Chisinau Is Me

How to make the city more attractive, what is more important for the capital – the logo or the atmosphere, why should the walls of hospitals be decorated, is it necessary to have a monument for 1 Ban, and who is the most important in the city?

It happened in 2014, a year that turned out to be quite alright. Back then there wasn’t yet the Chisinau Marathon, or Fosfor festival, or even Afisha. There was neither Joblist nor Price. All we could be proud of was an animated production. But still, there was something, and that was…

Chisinau Municipality has launched a competition to design the capital’s logo. Every self-respecting city has a logo. But Chisinau didn’t. We thought about it and decided to contribute. Over the course of a month’s work, we came up with about a dozen options, most of them based on a desire to make Chisinau more colorful and pleasing to the eye.

After careful reflection, we realized that a logo is not enough to make our city recognizable, attractive and unusual. Something more was needed – a project that would transform our capital.

For many people, Chisinau is the city to which their fondest memories are linked. It’s their home, the place where they were born, where their families and friends live. For many, Chisinau means people. And it turns out that Chisinau is not just about architecture, traditions and hospitality, but first and foremost about the people who live there. Those who walk its streets every day, who rush to work, to study or elsewhere. Those whose windows all lit up and glowing by night. The city is represented by its citizens. It is the inhabitants who make the city what it is. Chisinau is us. And after all, Chisinau is me, the city dweller, the city is my face. That’s why we decided to call the project Chisinau is me!

But if we, the citizens, represent the city, then it’s not the city that is dull and dreary, but we ourselves are. Unpleasant, isn’t it? Let’s make it possible to like our own reflection – Chisinau!

This is how the project of transforming the urban space – with drawings and installations – was born. And on October 14, 2014, on City Day, we presented this idea to the residents of Chisinau.

As Chisinau is ME is a social project, it is based on the principle of social support and cooperation. Designers, artists, architects send their ideas for city transformation, and the initiative group forwards the proposals to the Chisinau Municipality or to a person, company or organization, if the object belongs to them. If the proposed ideas are approved, the activist group seeks sponsors to implement the project.

Of course, the idea has been supported and off we went! Everyone wanted to make the city more colorful and beautiful. We got lots of messages, ideas and help offers.

Our animation studio, together with our designers, painter and manager prepared a series of model layouts, which we decided to make first. Among them were “The Little Yellow Car”, “The Goldfish”, “The Sausage” and others 🙂 With them we went out on the streets of the city. We found a long-term partner, Caparol, who supplied us with the best quality paints.

Over the years, Chisinau is ME has decorated and transformed over 70 spaces, including installation of art objects, painting the interior walls of children’s hospitals and participating in dozens of initiatives.

Then we helped paint the walls of children’s hospitals (and still do it when we have the occasion).

On 14 October 2016, following a good tradition, we gave the city a monument dedicated to the smallest national monetary unit – 1 ban 🙂

 The idea that we cherished for a few days and that took 3 weeks to materialize, was only realized a year and a half later – it was then that we could install the monument.

Over the years, Chisinau is ME has decorated and transformed over 70 spaces, including installation of art objects, painting the interior walls of children’s hospitals and participating in dozens of initiatives.

Through art objects, Chisinau Is ME tries to illustrate the cheerful and playful character of Chisinau, to make it look colorful in a southern style. We believe that any boring and trite object in the urban landscape can be transformed, if imagination and colors are involved. And if we look at the feedback, we’re doing our job pretty well.

Here’s a video we prepared for you:

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