International Investment Forum «Invest Gagauzia-2022». Victor Parlicov

What business is worth investing in, how entrepreneurs can make Moldova autonomous, and what special things can be found in a bathhouse? What insights did Voloshin share with the participants of the International Investment Forum “Invest Gagauzia-2022”?

– Now I want to turn to the last speaker, unjustly left behind and bored in this row – Mr. Voloshin. This is a person who is both in IT and energy and everything.

– Hello. We couldn’t connect the presentation. Or did we, guys? Can I see images here?

Today’s topic will be about happiness, as it was said, about “happy – no happy”. I was interested in telling you how an investor can enjoy investing. So, I will show you three short videos. Small ones. We have very little time, yes. I hope there won’t be any questions after them.

So what’s the main idea? I was recently in Baku at a forum and got an insight there, which I will tell you at the very end of the presentation. But before that, I’ll show you three stories – three investments in three different businesses, each with its own goal.

The first business – let’s check the clicker now – is about ambitions. Like any investor, one must have ambitions to do something big, on a global scale. That’s what Igor was talking about. Transform the space in which they live and create something unique. Let’s see.


– This story began a year ago… Oh, it’s already been three years! Last year we completed the work. It is the world’s smallest underwater receiver that revolutionizes the world of swimming and teaches coaches to communicate with their athletes when their ears are underwater and they can’t hear anything. Now they can hear!

Over the course of this year, we launched production in China, made several batches of the device. And now we sell it very successfully worldwide. We have a lot of reviews. Now we are working on the second version.

You can raise the volume. Thank you.

A small Moldovan device conquers the world, the investor is satisfied, the money is coming in, everything is good. But they want to do something else for the place where they live, for their native country. And today I want to show you the second video, but before that, I want to address investors, entrepreneurs, business angels – people who invest. I urge you to invest in the energy sector. If you really want to live in this country, want your children to live in this country, it is worth making our country autonomous so that it does not depend on neighboring monsters who impose conditions on us about how to live, where to develop, at what prices to buy energy resources. Therefore, I suggest installing wind turbines, building solar parks, extracting biogas to become autonomous. And for our country to have a future.

And actually, this year, thanks to the team of Irina and Natasha, investors in Gagauzia, we are launching a megawatt solar park! Which will soon start bringing income not only to the investor but, firstly, to the region in the form of taxes, and secondly, will contribute to the development of the autonomy of the republic.


– And the third business I want to tell you about today is already very local, this business lives in my heart.

I am an experienced bathhouse attendant. I have had a bathhouse built on the edge of the forest for 10 years, where I bring my friends, acquaintances. I offer them steaming sessions. And this year, this story became so cool, so important that I decided to turn it into a business – a business more for the soul. I want to build a large bathhouse complex where I can share my joy, my technologies, and my experience. Show people how to enjoy the steam bathhouse.

But you know how the situation is in our country. Again, it’s about changing the space you live in. Steam bathhouses are in a sad place. We have saunas associated with vodka and girls. We have several spa salons, but such a classic bath – which exists in both Europe, Russia and even in Peru – we don’t have yet. So I’ll be propagandizing this thing.

For now, I want my bath, this one. I’m conducting experiments and turning it into a commercial one. I had to tear my place of strength, my love, from my heart to share it with people. And at the same time, I’m conducting experiments to understand what our market really needs.

And now, groups of people are already coming here, they write messages to me later, I’m very pleased. I can’t say that this business is about money, but this business is definitely about pleasure. Because I believe I have an insight.

Here is our team. I stand as if it’s 20 years ago. Now we already have Simpals, a big company, and this is a new masseur, a steam master, an administrator. As if everything is starting again. I know they will come to us, say many compliments. We feed off it.

And here’s an insight from me. Make a big business that brings in money – to invest that money in the society you live in, which will thank you for the soul of your business. And for you to have such a face. I’ll show you now… Like this! This is the face of an investor.

So guys, thank you. Alright, I’ll pass the microphone on.

– Dmitry, thank you very much! Thanks, as always, for the motivation, for charging all those present in the hall with energy.

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