I am a simple triathlete from Moldova, having in my pocket only a marathon, the Bosphorus and a couple of small competitions. It just happened so that in our country, amateur sport is in its infancy, while the triathlon lacks completely.

The unexpected offer from OM Company to star in an advertising was the beginning of the 7-day marathon (I actually ran almost 40 km during the filming), and the advertising campaign, dedicated to the development of amateur sport in the country.  

Thousands of thanks to Danil Balaban for his contribution to the development of amateur sport in the country, Macar Severin and his awesome team for professional work and bagels, to my family for their understanding and support, and to my friends for buying sneakers and swim briefs and joining the community of crazy people, who dream not of a new car or a laptop, but on the conquest of marathons, straits, Sahara desert and the North Pole.  

I will assume that my trainings, injuries, sweat and sometimes snot were not spilled in vain, if at least one in ten people, who saw the movie, just thinks – “Am I not missing something very important in life by avoiding sports?”  

For me, the answer is obvious.