Who is Serge the Cheerful and why does he have sad friends, when can mom hit an Ironman, why does Andrei feel like a lonely lonely loner, and is it possible to glue two Half Ironmen into one complete?

How to sow the seeds of sport craze into friends’ heads and nurture it up to a participation in a tough competition? How can a birthday gift turn your life upside down? How is it to pass Half Ironman in two, and why is it impossible to view all this from aside?

Special thanks to the most cheerful of most cheerful Serge for an intelligible explanation about what we were doing there all the time! In general, about how two of my close friends on May 17, 2015 held their first “half” in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, watch 🙂

PS: Come on and sing a song to us, the cheerful wind, the cheerful wind, the cheerful wind!!