What’s it like to work as a waiter, what’s the dark side of this job, should you have to offer a “secret dish”, and why I’d like to say kudos to these people?

The other day I worked as a waiter in Creme de la Creme as part of the HAI LA SCOALA project. I collected 53,000 MDL in tips, which will be donated to buy school bags and school supplies for children from socially vulnerable families in the villages of Moldova.

It wasn’t easy, you have to memorize a lot of things, pay attention, be quick and at the same time smile and joke. It’s serious work that has a dark side.

Today I periodically dealt with neglect, like a second-hand person, rudeness and whims. This, of course, kills you and makes you feel depressed. But then you see a child waving and smiling at you, and all the bad stuff passes, the clouds part, and you’re ready to joke and commend again, offer a “secret dish” with a mysterious face and high five in farewell.

This is not my first experience as a waiter, the first one was in Constanta, where we opened the restaurant “Chernomorka”. My son and I helped waiters who couldn’t cope with the workload.

I’d like to say kudos to these people. These people have all my respect. It’s hard work, especially in our country, where some people consider themselves, for some reason, superior to others, pointing this out at every opportunity.

Thank you for your hard work!

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