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Why do marathoners need footcloths, why is anyone who comes to the finish line in Otillo a hero, what is it like to run in a bundle, and why sometimes in Sweden they run slower than they walk?

-Morning on the first entertainment continues. There are people in our country who are always bored and so they take part in various provocative championships, in order to test their strength once again, of course, to this category of people are Dmitry Voloshin, who is our guest today, and the marathoner Liviu Croitoru. Good morning.


-Today, you have come to us first, with a huge amount, I understand, swimming and running equipment . Dima in new, strange sneakers . What do you call these?

– Shoelaces. 


– Not sneakers, these are summer shoes.

– I was very surprised. 

– A sock and a sneaker all in one.

-Give me

-Well, it has nothing to do with running.

– It has nothing to do, but it’s very cool. But recently, on September 5 ended in Sweden in the city of Otila 11 World Championship swim run.That is, swimming running or swim running.

– Swim running, swim running.

-Why, first of all, you decided to take part in this championship, which are held in Sweden? The winner was the Swede, but I understand that you finished with a very good result?

– We finished with a really lousy result. But that’s what Otila is, anyone who finishes in Otila is a hero.

-The idea of the tournament, as I understand it, is that you have to run 65 km and swim 10 km, and the participants are tied to each other with a rubber band and they have to be 3 meters away from each other. 

-This is done in order to make the distances very long. You can’t put a volunteer or an organizer every 100 to 200 meters to control the situation. Feeding stations are at a distance of about 8 to 9 kilometers. 9 kilometers you are on your own. You can drown, you can break a leg, you can be eaten by wild animals, you can freeze to death somewhere in the forest. 

-Was it cold? 

-The water was 12 degrees, as if it was 16 outside, but the water was cool.

– No, that’s cold. 12 degrees water.

-Liviu has 7 percent body fat, I don’t know how he didn’t freeze up. -That’s why it’s a steam race.  They tie them with a rope and say, “Guys, you’re strapped in, chained together, please start this way and finish this way. If someone gets sick and can not run, then the pair lost and disqualified.

-How did you prepare for Camrades we all know, but how have you prepared together for this championship?

– It’s embarrassing to tell.

-Four years.

-Four years?

– Yes. I mean, when I started running with Liviu, we started training here…

-You mean, the overarching goal was Otila? -No.

– No. It’s just… We’re ready for it. Liviu is the best triathlete in the country and he ran a marathon. I ran Ironman, I ran comrades, I swam 10 kilometers in Mexico. So we did all these things separately. Here it was only necessary to mix.Naturally we decided that we are ready for it, and the organizers saw our achievements and took us into the race.

-Ah, so not everyone is accepted there yet?

– One chance in five that you get there. A lot of people want to get there, but they are rejected. Because there’s only 120 couples every year, and there’s about 700 people who want to go. You know?  But there’s no such opportunity.

– What countries were represented?  Moldova, represented by you. Sweden, which won.

-The Swedes are monsters. In general. The winners have now set a course record of 8 hours.  8!  We did it in 13. 

-Yes, I’ll say it again, for all our viewers. 65 kilometers to run, 10 kilometers to swim together, and the Swedes did it in less than 7. 


-Yes, 07:59. Eight hours.

– But that’s running it is. Tell me…

-This is my workday.

– Look, there are places where you can’t run. For example, there’s a frame where there’s a bog, where there are rocks, where there are rocks. There we had the speed, even one kilometer – 11 minutes per kilometer. A man walks 10 minutes per kilometer. We were even slower than the normal walking. Because it was impossible to climb, to jump. There were no conditions for running.

– Did you know in advance what was waiting for you?  Or did you get there and…


– No, we didn’t know where we were… No, we watched the videos like you, read the reports, but when we got in the water and our minds went blank, you know. We ceased to understand, fogged glasses, it is not clear where to swim at night – of course we were stunned. We got out after the first water obstacle and grabbed our heads, we were the last to arrive. 

– Wait, at night?

– Well at night, like 6 a.m. It’s not night yet, but such you know the dawn. And there’s a pixel blinking somewhere, you know, broken. A beacon, as they call it. And when your glasses fog up, you can’t see anything at all and you’re floating on something. Liviu pulls me: “Dima, we’re sailing the wrong way.” Some boats nearby, a few islands around.  And plus the cold, the stress of what…

– There’s nothing to eat…

-No, there was food.  Stress from the fact that we are the last, the waves, cold water and all, bah…. and more we ate butter, before the start one Russian couple … The Russians only participate the second year. One and the same couple participates for the second year.   What to say about Moldova. Guys, it’s cold water, eat butter.  I take half a pack of butter and eat it, so that tomorrow it will be warm. You ate it and we ate it too.

– Did it help?

-It helped me.

– It came out of me. It came out in the third hour.  With all that squelching, it made me feel better. It was a real nausea.

– How did the body take the strain? How did it take the strain?  How did you feel? I’m sure you understand your body so well, you listen to it. He’s been through so many different things. That’s how you felt here, Liviu?

– First of all.  Cold water.  

-Something new, perhaps, that you’ve discovered?

– Slow running.

-That there’s such a thing as running.

– Yeah.

– Dima?

-I discovered that there are jellyfish that live in cold waters.  Little jellyfish like that. Yes. When I was swimming I thought that they come and go, and when they disappeared I thought that they swam to their little jellyfish holes to warm themselves. Because they were frozen for so long in the water. And then when I swam out, I thought, what am I thinking? What kind of nonsense is that?  What jellyfish holes?

How to get warm at all?  We have another problem was that we besides the fact that we were cold and tired, we did not have time to cut-offs. There are six points to which you have to run for a certain time. If you do not have time, you are removed. They close the gate and you can’t go any further. That’s how another 10 pairs were eliminated, because they just didn’t have time. So we invested, and ours are watching, you know. They made an awesome online broadcast from helicopters, a lot of cameras, on boats and all 14 hours were broadcasted live. And there you can see where we run with Liviu on the map by point. And our people were all following it on Facebook. 

-You can’t embarrass yourself.

-We can’t. You know, we were already biting the ground with our teeth. We had 15 minutes 20, 7, 8 minutes. At one point it was 8 minutes later, the gayde was closing. You see. We at the last moment, after us two more groups have passed and all, closed the gate.We are very much in a hurry, and it is very strong psychological pressure.

– But you got there?

– Yes. We ran, we made it, we invested.  We were given medals and we went to the sauna. 

-Will you go again next year?

– No.


-I never heard a more confident “no” from Dima Voloshin.

-Because there are many other races, about which I will tell you later.

– But now Dim, I would like you to tell about interesting race, which will take place in our city.  Yes?

– Criterium is a cycling race.  It consists of two big parts…

-For those of you who’ve been stuck in the office.

-Yeah. If you’re tired of heating your ass on the couch and want to spend a fun weekend, we have a great offer. This Sunday, September 18 take your family, children, grandparents, get on their bikes and ride through town.  There is a big, huge crowd of thousands of people. Everyone gets a free T-shirt with the logo of the bicycle race and we take this route, through Ryoshkanivka, through the center, go to the TV center and then back to Ryoshkanivka.

– Will the city be closed again on Sunday? 

– Well, no, because we won’t be blocking everything. There will be two tires, in the front, in the back, in the middle, there will be police. And then the column will be transported around the city. You have to come to the parking lot at 10 o’clock in the morning.  Get your T-shirt, get on your bike and ride.

-Cycle necessary to take from home or there is still some opportunity to get it on the spot? And whether the conditions …

– We have bicycles, but not many. We can not take 5-7 thousand people bikes. So of course if you want to make sure that everything will be all right, take your bike. No matter how old it is, grandma’s, grandpa’s, last year’s, last century, whatever. Sit down and go. Plus, there will be a bicycle race for advanced amateurs. This will be a race on the Moscow avenue. Round 32 and 48 kilometers. This is the Criterium directly, where they will give medals, where the first second place, cash prizes, and already such a serious competition.

-So . We thank Dmitry Voloshin once again . For what he, let me put it loudly to you, glorifies our country at the most various crazy championships that are held in the world. That’s comrades, that was in the summer. That and this swimrun in Otila, Sweden. And of course Liviu Croitoru.  Our best triathlete in Moldova – thank you. We invite you all, on Sunday September 18th, to spend time with health benefits, to take part in the next Criterium. 

 The program continues. Let’s go on. Good morning again.

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