday. Firstly you don’t have to do anything, that’s the beauty of it, you can relax, because already these trainings will not give anything to the strong, and to the weak will make the situation worse. So rest, relax, lie on the couch and watch movies. Eat a lot of carbohydrates. What are the carbs, you probably know pasta, potatoes, porridge, but try to avoid fast carbs like candy and eat more long carbs, which will fill your muscles with glycogen, which you need on Sunday. And at this time you can call all your friends and acquaintances, relatives and invite them to cheer for you on Sunday, that they were prepared, to know in advance, not at the last moment. So they can come out to support you.

So on Saturday, the day before the marathon, what is required of you.What will be great if you do.Again, the absolute peace, no stress, preferably in general, more lies and rest and as much pasta as possible, as much as you can, as much to burst, especially in the evening before going to bed. Do not experiment with food, it is very important not to try some new dishes, some pickles, some super healthy cosmetic gels. Eat what you usually eat, because something will go wrong and you will wake up in the morning with diarrhea. Before going to bed in the evening I recommend watching some marathon movie, about marathon runners, to motivate yourself. I can recommend a couple, such as: Run fat, run. You can watch the movie “marathon”, about four friends who were preparing for a marathon in the garage. And you can watch Forrest Gump. There are a lot of other movies. It’s good motivating and energizing and self-confidence. Another interesting thing that helps me run a marathon is a mantra. It is some kind of auto-training word, phrase, which will help you in a difficult situation to overcome. For example: I can be strong, I never give up, maybe some song that helps you. I have my own songs that I use. But this is the key word that will pull you out of the different holes that you will get into.

We went to bed in the morning, enthusiastic, with a belly full of pasta, watched a movie, invited everybody. And it’s customary to take such a picture before the race, when you lay down in front of you sneakers, t-shirt folded, gels, all that in the morning you will wear. That’s such a glade lies in front of the bed and you think that you got up in the morning at 6 am, took off everything and you put on you and everything, you do not think about anything. This picture should definitely be posted on Facebook, write that I’m ready, I have a race tomorrow. That’s what everybody does, I don’t know why.

You have to wake up early. If you have a run that starts at 11 a.m., you have to wake up at 7 a.m. at worst. It’s better to get up early and eat. Get up and eat, not too heavy either. But again, carbohydrate food, no protein, no cottage cheese, chicken. You can eat pasta, you can eat porridge, you can eat bread with marmalades, but carbohydrates. Go to the toilet, go to the toilet, small, large, medium. Go and loperamide is a must. Loperamide in order not to have an adventure, I had how many races were in different parts of the world, I always on the day when I woke up, after the toilet, 2 tablets of loperamide . Some of my friends didn’t take loperamide and they had adventures on the track. At least 5 minutes can be lost easily on the track, and some lose even more when you have to run 2-3 times to the toilet. It is a physiological feature, when certain muscles relax and you want to go for a piss during long races.Band-Aids.  Be sure to tape your boobs in the morning. Andrei waving his hands – I pooped myself, I . And the main thing that hurts, okay, when you ran for 3:40, and came back for 3:45. Or when you want to run 3:59 and you run 4:01, that’s a shame. Band-aids. I’m a couple of times washed his boobs in the blood, from the fact that the shirt seems cool and nice to the touch, but you run with her for 4 hours and it has properties abrasive and erases tits. So just in case, tape your problem areas, let it be.You do not know what kind of shirt.

 I don’t recommend not wearing anything new on your legs. That is, but the legs and on the body. That is, if you work out in these sneakers and everything is normal, do not put yourself at the last moment what that new sneakers, which you just ordered a strange size. That goes for all your clothes, even the belts that you put gels on. Because any deviation from the norm can lead to such consequences, of which you do not know where the trouble may come out.

So you’re already standing at the start,excited,the weather is fine,you don’t want to eat or drink,you feel a lot of strength,you jump up on the spot,you feel your neighbor’s shoulder and the shot sounds. The crowd starts to move toward the start, you go along with it. And here are a couple of tips on what to do during the race. A new beginning which I recommend to all and on the rake that not once stepped myself – do not start running fast. Run at such a pace that you feel like why I’m running so slowly. You have to ask yourself: I’m too slow? I have to run faster. If you feel good and fun, and you are carrying along with the crowd, know that this feeling will pass very quickly, and 3-4 miles you will catch up and you’ll understand that the pace at which you run, it just nearanye or clock broke, what is happening. So do not run slowly, speed up smoothly. And the highest speed you have to be not at the start, but at the finish. To make it easier to run a long distance, the same 42 kilometers, it’s easier to break it into 4 parts. I do so in all sports. It’s more psychologically pleasant to run 4*10, rather than 40 km.  You tune yourself for this 10, make a plan for 10 and run with such warmth, the main thing is not to fail too much, not to go too far ahead. You run at a pulse of 160, for example, I do the first 10 at a pulse of 160. I’m good, then the next 10. I don’t think it will be followed by another 21, another 30. It doesn’t matter. Now it’s 10 km and I’m running at 165 and the pace is not less than 5:12, for example. I run and so on. Otherwise, psychologically it’s very hard when you’re counting down every kilometer, you’ve run one, you’ve run 39 more. And you feel that the forces have gone a little bit. And when you’re 25-27, and you’re already nothing, and you understand that to run another 15, you quite sad becomes. And psychology in the long races is very important, and the main thing is to believe in yourself, not to burden yourself that everything is always bad, I do not have time, my legs fail, I have a spasm, I will not finish the race. It’s all very slow. You will avoid, but not with those results and not with those feelings.

Food. During the race, on 10 probably not, I advise you not to eat, 10 can drink once, you have enough internal reserves. On 21 you can have one snack from gel, 10 km, it’s more about marathon runners. You should eat and eat regularly, not wait until you want to eat, work out a feeding plan and go for it. It is desirable to eat gels, gels we will sell at the expo, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can come to the central square and choose. It is better to take them with you so you have them in a bag or cartridges to keep them with you. We will have a fitness dosa, will put their boutique, it’s the only organization that was able to provide us with gels.So come, look, choose and consult. They will tell you everything, when and what and why to take, in what form. Distribute on which km you will eat gel, what volume and how many calories you need. It goes like this, that you eat gel every 5 km, starting from 15. That’s how it is approximately. After 35 km it makes no sense to eat gel, because it won’t get into your blood, you won’t have time. Drink the same thing. At 21 you can drink a couple of times, and marathon runners should not wait until they are thirsty, dehydration is a very bad enemy and hits very hard. So don’t be thirsty and drink water. When you come to the feeding point, try not to stop, that is, run, volunteers will give you cups, will give you bottles of water, take, don’t be shy, drink as much as you can, 50-100 meters and throw it on the road, no big deal, we’ll collect it all later. But the main thing is not to stop, do not stand, do not smoke, do not talk with friends, what is good or bad … I feel bad too. You know the difference between running and biking, I noticed. Bicycle you stop at the power point,chat,sit down and fly like new. On the contrary,you stop,chatting for 3 minutes and that’s all you can not start, you accelerate with great difficulty, because lactic acid tends to accumulate in the muscles and as a wooden you start to run and lose a lot of time, energy and motivation. So you run quietly, slowed down, drank, threw away and ran further accelerated.

It will be hard for everyone, I think 90% will suffer. Those people who won’t suffer, I think, that it’s necessary to suffer at competitions. This is one of the inherent parts of the competition and that you should definitely be ready for it. Without that, there’s no full feeling of victory over yourself. There’s no feeling that this medal is deserved by you, that you’ve stood up to it, that you deserve it, that you trained so hard, prepared so much and you gave it your all, did everything you could. I had competitions when I didn’t give it all up and ran them for fun, just looked at the city and then I felt this emptiness at the finish, well I could go faster, I could do better. Why I did not. so I recommend that everyone lay out, but do it wisely, because if you lay out in the first half of the distance, the second may not be. 

Prepare yourself psychologically that maybe starting from the 3rd quarter of the distance, starting from 27 km or 15 marathon, you will have to put all your plans aside, forget about the heart rate, forget about the pace and turn on full power and just run as fast as you can, so that the last miles were so difficult in your life and that the finish was completely devastated. Then you will enjoy what will happen to you that day in the evening.

Don’t be fooled by the runners running next to you.  There may be professionals next to you, people who may be a lap ahead of you. There is a temptation to catch on, to run with them, to show their prowess, but again, all this can end badly. For them it’s the speed at which they go to the store for bread, and for you it is a personal record. So do not be in a hurry. And the main thing about the distance itself, finish beautifully. I know in what condition you’ll finish most of you, as it usually happens in the shit, killed completely, your legs do not listen to you, you do not feel them, your pulse is 190-195. You’re not thinking straight, but here comes the gate and silence suddenly appears in your head, you see nothing, you hear nothing, you see only the finishing. And you finish the last 50-100 meters and you have a smile on your face, a smile to your ears. Be sure to smile, we’ll take pictures at the finish line and you won’t like those contorted faces. Try to make an effort over yourself and smile, fall into the gate, take a breath and a girl comes up to you and hangs you a medal, so here it is a buzz. Finish, put out the full and finish with a smile, happy, satisfied and this picture will make you happy for a long time to come. Together with the medal. 

Well and a very important component of events, running, sports, the day after the race. That is the beginning of the reward for what you suffered so much. For me it is necessary to take friends and go somewhere to celebrate, in some pub, be sure to wear a medal, so everyone saw that you’re a hero.necessarily it should wash, as they should.Straight into a glass with beer, vodka.Lose yourself. I hope that such people will walk around on Sunday in the city a lot, in all bars people will see, come up, you will hug, kiss, get acquainted, so.  Because it’s a holiday. It’s not just a holiday of the city, it should be a holiday of each of you. For someone it’s the first day of his sports career, for someone it’s not the first, but certainly not the first in Chisinau. That’s why let’s make Sunday a big running holiday. That’s basically what I wanted to say in two words, I hope you’ll have lots of questions, which I’ll be able to answer. Now we’ll pass the microphone on the rows, if you have questions, we’ll give you the microphone and you can ask.

-Igor, I signed up for 21 km. A fever, some kind of virus from Monday. I don’t know… 21 wanted to run, I’m already on antibiotics. I went to the doctor. It does not go away, the snot, the joints hurt, what should I do?

-Shit… You know, I’d run, but it’s not right. If you’re in this condition, you’re on antibiotics for four days…

-Since the day before yesterday and tomorrow and that’s it…

-Well look, if you wake up on Sunday and you’re feeling sick and have a fever, I don’t recommend you run. If you wake up and you don’t have a fever and you’re in the mood, then go and run, but no personal bests. Just run at a pace where you’re not straining, at that heart rate of 150-155, don’t try to set a record.  And if you have a fever, you shouldn’t run because there could be complications. It’s probably some kind of nasty flu.  Well, if you wake up feeling very alive, then go out and run very slowly if you feel sick, it’s better not to

-No, I’ll run!

-I knew it…

-My name is Alexander, I’m 21 years old.  I want to run a marathon. Earlier I read the rules and what the prizes will be, earlier I saw that the first 6 will be awarded. The first 6 boys and the first 4 girls. Now I read that there will be only the first 3 boys and the first 3 girls. Is it that I saw something wrong or what you have changed?

-Well, what time are you gonna run?

-Uh, 3:30 or so.

-Well, 3:30 isn’t our premium time.

-Well, I’m trying…

-We’ll give everyone a medal.

-I know…

-I think first place would be 2:30 to 2:20.

-I said, if there were six first prize winners, I’d try. And when I saw that only the first three…

-Listen. This year we didn’t want to give prizes to anyone at all, because the budget for the marathon is 1 million lei. And no one is helping us. We want to do everything ourselves. That’s why we decided that this year we will have a big problem with prizes.  We are just trying to run it. We’re going to have bonuses, who’s dealing with this issue. We’ll have gasoline… We’re sponsored by Petrom, so there’ll be gasoline. Gifts from partners. There’ll be sponsorships, money I don’t think there will be. You know how we decided what we’re going to do. The money will be, but not for 1-2-3 places, but for achieving a certain result. If someone runs a marathon faster than 2:20, we will give him a bonus for that result. And 1-2-3 places we do not give.

-Gennady, I run a marathon. As for the pace leaders.


-Yes. at registration there is a 3:30-4:00 interval. will there be 1 pacesetter in between 30 minutes?

-We have 3:30, 3:45 and 4:00 as I recall. We have a pacesetter every 15 minutes. 

-Will there be one for 21 as well?

-Yes, we have universal pacemakers, the laps are the same, so the pacemaker runs both half marathon and marathon times. He will have two balls attached, on one will be the time in which he lies 21, on the other 42.  For example I run a marathon for 4:30, I’ll have 4:30 on one balloon, 2:15 on the other. Yes, I’ll run as a pacesetter. We have Andrew will be a pacemaker, remember the man who rubs his eye. He will run a pacesetter for six hours.  He will be the last person to get a medal. He’ll be the runner-up. And the point is not even that he runs six hours, but that he will be dressed in a death suit and will run with a scythe and a painted face. So if you see a death in front of you, then you know, you do not get a medal. You have to beat her, at least 1 meter in front. Deadliner as we call it.

-3:45 Is there a pacemaker here?

-Is Liviu here?  Liviu 3:30. 3:45?  We have a 3:45.  Do you want a pacesetter or do you want to run with somebody?

-With someone to run with.

-Yes, you do. We will stand there in advance and you can find us there by balloons, come to someone who is near and dear to you. 

-Hello, Rostislav, I’m trying 42.  Can you tell me please, drinking, water as will be on the power points and if you do not use gels, what is better to replace them?

-Drinking we will have the usual, isotoniki we have not found in my opinion. In general, who do not know, at the marathon drink isotonic drinks, this liquid dissolved with salt, with minerals, because during the race are very large losses go. The body loses mineral salts. They need to be compensated in order to feel better and the results to be better. Professional marathon runners leave their bottles at feeding points and volunteers look at the number of runner and give him a bottle.  But that’s the privilege of very fast runners.  So we will only have water. You can do what. There are rehydration powders, isotonics. There are sachets, you can take with you in a handbag, at the feeding point shake and drink.  But it is not very convenient, I do not recommend you to experiment and drink just water. And about gels, if you can’t find gels, a very good substitute for gels is fast carbohydrates, sweetness, sugar, raisins, nuts, dates. This is very sweet and vegetable, eaten very quickly in the blood. That is, make yourself mixtures of dried fruits, you can make balls of them. Stick them in your bag somewhere and eat them every 5 km. Raisins are also very cool. Here. Bananas will be along the route, eat them as much as you want, oranges too, but dried fruits have more energy, power capacity is higher, so take them with you just in case, if you feel that forces are leaving you, and sweetness is sweet, so it cheers you up. If you can take such drinks as guarana,caffeine,bracing,note taikey 50 gr, they’re good for drinking at 80% of the distance,when everything starts to fade,before the last spurt bang and go. If anyone has any. Where can I buy them in Chisinau, I think I saw a sport boutique in Number 1, I can’t remember what they have. Something there. Here

-I want to ask if there are people among you who are running a marathon for the first time? Did you think, how did you determine that you are able to run 42? I wonder. Have any of you ever run 32 or 33 miles? Everybody raised their hand. It’s just an indicator that if you can run 32 or 33 kilometers, you can run a marathon. If you haven’t run more than 21, it’s better not to get involved in this adventure.

-Valentin, I’m running 21. You were talking about the morning before the start. Go for a small, medium, large. Well, if you can’t take a big one, you sit there and then… What’s to take, what’s to take?

-It would be weird if you took one for diarrhea and one for constipation.

-Is there a combination?

-No, you have to make up your mind. What I would do…

-Should I take something in the evening?

-No, you eat well in the evening. On Saturday you eat, it means that the body already wants to relieve itself. You eat all day, and in the morning it says, “Come on, lose it. If he says no, I want to think again, you don’t let him think, you drink not 2 but 4 loperamide. So you don’t even think about it. You really walk around for two days, but you’ve got a medal in your pocket. An enema? I do not know, I did not give myself an enema, I do not recommend it. Again, in the marathon, one kg is 2 minutes, you lose a kg, you run 2 minutes faster. 10 kg is 20 minutes.

-Is it possible to leave personal gels at the power points, not to carry gels with you, leave?

-Well, no. Gels, what are they there, 50 grams. It’s not a problem. Water is not necessary to carry with them, water will be in bottles, drink it in good health, and the gels at the food points will not be.

-Leave a sticker with your name on it and leave it there?

-I think it is possible to agree. I think if there is a desire, then come to the organizers and say here’s my water, here’s my gels, I want to this food point they were standing. I think they will leave them and will keep them for you. I think it’s all solvable.

-Is it possible to leave them for friends and fans?

-Yes, of course, give to your friend who will come to the feeding station and put them there.

-So there will be access to other people on the road, directly on the track?

-No, you can’t let your friend pass. Because a volunteer won’t let a man with a bottle pass and say give him a drink, what if there’s poison in it? Do you know who approached you and what bottle he gave you? It will not work. It is better to agree in advance with the organizers on Saturday or Sunday and we’ll do it. Or take from the hands of a friend, he stands along the track somewhere, he passed and you drank. Without volunteers, directly. Poison is poison, everyone has his own peculiarities. Is it possible or not to take water from your relatives? Of course you can. Who will forbid you? Everything will be fine. We hope that the marathon will be fun, and we arrange a lot of interesting points along the route.  And on the edges of the viaduct and from the Russian embassy will be 2 people 5-meter and waving their hands, so that from afar it was visible where the turn. So try to smile. We will have eight photographers on the track, so you never know where you will get ambushed, so try to keep a mark everywhere. I don’t have a single normal picture in New York, I looked everywhere, such a skewed face everywhere, blurry eyes.

-Hello, my name is Alina. I’m here.  I’m doing a modest 10k this year.

-For some people 10 is harder than some 42.

-But I’m 10 so far this year. A question for motivation. How many marathons do you have under your belt and which one was your most memorable?

-Well, I have 7 marathons under my belt and several triathlon distances: escape from Alcatraz, a run in the desert, Death Valley, Baikal and a half Ironman and Ironman distance. My most memorable was the Baikal Marathon, which was a run on the ice, from the west shore of Baikal to the east shore. It’s generally such a surreal place when you fall into some mental hole, 3 hours in it you are in no idea where you are. There are 120 people around you, so they confine you to 120 people and that’s it. I cannot go any further, logistics do not allow more, that is why they take requests very quickly. And when 120 people stretch on 42 kilometers, you actually run alone and you see a level field up to the horizon as a mirror, this mirror you run. It was a very strange feeling, it was a very hard marathon. But I can talk about each for a long time, it’s each as a separate page.Each has its own characteristics and its own gimmicks and complexities. The hardest was the New York marathon, it was the most difficult, I killed myself for several months. I even could not think about running after that. I set my personal record there and I was in the top 5% of the fastest runners in the marathon. But it was really hard for me to start training again. I don’t recommend that you kill yourself, it’s not worth it. I thought those minutes made a difference, but it felt like 5 minutes, and it felt different. But the most memorable marathon is the Chisinau international marathon in 2015. Because we’ve been preparing to it for two years already. Since I started running, I started dreaming, and we have been doing it for 6 months, every day and it’s the hardest marathon in my life, it’s 100%.

-I have the next question,even 2. You said about the photos, there will be 8 photographers, then we will have to sort out the photos ourselves or will there be a system which recognizes everything?

-We decided to make a small investment, not enough money spent, we decided to spend more. We hired photographers from Rybalev’s school, if you know. They’ll take photos along the route at the start and at the finish. And we’re counting on each person to have 10 pictures. Then we’ll take them to the office, put them through a special software, which Roman Fedorovich is developing, which can identify your surname by a number, put them in groups, in packages, and offer you to take them away. We will sell them, but we will sell them cheap, so that any marathoner could afford them. We want to return the money because a lot of money was spent.

-Will they be in electronic form?

-Electronically. You want to print it out, or you want it in electronic form.

-And a second question. Pasta pati. 

-There will be no pasta pati. That’s too much. We don’t have that kind of money anymore. We wanted to, dreamed about, looked for a partner, the partner blew it off because of the euro crisis. So pasta pati we do in groups, get acquainted, meet on Saturday, go to restaurants, cook at home with family and eat to the brim with pasta. But next year we’ll definitely do pasta patty, even if it’s more of a loss. But it’s a shame, what a marathon without a pasta party. We`ll do it on Saturday, we`ll eat too much.

-Hi Dima. I wanted to ask, I have a child to run 400 meters, and then with me 3 km the next day. What time should he come to register?

-Look, we don’t have to register for the 400 m and 3 km.

-I saw that there is a need to register. He did. What time do you have to show up?

-To run the 3k?

-Not on the 25th.

-What time Nastya? Reply

-Saturday’s children’s race program starts at 10am and runs until 5pm. So come before 10am, a very busy program, lots of gifts, thanks a lot to the partners . So it will be very fun not only for children but also for adults. On Sunday you have to be there before 10 o’clock, the issuance of starter packs ends.

-From 8 to 10 it is desirable that you show up to get your number, it can be done on Saturday, pick up your starting package. It will include T-shirt, starting number, and other goodies from our sponsors. You can pick it up till 5 pm. The day after tomorrow. Tomorrow the expo opens. You can come to the central square and see what our sport partners are offering. Tomorrow from 14:00.In short, after lunch come and see what is happening there. It was very hard to find companies at the Expo, which dealt with sports. Normal would be to see running shoes, clothing, various devices, gels. Not everything works out as we want. So there will not be everything, but something interesting will be. Next year everything will be different. We will invite foreign partners. There will be from Ukraine, from Romania. To be more or less.

-Going back to the gels, if we never took them, won’t we have any problems digesting them?

-No, you won’t. They’re disgusting, you won’t enjoy them, I tell you. But you won’t have any problems. I just know that there’s a small influence that some people get off gels, they get sick and depressed. It’s a very small percentage.Just what are gels-it’s just a sweet jam, chemical, but it’s worth it.  And if not, don’t be afraid to try it at a distance, if you feel like a pipe, it works very quickly. Why is it a gel, why is it not a solid substance, because the gel-like substance is very quickly absorbed into the blood, 10 minutes and you feel a burst of energy.

-Good evening, please tell me what was the most difficult in the organization of the marathon and whether there was support from our authorities, local authorities or vice versa, maybe they put sticks in your wheels?

-I want to give the microphone Roman Fedorovich, stand up, let them applaud you, this man spent most time on the preparation of the marathon, my partner Rome, he spends more time than I do and knows all these pitfalls, I think let him talk about it himself.

-We have no marathon school in Moldova and we all gain experience from our experience as managers, who are from it companies. Our group of initiatives, here we have Vadim, director of the store, at the end of the day we have a market place. We have a very large diversity of our committee, our staff, 30 people working and more than 250 volunteers. That is at least some kind of a minimum start, to organize at least some kind of the beginning of a marathon. What about support from the state, yes, they support us with kind words, they say well done. But, for your money. The first meeting was with the ministry, the second was with our mayor’s office, with which we have been fighting for a long time, especially with the transport… The trolleybuses are the most important transport in Moldova, and they say that if I stop our trolleybuses for 5 minutes, 100 thousand people won’t be able to get to the central market, on Sunday morning, what will they do? This is the most important day. That’s the reality, they say go for a run in Chisinau, there are munchies, tobacco, let’s go there.

-It’s difficult to explain to a person that we want to show the best in the country, not the worst.

-We explain that we want to do a marathon to attract tourists to Moldova, to make our other hotels work, to see our Chisinau, at least for some reason.

-The New York City marathon brings in about a billion dollars to the state budget every year. It’s at the expense of tourists who come, runners and athletes.

-So far, only a handful of people who work on the marathon understand this. Now it’s you, because you’re running a marathon, more and more people will understand it, and in two years the whole city will understand it, when they see more and more foreigners coming to Chisinau, when they see our city and tell them what a cool marathon you have, what a cool capital you have, what cool guys you have, and so on. That’s why we do it. And, of course, it’s a healthy lifestyle, because it’s important now, because people say, why do you do sports? There’s a crisis in Moldova. That’s in brief, I wanted to tell you. But there were a lot of nuances, let’s not persecute many, but thank you for any participation.

-I would like to say that if the state treats us like this, we were treated very well by the partners, we found people, a general sponsor Petrom, who believed in us, gave us money to pay at least part of the expenses. A lot of companies came to our aid, a lot of companies are present here, here’s the dose here, thank you very much to them.  And the Montana Line, a lot of them are helping us. And volunteers, 200-300 people come, they spend their time and energy to help, although they don’t get money or food in return, they just get a diploma. That is, people help. It is very nice. Once again, thank you all very much. And thank you for believing we came and decided to get involved in this crazy venture.

-Those who finish 21, finish ahead of those who are 42, there will be a separate finish?

-No, everyone will finish in the same place. 10, 21 and 42. There will be a special arch, it’s the start, it’s the finish, when you finish, you will wrap in a special place, where we will relax, enjoy the oranges and medals.

-Will there be masseurs?

-No, we haven’t planned a masseur. It’s probably not too late, we have a dosa, they probably have masseurs, we can bring a couple of tables there. Why not. At all the marathons it’s on the money. At Ironman, when you pay 700 euros for registration, of course they’ll give you a massage. The question is, do you want to. I didn’t want anything, they just carried me out at the finish line. We went to drink tequila, I had enough strength for that. And why massage, why do I need legs, I’ve already done everything. here, so that’s how it is, friends, relax, you can not change your shape in a couple of days. Now the main thing is not to make fools and mistakes. So rest, eat carbs, watch movies, get inspired and wait for the day x

-Good evening, if I suddenly feel unwell at the marathon, will I get any medical help?

-Yes, absolutely, our partner Medpark, you see this man standing alone, he’s from Medpark, who will run with us and Medpark our partner, will also be present at the marathon, plus an ambulance will be there, 3 ambulances on the track, if suddenly someone gets sick. Usually statistics show that somebody will get ill.

-Dimitri, do flat-footed people run marathons?

-I run marathons with flat feet. It is very important to choose the right sneaker, here I have these asics kayano saved, they are specifically for those who have hyperpronation, who have flat feet.  In normal sneakers I have trouble running 

-Hello, my name is Alexander, a fat loose donut. Question lockers, will there be hooks like on Ironman, so you can leave your backpack?

-Now I’m stumped, let’s go to Rome.

-Suppose I’m not going from home, I’m not going with someone, and I myself arrive by public transport, I have some kind of outerwear, where can I leave it?

-Are you participating in a fan run or a 10? There will be a luggage room at 10, 42 and 21.There will be a number, you can leave your things.

-What’s the format going to be. Will there be a badge or something?

-There will be his number, by his number hangs on the backpack of his number. You get it the same way, only by the badge. In Bucharest, you put it yourself, but we took into account the experience of Bucharest. This will be fenced off from everyone else, where you change your clothes and turn it in to the storage room and there it is all stored throughout the marathon. If you lose your badge, you wait until the end, until everyone has left and then with your passport we’ll see who it is…

-Will there be a charge for the luggage room?

-No, it’s free. Everything you see on the central square will be free, food and drink. Anything you can get your hands on, it’s free. You’ve already paid for it. Here, pick a pacesetter and reach for it.

-Where do you want the number? On top of your shirt?

-Look, the number is not just a number, not just a piece of paper with a number, it’s a chip, which will determine whether you went the distance, which you pass or fail to pass. That’s why if you finish without a license plate, you won’t get a medal and you won’t get into the official record. That’s why if suddenly it fell off, it got wet, you just take it and put it in your pocket. Do not throw it away.  There’s a special chip and you’ll run through such black strips that record the time when you crossed them. And this number is the chip that registers. If this chip does not go over this track, then your result will not be counted, so very anxious about these numbers, keep them somewhere close to your heart. Better somewhere in front of him well, so that we clearly otronometrovali you. And photos, when we will be sorting, it is desirable that the number was in the frame, so we can determine by the number to whom the picture belongs. So if it is lying around, we will not be able to determine who is running, we have a bad memory for faces, especially if there are 6000 people running, it will be hard to find.

-How many run in total? How many for the marathon?

-So, look what happens, we thought for a long time, puzzled over how many medals we should order, because there is no statistics at all, how many people will come.We thought and thought, argued and decided that 1500 people will run. Strangely enough, we have almost guessed, will run about 1500-2000 on medals and by a conservative estimate about 5 thousand will run 3 km fan run, i.e. there will be many people on the square, it will be packed probably and we have tried to make fan run not to interfere with people who run for results, with license plates, they will be divided by fences and will not touch anybody. There are also problems of logistics, fences will move in a certain direction, so that some do not interfere with others. But projections are like this, 1500 for the medals + 5-6, thousand 8 should be a total.

-And for the marathon?

-There are only few marathon runners, and I wonder why so many people raised their hands. We have about 200 marathoners, only about 400 for 21 kilometers and about 1000 for 10 kilometers. So that’s the ratio. Any organizer knows these figures of the ratio and it is probably the same all over the world. But we did not know them, we had to calculate them ourselves. Now we know and next year we will know how many medals to print in the same proportions to guess. And here’s another nuance. Are you all registered here? Are there those who want to do it on Sunday or Saturday? People who will come on Sunday or Saturday may find that they will be denied registration because we’ve run out of our set of medals, but we’ve bought 300 spare numbers. What that means. A person can run the course, get on the official log, but because we haven’t got any medals, we’ll give them to them in a week or two. He’ll have to wait. We don’t deprive anyone, we just have to wait. We just don’t have enough. We hope there will be enough for everyone, there won’t be too much and everything will be fine. Thank you so much, let’s give each other a big hand. You guys did great!

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