The History of the Bathhouse. The Beginning. 

How to turn an ordinary field by the forest into a place of power, what Prometheus and Sisyphus have in common, why a construction site needs plasticine and why an architect needs a voodoo doll.

Ten years ago, in 2012, I suddenly grew up and realized that I was ready to live in a House. In my country House on the edge of the forest – in silence, with birds and a big lawn and a pond. So we started looking for our plot of land. Vica and I didn’t have much money, but we had time and desire. Some land was too far away, some – too small, some – noisy, others – even smaller, without forest or simply sinister.    

And so, one gloomy day, we came to Durlești to see a 10-hectare plot right next to the forest. It turned out to be a field with no signs of life, the rain had turned it into a swamp, but I reached the edge of the forest, leaned against an oak tree, took a deep breath of the fresh forest air and felt somewhere deep in my soul that this was my place. Little did I know then that it was going to be a place of power that would sustain me for many years to come. I got in the car, wiped off the dirt, and let the salesman know we were in agreement.  

After that, I sat down to plan my dream house with the designer. Ooh, it’s a whole other story to be designing with me.   

I think Prometheus and Sisyphus have suffered less than the artist, architect, designer and other creative people who dare to take me on as a client. It’s difficult, time-consuming, rickety, necessary to redo a million times, but… More often than not, people who have suffered working with me on projects have been proud of the outcome, and for some of them this work has become the main thing in their portfolio. So, I take this opportunity to apologize to all those I’ve annoyed with my perfectionism and project doubts. Thank you for believing that your suffering was not in vain! 

So, the Dream house must be perfect, unlike anything else and impeccable in terms of design and comfort. Yes, and at least 500 square meters. Haha.     

And the drafts started coming in. Lots of them. And different.

Some of them I even modeled out of plasticine.

Then I made 3D renderings.

Six months later, I realized that if I didn’t stop, the designers would make a voodoo doll and I would start having health problems. So I hugged the poor creative people, told them the version of the House was accepted and asked them for a preliminary estimate.   

But the message containing a seven-digit number put an end to my dreams and brought me down to earth. To my little plot of land on the edge of the forest. The building of the house was indefinitely postponed.  

But can we build at least a small vacation cabin? 

To be continued…

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The Story of the bathhouse