Is there a Sea in Moldova, how many crazies live in our country, and do our swimmers like pilaf?

July 14, 2013 on the banks of the reservoir Ghidighici, a very unusual competition for Moldova was held – a swim race in the open water.

This swim was called Swim Day and became our second sporting event after the race around Lake Komsomol.  The idea was evoked by ​​the Bosporus and its water, boiling from swimmers hands.

It was very cool! Although as in a family. A little over 50 people agreed to participate in this adventure 🙂 They have defeated these strange and so far untouched by anyone 1700 meters (which in a year will increase to already familiar 1852 meters), ate pilaf, met and promised each other to meet in a year in a larger company.

The first pancake. And it is not lumpy!