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Why does a money-only business not have the same prospects as a business that shares its profits with society, and how do the laws of the universe work in commerce?

When I was invited to speak here and I approximately formulated for myself what I wanted to talk about, a little veiled and decided to call my performance – Why do you need so much money. The guys came and filmed a short minute presentation of me. I posted on Facebook, came a very cool comment on Facebook, I liked it very much, people wrote well there is finally appeared a normal coach, and with these handaps do not know where to invest money. man tries to rid you of the money and not make them. Well firstly for those people who are looking for their way, do not know what to do in the near future, want to find themselves in this world, and for those who have already formed a business that brings a stable income and the man is at a crossroads, do not know where to move forward, what to do with it, because the profit is growing, and he is not satisfied that he will invest all the profits in the business. Let’s begin with that I want to tell, that there are two types of the business of our universe the basic, one is the commercial enterprise which is aimed on earning of money, on increase of profitableness and the second is the noncommercial organization, the purpose of which to make something pleasant to a society, any benefit and to squander grants nicely, both enterprises have lacks, you know, what the noncommercial organization public, and what its lacks? What’s wrong with it? The thing is that yes it’s unprofitable in the first place, it shouldn’t be profitable and in this context there are managers who work in these organizations who are not really managers, that’s good when you get money a month which you can blow, you don’t have a goal to earn money and so the manager is pretty weak there, I don’t want to offend anybody here, but usually the most powerful the biggest, serious top economists and financial professionals and marketing experts work in companies that make a lot of big money. So, a non-profit organization does not work very efficiently, while a commercial organization works very effectively, but somehow does not bring any benefit, neither to the country, nor to the people, nor to the city. And besides you know that all the marketing textbooks, all the seminars are aimed at a structured commercial business which brings money and you know that if a business does not bring money then it’s not a business, so our whole world is built to create businesses, to convince people that it is necessary to make a lot of money. There is a phase of formation, then there is a growth, then stagnation, then constant monthly growth, in order to maintain the growth of the company, say 50% a year you need to spend 8 hours of your personal time, once you stop investing your personal time in the company, the income begins to fade, and it begins to fall. Why this happens, because people are starting to make a profit, not to spend all their free time, they want more, they spend more, after a while the business becomes so big that it is too big to leave, because the whole business will collapse.He’s just stupidly miserable all his life, he’s worked his whole life into this, and in one moment it’s all going to collapse. He has a fear of losing it, he has very little free time, and he lives in constant stress. Moreover, he does not feel happy, because generally speaking each of us does not need millions of dollars a month, it is very important to understand this, thank God I understood it in time. It’s cool when you can feel it and say stop, well, I don’t need more business. Now you have to think about what to do with the company’s profits. Usually people do not think about it, it’s bad. That’s me wife will not lie, we in the family our income for 2 years is not growing, the company’s profits are growing uphill, if I at the beginning of their activities, we took all the dividends that the company brings, just to survive there are 100 dollars earned, class pasta bought, cooked beans, pay for light class. 200 dollars a month, I went somewhere, 500 is great. Then I got my salary, everything, dividends are separate, my salary is separate.  Two years ago it happened so that we understood that there was no sense to take more, so I would not want any of you to become a man with bags under his eyes, with millions in his accounts, but deeply unhappy and do not understand why he spent his life saving, if he has no health, no normal nervous system, no memories because he had no time to communicate with his loved ones, his children, to travel, not to see the world, he was saving and you know last year I went to vipassana, if anyone knows what it is. I was in Yekaterinburg, in Yekaterinburg. It’s an interesting practice when they gather a group of people from all over the world actually who want to write there, they bring them to the woods, here is an ideal place for this, fenced off from the rest of the world, they take away their phones, take away notebooks, pens, books, all information sources and forbid them to communicate with each other and in this group of 20-30 people spend 10 days there and we do not talk to anyone, do not write anything down, do not read any information, just meditate on 11 00 a day, and meditation is that you sit on your knees and do not think about anything else, 11 hours a day. Can you imagine what happens to a man in 110 hours of meditation, you are completely renewed, and no one teaches you, this is right, this is wrong, religion is good, this is bad, God is, God is. You little by little become clear inside, the veil of your worries, our vanity disappears, and you little by little begin to show a picture of the world. And then I understood one interesting thing, if before I moved by instinct, now I understand that if suddenly the Universe gives you some material blessings, you feel that you have money, that you have a resource, it does not happen without reason, it does not come from heaven, you earned something, that you can distribute these benefits correctly, give something back. If you have been given something, give it back, otherwise you will do yourself a great harm, because if it stays with you, you will not have anything good in life and I understood this clearly and I was glad to see that I did it. I started working, in 96, I started doing computer graphics, I came to Chisinau from Floresti and from 96 to 2000 I had a career in computer graphics, did many commercials, I considered myself a good 3D designer, then I made clips for Ozone, was a clip maker and in 2002 I opened Simpals, which mainly did web sites. When the first sites appeared and the first profit.It was the first, first profit on our site, it was 999, we had such a great drunkenness when Orange signed a contract with us for $ 200 per month, it seemed to us unbelievable, we thought that they would not understand anything, they were cheated, vtyuhovali and they took, drank all these $ 200 so happy, but this is not about that. Then it appeared, then we realized, let’s do three or four sites on the same scheme 3, 200 * 3 = $ 600 will earn per month, so there were a few of our satellites, in particular the forum. Md, forum is one of the social projects that has never made a profit and now it is unprofitable, but here it has played a big role in the development of our community and people of my generation were established connections through this site, a lot grew out of there clubs, directions, movements, he was such an ancestor of social networks, because as social networks came, forum.md has told to live long, although oddly enough he has higher attendance than it was, but as a percentage of the market, it has fallen heavily. Therefore, now say that the forum.md popular site, I will not say. And during all our activity, we had a lot of positive effects, effects of charitable projects, these were the ones that are on everyone’s lips now, it was StopHam, we brought Mafia to Chisinau, we brought back veterans faith, we devoted to boys and girls, charity for underprivileged families, then we have Monster School and the cartoon that we make, it’s also loss-making, no profit, but I want it, it’s awesome, it’s very cool, yes, yes, yes, it will never end. Why would I not be interested when it’s over. No actually the situation is difficult, because you need a lot of money to produce a full-length cartoon, and we decided to go this way and roundabout. Now we’ll make some short films, we’re working on the following short film, it will be a story about the meeting of a gypsy with death, how they met in the forest, and based on this story, we want to make a book, write a book on the script, put a disc with animation and thus look for a producer who will knit all this, that’s possible to send to Disney, to watch, because I just raw story, no one is interested, no one believes that in Moldova can make a feature-length film. That’s not the point now. These are all the projects that we do, charity, paint the town or where you stop everyone on the road and spend money beautifully spend money – this is charity guys, this is not what I wanted to tell you, I want to tell you about social business. What is a social business? If you sell potatoes at the market, it’s not a social business, social business should primarily improve the country, improve the city, teach society and make social benefits, but it should also make money, not as a nonprofit organization, you spend $100, you spend $100, and you spend $100, you earn $120, and you feed people here with $20. So you’re not hoarding, you’re growing the business so that it thrives, so that it gets better and better for everybody else. I don’t want to look like a shepherd right now who says guys give up all the business, let’s give everything to the people, let’s feed the poor. This business has a very right plus, because it’s special, it has an interesting appeal in that if I for example sell the same potatoes, I cannot come on television and say guys give me a 70 percent discount to advertise my potatoes, because I sell potatoes. If I teach disabled children, I can come and ask for a discount. If you are looking for a partner or an investor who will give you money, it’s also much easier to find money, if you invest in the greening of the city, he will give you, if you are going to sell drugs, you will not find a partner. Again, if you have a business that collects lei from everyone, like 999 does now, we are moving the idea that if you put an ad on the 9, we give half the money back to the city in the form of drawings in the form of our, what we have been doing recently and give to the poor and you know what we are doing. It’s very different when a person part with this lei, and when he knows that by giving this lei he is throwing it into some black pipe that he never sees and nobody knows what this money will be spent on, maybe on the contrary, to open a porn center on the checans, of course it’s hard for him to part with the money. We have such an image in Chisinau, all the evil things happen at the checani, I do not know why, I will not lie, that I’m going to do social business, I just started running 4 years ago, I start to do sports, I do not think about this concept at all.  I ran 1 marathon, 2 -3 -4, then began to write about it, I’m a writer, I like to write, I like it. I started to write a couple of reports, it turned out pretty good, people read them, they said it’s cool, they read 2, they also began to train, I look around me, some movements, some waves, people are starting to catch up, I got interested, curious and then, six months later, we created the first Moldovan sports social network sport.md, where we decided to bring together all the Moldovan sports fans and to drag there as many people as possible, to infect sports, as many Moldovans as possible, so they get to try this new kind of feelings, a new way of feeling. And so it went, and then they began to organize events, first around Cascica, then to the swimming race through the hidigic, there were carnival races, races in wine cellars, and then they gradually got to the point that last year they organized a big marathon in Chisinau. To be honest, it was a very unprofitable event, it cost about 2 million lei, and the interesting thing is that after it all happened, we sat down to count and realized that this is not just a charity, it’s a business, because 80% of the money we could get back,  And for the first step in the business this is very good, when you put 20% of your own money and 80 gave you, it means that people believed in you, it means you were able to find partners, people who will pay for what to participate in this and then we realized that a minute, and on this you can just try to make money. Why is it necessary to be, to develop you need money to this process went faster, so we decided to move in the direction of, we had a few more events and this year in January we made the first profitable event. Where do you think it was? Right it was Cricova, it was small and expensive, so we decided to do a trick, we decided to make money on foreigners, that is, for Moldovans it was 30 or 40 euros participation, for foreigners 100.  There were a lot of angry letters, why such injustice, it is not correct, we pretended that my mail is not checked, not read, they argued, they still came, everything was packed. Here have arrived all, happy were, at the end all have drunk and have gone for a walk and have told all we are not angry and next year to friends we shall tell, we shall come. Here and we all understood, all the puzzle came together, we began to expand, we recruited people.The wine cellar race was the world’s first underground wine cellar race, there were about 100 people, not everyone paid 100 euros of course, they were on the dole. What I am saying now is that the sportsman became a social business, a business that changes our nation, makes it healthier, helps people to see other countries, other cities, to see themselves in them, to see themselves in a new Moldova, teaches the younger generation to strive for something, now exercise and become profitable, it is unprofitable, there are still 3-4 years to return the money, but nevertheless I am sure that in a few years the sport is becoming profitable.  He’s a super cool guy, he’s such a locomotive who pulls everything we do, but to say that I have something like this, it’s 999, guys, how cool it is, how important it is for the country, you know. It’s cool, it’s clearly structured, and it brings in money. I have a feeling that I am very proud of this project. I will try to make all my next projects successful by opening up markets that are not covered by anybody, and the government knows how much money they have, they can’t do anything. Maybe you can help us build a hospital for people with disabilities who can work, and set up a center where disabled people can work and earn money for them, but they will be employed. I think the state could do it, but it cannot in principle, so why not give money to some non-profit or for-profit organization so that it can do something and the state gives it a tick and goes on TV, “Well, I and my guys here have started this thing. Look at this, we’re doing great. The elections are coming up. Why not? It’s good for the people who work, it’s good for the entrepreneur who is doing something for the country. So the more social business in our country, the more people who are engaged in it and understand that it is important not only to make super profits for themselves, but it is important to do it for society, but I want to say that we are not going to lie, because we are all egoists, it is very important that the social business adds karma. Because when you go there to Apostle Peter you’ll be asked why you’re right, why you’re left, you’ll have something to say, yes, I wanted to finish and to thank you for listening to me, it’s a new presentation, how to fuck up money nicely, so I’m ready.

– About social business.  One way or another any business reveals the need of the society in the market. The market is also a part of society and in principle it solves it.

– Well give me an example.

– People want to drink. People drink every day. Businesses take water and people drink water. How is this not a social business?

– How does society change from being thirsty or from being drunk? Something has changed with them this, I don’t think.That’s what I showed the cartoon in the beginning for.  Do good and throw it in the water, make money and invest in your country, in your community, in your community. The country will grow, the market will grow, this direction will grow, there will be more money, you can put more money into it. If you can only sell water, I don’t think that something will change the consumer somehow, it is important to change the people who are related to this business. Yes.

– I understand this is a business that changes society. And do we have in our legislation, you have to pay taxes of million lei. If we direct this million to the same policy, our legislation will say…

– Thank you for your question, I am waiting for a law that allows you to donate part of your taxes to charity, does anyone know about it, 2% – is it a law already passed or not? Not yet, everyone is waiting for it. Can you imagine when you go out and say “I am organizing a marathon, I don’t have 50 000 000 lei for the organization”. I am ready to send a part of my income, not to the state, but to us, for this money we can decorate half of the city with your logo. I don’t think anyone will be against it, everyone will say yes I want it, I want it. I want it great, if the bill passes. I’ll give it a standing ovation. I’ve been waiting a long time for a question.

-Look, it is clear that when you do some projects, you get cheaper promotion than others and now if you paid for the promotion the same way a normal person pays, was 80% back? Did the money come back or not? Look, the question is, how does the business come in, does the money come in social business, advertising and 2 what about promotion?

– Well look, certainly, but I want to tell you that 80% of people who found out about the marathon, they have not found out from our sites, they found out from the television, because television agreed to advertising in huge volumes and I do not know if they saw on television our advertising or not, saw, so much of it was because you are doing a good job, we will support you. At bus stops, on billboards, we practically got everything for free, just because we’re doing a good thing, and the second question was about where the money comes from. Guys, the social business is a regular business. So you decided to open a business, try to find a theme, which is not just to sell water. And for example I do not know, this water to spill people who are blind people to spill, you such a business will be much easier to run, much easier to build, you will also make money. You come to the inverter, I want to do that.  A dude with bags like that under his eyes, tired of life and in the evenings with Peter already meet, do something good, try here I can and you can find a lot of people like that. And if you just want to sell water, they say I do not have time for you now, I have to negotiate at night again, I have to solve something.

-Can you give some ideas for small towns? Like Ungheni?

– There are people who can work but are marginalized by the society, the blind, AIDS patients, the disabled, I don’t know if they are old. Now I heard there is a wonderful social business, I do not remember somewhere abroad in Europe. Grandmothers knit, they collected grandmothers, and they all have nothing to do. Yes, they knit, and then they take it and sell it in an online store, whatever you want different things, they are helped by designers, not that grandma will knit the same scarf, they give them cool designs, they knit and sell them and grandma earn money, now I’m in business, they can give a business card, look there I have a scarf . We need to read guys, there is a lot of information on the Internet, it’s just a lot of bonuses for it all starts a social business at once a lot of bonuses, it’s not surface .

– I mean, our core business, like water or meat.There is a direction that you can get involved in a social project, which he, he, combined, compatible with your product and not compatible, that is, imagine, that is, you like the project, as you say, even have money, there are sponsors. But still, it’s going to backfire, because your clientele already knows you like this…

– So what if you’re a meat seller, you can’t make a keyboard for the blind?  Or green energy can’t do if you’re a meat seller and you can’t do green energy, i.e. put up mills, for example…

– I ask, if there are any recommendations in this direction, on compatibility, what do you do ?

– If I start to tell what I do, I say that one person cannot do it, I am a programmer, a designer, a sports coach, a writer, a scriptwriter, a filmmaker. I can do 10 professions that I do. Why do you have to be attached to one kind of activity? I am a meat salesman. I was born and I will die, why cannot I deal with green energy? And I, for example, I have special training for children. I have courses to support young entrepreneurs, can it be incompatible?

– The question was, is there compatibility here, is there somewhere to be careful there is incompatibility? Not compatible with the brand of the company, not as a person.

-Open a new company, why does it have to be meat fans, it can just be meat separately, fans separately.

– The difference between helping grandmothers and helping prisoners before release, they need to rehabilitate. There’s an association that here you’re doing kids or here you’re doing kids, that’s bad.

– Well look, I’ll tell you a story that happened just last week, have you ever heard of me? It’s the guys who are in the business of working with people with AIDS.  Yes, they invited me to show them by example that it is necessary to be tested, there is no need to be afraid of these people, that they are absolutely normal. I came to take a test, thank God everything was normal, I said openly at the conference that my company is open to people with hiv, that they should come to us to work, I will not reject them. On the contrary, I want them to come and try to find their places with us, I showed tolerance. OK. I came up to hug the hand of HIV-infected, I hugged him, said that everything was normal, you see, I did not faint, I am not ill all right. But what happened next. I came into the company so animated, cool. We will now have different guys working for us, whatever you want, we have disabled people working, there are people with disabilities, now there will be more hiv. The first question was from the hr director. And who will interview him? I said cool, he said, well, I do not know, but I am now, in short, I will not be a week, here is my deputy. I said, ‘Man, you guys do not disappoint me. They say, ‘Look, you’re coming over. You said it, everybody’s clapping for you, you’re a tough guy. Now you bring a man in here, 20 percent of them will leave the company, you know, ’cause they’ll be afraid to be in the same room, what if I drink the glass he drank from? OK, let’s all get together, he’ll drink the glass, and then I’ll take it and half of them will faint, but people won’t be afraid any more. Here there is the same rejection. But it all can be broken, it all can be moved, there is nothing terrible there, it’s just a matter of time.

– Have you solved the question of 20%?

– So those 20% are not our people, they don’t support our philosophy of our company, our outlook where we are going, so we will find the other 20% of people.

– Why the three nines? How did you choose the name?

– Why 999?  There are many versions, there are many versions, there are official and unofficial, funny and sad on everything. Choose one .Official, the domain was registered in 1999. Funny and true coincide, because it was 99 really was. And, at that time, I decided with a colleague from my university to launch a site, because there were about 20 or 30 sites in Moldova in ’97-’98. We found out that there was an internet, I was at the Polytechnic Institute, so I knew about the existence of the internet and we decided to launch a site. And what site we run, we did not know yet, then counted in the river and I was just looking for a friend, I was looking for his phone number to the address. I don’t know if anyone remembers, there are people here who are my age, that there was such a wonderful service from moldtelecom – the Three Nines. You dial the Three Nines, you tell them the address, they tell you the phone number, and vice versa. It was very convenient, it was very cool. We, well, we thought, why not do such a wonderful service on the Internet? Great, went to the bird market there was a CD on sale, called three tens, I want to find a CD. We took it, my friend was a programmer, we sat down, he pulled out a database of Moldtelecom, and we put it on the website -The Three Nines. Come in, enter the address, and you get a phone.Cool. We worked for 4 days, then we were called, we were warned politely, we had enough brains not to go into conflict and the site was closed.  That’s how it’s been closed for six months. Well, since the domain has remained, it does not cost a little money guys. This is by the way 40 dollars a year, it’s not a joke, then we were saving up to buy a domain for a long time and could not afford to spend evenings and weekends.

– How much was a domain in those years?

– Up to $40, 40-50 maybe. Here but it was terribly expensive, I thought it was unreasonable it does not fit in any way. I mean, how could it be. Well it was really expensive. Back then the dollar was different. So, in order to keep the domain busy, we decided to run it this way and then we would not buy another domain, it would be another year with no costs again, the domain was left, we had to do something with it, and we by that time, we after university as there was almost no work, we were practically starving, Broznilaschali hardware, here bought a motherboard sold in the market bought, then found someone who someone needs and then there was a site bird, which sold different hardware and roylsoft was the developer of the site and we through him constantly it all the iron sold, bought and sold. He seemed terribly uncomfortable and then one night we got together, we can do better, we decided to do better. Well, in this way we made the first prototype of the nine which at first nobody understood, because it was colorful and without registration so cool, but we started to actively promote it on the same bird that this is all bullshit, as now do everything themselves did nothing new. Here and come to us and a year later we caught up with their attendance, 2 years later seriously overtake, after 3 years they closed, we stayed.

– When does the broker close?

– You’re one second ahead of me. I’ve been telling Vika all the time since then, one day I’ll come to your house, I’ll throw the paper down: My beloved mother bought a McLair, I bought the whole McLair, you know, one day it will happen, I think, maybe not, maybe I can’t buy it, because it will close, maybe it won’t close, but I’m glad we exist, guys, because the lack of competition is very relaxing. They were quiet for five years, they thought we were dead, that they were lagging behind. And now they have started to move, they have started to open new services, they have started to move somehow, they have recruited a new team, for example a new marketer, they have started to move and we have watched this too somehow, they have got a new thing. I call everybody, I put them all in, I bend them one by one, they start writing new services too and without that it moves slowly somehow. And when it nudges you from behind, it starts moving.

– You have been running for four years. Before that how you decided to do running, I saw on YouTube video of Ukrainian Ironman, how he swims, bikes, runs

– Never heard that, guys who laugh, know that I did it a long time ago.It was already 2 years ago, I did the full Ironman. So about what I told you, you can spend 100% of your time to grow the business very fast please, I decided that I can afford not 50% of the profits, but 30%, but I have 4 hours a day free. And I’m satisfied with this growth, but I feel normal, I can travel, I can read something, I take Romanian courses, I can afford to understand, but I can do it someday.

– Until four years ago you didn’t have any free time?

– Yes, I worked a lot, ask my wife evenings and weekends and Sundays on weekends. That’s when the business began to grow slowly, I could shit now too, but why, but it will be 70% and then it will increase. What should I do with it, to live 40 has just begun, many of you have not yet begun. That’s just begin to live so you need to prepare until 40 and then already kirzhach. Well, yes it is right there is a cycle of life and products and people and it is strange to start shit at 50, of course while you are young, healthy, from 20 to 35 you should shit, after 35 you can put things on pause, and after 50 you can sit down, everything should be in its time of course, it is important.

– Before the social business, it is necessary to gain experience in the beginning?

– Preferably the best, yes, if you try to do some commercialization of the full, and then go there.You have gained experience and strength and go there. I think a man who works in a public organization that allocates funds beautifully, beautifully able to plaster over all the holes and say that all the money was spent on a good cause, and to account for, as if there is nothing, as there was no profit, for which he can get in the neck. Well, he was given money, probably we all know how to spend it, it is probably a small art. But it is a little harder to make money. So if you want to start a business, start with the social one, what difference does it make? It’s okay, there’s profit here too. You’re an investor may say, of course you may have provided me with a meeting with Peter, but I wish you’d return the money, I also have more to spend. If you don’t, then…

– The business idea itself, we had it in 2006…

– I have it just now formed this year.  I understood what I was doing, I understood the laws of the universe, that if you take, you have to give back… When people ask me, Dmitry, that’s how, how could you spend 10 days without talking to anyone, how is it possible? I say, how is it possible not to talk, you know what the worst thing about vipassana is? My knees, my knees hurt. Not to talk for 10 days, there is nothing terrible in it, but when you are sitting and everything catches up, it’s a complete brainwashing.

– Dimitri, tell us, we’re all interested. How was one day 4 years ago, when you were not engaged in sports, when you have the main focus was the business and how is one day now? What do you focus on, how do you organize your day?

– And has your level of income changed?

 – Changed. So how I spent 4 years ago, just as I came to the realization that I lost interest in making money, just making money, because I reached a certain level, when I had enough for my basic needs, I do not understand why I should fuck up further and fucked up then a lot.I on Saturday was a working day for all, that is, the whole company worked full-time on Saturday-Sunday I crawled out for half a day. And today is how the day goes up at around 6:30, meditation for 40 minutes, then I run, my wife will dress the children, feed them, all throw the car, take her to the nursery school, I either run to training, or go to the pool, after that I returned, go to work, I start the work day somewhere from 11-12 already forgave me, it is understood that it is useless to pull me earlier. I allocated until 12:00 am is my personal day. No work can enter there, I do myself, if I do repairs, I do repairs, if I write a report, I write a report, this is my personal space. I come to work after 12 o’clock, I have recently introduced a regime, and the guys I have at work there are 5:00 hours of attendance, of which 2 hours of meetings, so I have a board in front of the office and scheduled for 15 minutes each, and not from 12 to 1:00 I decide there, I run down the corridors quickly and quickly always ask, then lunch, and from 2-4 I have time when people come in, recorded here I want with Dima 15 minutes, half an hour, 40 minutes … Vika when you came yesterday, so I blagged to get into my office, waiting in line, and Vika okay come on the blag, but quickly, quickly … They’re all crazy, after 4 they let me go, then I go to the office and at 6:00 I go to the Romanian language, at 6:45 it usually starts, after the Romanian I’m already nothing, that is, if I have to work you know how it’s night school, you come dead, and then you just crawl out. I come home at about 7:30, if there is no Romanian, then at 8:30, if there is, then at 8:45. With the kids we have fun, read books, go to bed with dinner, cuddle my wife, watch a Romanian movie and then start all over again. That’s about it.

– How much weight did you weigh 5 years ago and how much now, is there a difference?

– I had my peak 5 years ago, it was about 90 kg, but I never chased a super weight.  Well, it kind of went away on its own, as a bonus. In general it is wrong to exercise, because to improve health or lose weight is the wrong motivation, it leads to the fact that a person stops exercising. It is right to set yourself a measurable, specific goal – to swim across the Bosporus, run a marathon, I do not know, win some kind of bicycle race, such a goal which is clearly achievable, to which you need to go step by step. Set yourself a goal to run a marathon, lose weight by 10 kg, and if you set yourself a goal to lose 10 kg it is almost impossible to lose it, it is very difficult psychologically. Running a marathon is easier, it’s an understandably measurable goal.  September 18, so I bought myself tickets, and to Brazil, so that I definitely could not refuse 2000 euros on tickets, I will take myself the most expensive hotel, invested a lot of money and you think, I’m not a moron now do not go. I’m going to Brazil and if I come without medals, you do not shake my hand. I’m a wimp and that’s it, you’re going and you’re running so you have some respect for people.

– What’s your next goal?

– In four days I’m going to South Africa for the Comrades ultramarathon, the 90 km…

– In the desert?

– No, in the desert in the spring, the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara, 250 km on sand with a backpack with its own food, with its own sleeping bag. So everything I just said here guys not a fact that you can pull on any head. 

– Do you now devote more time to yourself, your family? 

– It’s true, it’s the natural way, the normal way I was talking about it, that it’s wrong to give your whole life to work. Well when you’re dying, you won’t think man, I could have raised 20% more profitability this quarter. I dedicate half my life to my work, I dedicate half my life to my hobby.  Well I’m trying to make my hobbies part of my job and what I’m telling you now is that I’m running, writing a report and that’s also now my mission on earth, for any other people to read, watch, get infected and change their lives too.

– Yes I have such a question. It is said that every boss has a boss. Do you have a boss?

– Sits five feet away from you.

– When did you start delegating and how did you start doing it?

– That was the problem with delegating, the big question. Everybody has that problem, you can’t do better than that, that’s when you stop worrying about it. You won’t do it, they’ll make a mess, but not you, but they can make 10 times more mess than you can, you know, and quantity will eventually turn into quality, and that’s what happens, you just have to stop being afraid to do it and accept the fact that it will be worse.

– How many years with friends do you spend?

– How many years of spending time with friends?  Well, for friends I built a special temple, it’s called a wooden house on the bank of the Dourlesti forest, I built a log cabin, where we meet periodically with friends. I did not tell you, I have another part of my life – it’s fish day, which occurs on Thursdays.It started this year, because last year I did not have even 5:00 hours, because I do not show up for work, but as soon as I show up, the concentration, tasks increases very much, very quickly, everyone wants to solve very much, what yesterday they did not solve, they solve now and so these concentrated 5 hours was killing me in the trash. So I decided to simplify my life a little bit, because as a leader I must always have a bunch of new ideas to generate. And when I am in such stress, I turn into some kind of jellyfish, which has no effect. I have a fish day starting from today. It’s Thursday, when I’m at my summer cottage all day long, I go straight to my summer cottage after my training and I spend all day there till the evening, you don’t see me, don’t write or say anything, I can call there only those people I want to talk to. I swear I need this day. It’s very defusing for me, because until I had it, it was very difficult for me to fulfill my mission as a company leader, because I was just bloated. And now I have Thursday 1 to think, to reflect, I come on Friday and come on, everything is already waiting. And I say come on, they say, we’re tired, come on before it’s too late…

– Dmitry, how about if there is an urgent issue that you have to solve?

– There are a lot of these issues. Because there are a lot of questions that no one can solve. They can solve, but the responsibility is great.

– But if something happens?

– It’s force majeure. But usually it’s not, they know, that on Thursday it’s a day that I can’t be touched, either on Wednesday or Friday, but it happens … When they call and say, Dmitry, you can’t call, but the office is on fire, what should we do? Take out your computer or leave, of course they will call. So on Thursday I spend it on my friends, I invite those people who are even just friends, colleagues, there are people who are interesting to me, I invite them to my dacha, we spend a day there with them. And sometimes it is more comfortable to sit at the edge of the forest than in a stuffy office and discuss…

– Do you have any manager friends?

– I have all my friends who are managers, it happens. You understand that nowadays it’s hard to be friends if you do completely different things, in different industries, it’s much easier when you are in the same boiler, you are interested in common issues, common things and so friends appear. I go everywhere with them, I take them with me wherever we went, now in Japan, we went with them to the marathon, I carry everywhere with me.  Thank you guys very much for the delicious questions, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much!

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