Barcelona Half-Marathon

That does the PS hide, what is the percentage of moldovans at the Barcelona half-marathon, which are the steps on the way to the iron purpose?

I keep crawling the stairs towards my Iron goal. So the Half-Marathon in Barcelona was conquered.


Distance: 21 097 m
Time: 1:38:35 ( was dreaming about 1:45 )
Average rate: 0:04:41 (12,49 km/h)
Place: 3 168 from 12 000 (surpassed 73% of participants )

Informative Page:

It was very emotional – drummers, volunteers, thousands of runners,Barcelona.
My pace was continuously growing all over the track. That’s cool.
I didn’t expect such a result from myself. Probably I got mobilized.
I’m not really tired. It is a strange fact. Last time after 26 km I was dead.
From 12,000 runners i was the only one runner from Moldova. We need to change something in our country.
The next day, I decided to run and probably in vain – on the 5th kilometer I twisted my foot. Then I licked it for a week.

My coach Liviu knowingly ran with me for six months. Thanks to him.
Thank Viculea for carbohydrate loading with pancakes for a patch of corns, for massage, for emotions and support!

The next stage – a distance of 32 km and then – April marathon in Paris!

PS: sore ass

Presentation. Leogrand Hotel

Presentation. Leogrand Hotel

Why is it not necessary for a businessman to be smart, flexible and rational to become a successful businessman, and how do stupid and stubborn dreamers achieve success?

42 195 Meters in Paris

42 195 Meters in Paris

Why is it necessary to take diarrhea pills before the race? Why not only sneakers make you a marathon runner? Why do people need to patch their nipples? Why do marathon runners wear cellophane bags? And why did I become so addicted to running?