How sport changes lives. Om

How much was Voloshin paid for agreeing to appear in an OM commercial, how does sport change a person’s life and what do super shorts look like?

-The funny thing is that you went out early in the morning, at night, yes. I mean, it’s like people live their lives out there, and you went out for an early run. 

Camera! Here we go!

 -I’m often asked the question, why did you start doing sports, why did you start running? Honestly, I’ve never told anybody about it, because it sounds very strange. I do what I feel I have to do in life. And I was told at some point that I have to run at this time in my life. And I run because I feel that I need to. And there’s no sense in it. I have about three hours a week of running, about two hours of swimming and 3-4 hours of biking, so I have about 10 hours a week and 40 hours a month. I get time out of work mostly, most of it. Because I do sports in the morning.  I have to take a bite out of my family. But, thank God, my family understands why I do it, they see that it makes me happier.  

Sports can help you change your life. If something is missing, if you feel that you’re stuck in some kind of swamp, nothing happens to you. And you start to do sports. You want to do sports properly, not just to run, to lose a couple of pounds, to achieve something, to set a goal and reach it.  To run a marathon, to cross the Bosphorus, to climb Mont Blanc. And you will go to this goal, and then you do it, your life will change. You’ll feel completely different.  It will take on colors and peppers.

-That kind of live, you know.  Nothing staged. It’s as natural as possible.

– A healthy life is when a person does what he likes. This is important, that is, when you do not do what is prescribed, what is required of you, what is expected of you. And do what you want. The main thing is not to prevent yourself from doing anything. If you suddenly feel like exercising, you start exercising. And that’s why it’s called a healthy lifestyle.

-Ready. Three, two, one. Go!

-Where are my bagels? 

I didn’t agree to do an OM commercial because I was paid a lot of money. 

-Run more! More!

-It’s important for me that people learn about how you can change your life by my example.And for this Facebook page I lead about my workouts, about my crazy challenges.About how I achieve them. And the world around me is beginning to change slowly.One of my friends recently Gidigich has already swum, has been going swimming for six months.Another is going to run 30 kilometers the other day, and then a marathon. I hope that after watching the commercial and the interview many more people will want to do amateur sports and get a new experience in life. What makes me most excited about the shoot are my shorts.The most fashionable Amenican running shorts in the world.

Ask yourself

Ask yourself

I am a simple triathlete from Moldova, having in my pocket only a marathon, the Bosphorus and a couple of small competitions. It just happened so that in our country, amateur sport is in its infancy, while the triathlon lacks completely.

3497 strokes between continents

3497 strokes between continents

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