Ekadashi. Fasting and Sports.

What does it means to ”eat a monster”, why eating is a habit, is it useful or not to train in ekadashi?

Eka’dash (in Sanskrit – “Eleven”) – the eleventh day after the full moon and new moon of each lunar month in the Hindu calendar. Ekadashi days (approximately 2 times per month) are especially favorable to perform austerities.

Therefore, according to Hindu scriptures, each person older than five years should observe a fast on Ekadashi. I.e. refrain from eating or drinking. It helps cleansing yourself on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

I have long started to think about fasting-cleansing days. When I found out about the Ekadashi, I realized this was what I needed. The only problem is the impact that training will have on an empty body, so I decided not to train that day, and to listen to my body.

So there we go!

My first Ekadashi came on May 21. Back then I was resting with my family in Turkey. Not a very good place for fasting, but we train not only the body, but also the spirit, right?
The night before I ate very much (do not repeat my mistake – eat little and light food) and went to bed. The morning went well, I was not hungry, and drank a lot of liquid (probably, because of yesterday’s hearty dinner). The first signal – “Let’s go and stuff our belly?” – I heard in the afternoon. Covering it with water, I lay down on the couch and began to eat the sun. The sun added no fullness, so I distracted myself with playing with kids and next time I wanted to eat was only in the evening.

Strange, but the urges to eat were weak and indecisive, I felt great.
The feelings were alike to trying to quit smoking – you don’t need nicotine anymore, but the habit of keeping something in between the fingers is haunting you. The same thing with eating – you don’t seem to be hungry, but 3-4 times a day just can’t find a place – well, what can I do, I am used to eat. This is my bad habit! Besides, I am in an all inclusive hotel. All these odors around, and kids with cookies, and a lamb on a spit. In short, just run and hide.

I woke up in the morning – I am not hungry, that was weird. I went out, took a run.
I started in a weak mode (5:40), and then got faster (5:00), and finished vigorously (4:00). In general, it was harder than usually, possibly due to starvation. Next time I am planning on training in Ekadashi day. I will share this experience.

I was going out of starvation with cherries – it is awesome to gobble up a pound of huge, burgundy, black, cold cherries after a hot workout. Highly recommend it!
Yes, another strange thing – throughout the 36 hours, I have periodically been belching (as my kid sais – “I ate a monster”). What was the reason for this, I did not understand – since I had an empty stomach. For the first time, I did not dare to go in the dry fasting, but I’ll surely try it later.

Ekadashi calendar — http://ekadash.ru/

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