Dirty Run, or The Unbearable Lightness of Being

How to get through a mud run as a club, why you don’t have to carry your old stuff through life with you, where to dump life’s trash, and how to finish a race?

We often carry all kinds of junk through our lives – whether it’s things that have a “history” and it’s a shame to throw them away, toxic people we don’t have the strength to kick to the curb, silly rituals that make us “stuck-up”, and other junk in the form of fears, complexities, and angers. 

Today we want to show you how useless and hard it is to carry this junk of life when a wide and adventurous road lies ahead. And how this burden will slow you down, keeping you from moving along with the easy runners.

And so, our wacky men’s club Ыnjoi is ready to demonstrate one of our values — going through life with ease, without burdening our homes with unnecessary things, our brains with invented barriers and well-trodden paths, and our hearts with fears and angers. 

Go ahead, my friends! And at the finish line, let’s throw away this trash and finish slowly, like children – enjoying sun, wind, mud, friends and freedom. 

Let’s enjoy the happiness that settles in our hearts when we let go of the burden of the past. 

Ыnjoi your Life

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