1st Ghidighici

Is there a Sea in Moldova, how many crazies live in our country, and do our swimmers like pilaf?

July 14, 2013 on the banks of the reservoir Ghidighici, a very unusual competition for Moldova was held – a swim race in the open water.

This swim was called Swim Day and became our second sporting event after the race around Lake Komsomol. The idea was evoked by ​​the Bosporus and its water, boiling from swimmers hands.

It was very cool! Although as in a family. A little over 50 people agreed to participate in this adventure ????  They have defeated these strange and so far untouched by anyone 1700 meters (which in a year will increase to already familiar 1852 meters), ate pilaf, met and promised each other to meet in a year in a larger company.

The first pancake. And it is not lumpy!

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Sea Mile
3497 strokes between continents

3497 strokes between continents

Why it is good when the water is cold and what the bilateral breathing means, Why you have to shave your legs debofer a swiming competition, why you must want to throw up after competition, where have disappeared 300 hundred swimmers and how does the Bosphorus look in my eyes?

Moldovans on Mont Blanc

Moldovans on Mont Blanc

Why a cat (crampon) remained on the glacier, how to cook monblamalygu, how to survive the shame, when you are overtaken on the rise by children, women, and animals, what are the birthday cakes for climbers prepared of?