Female Hands

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Today we have a milestone anniversary – 19 years since we met.

Today I want to tell you about her hands, because that’s how we met each other – her hand squeezed under the table and reached mine. She saved me then and I fell in love. From that day on, her hands kept shaping me as the Dmitri you know. And also as the Mitya SHE knows.

These hands would throw sneakers at me when I put sports above family. When I was sick, these hands would give me injections. They also squeezed out my pimples and pulled out the hair from my nose.

On our wedding day, I embellished one of her hands with a ring. These hands were those who threw my stuff off of the balcony during quarrels

When I was mad, she would calm me with her hands, or slap me when I got arrogant and put on a crown.

These hands fed me, sewed up tears in my jeans and wiped away the tears of our children. They weaved threads into my braids, which gave me strength for Ironman.

When she puts her hands on my shoulders, I feel like I can conquer the whole world. When she is not around and I Can’t take her hand before going to bed, I turn into a little boy afraid to sleep alone.

Her palms are a full cup from which I drink in greedy sips my strength, luck and success. And I am sure that the main goal of every man is to find those very palms.

This is why I decided to express my gratitude to the Female Hands – the source of eternal love, care and strength.

For this reason, a beautiful sculpture appeared tonight in the Arboretum Park, which will symbolize the inexhaustible source – women’s palms filled with living water.

How it was…

I will be happy if this art object reminds someone of a source of love and strength in life, of how important it is to thank this source for what it gives. Or it may happen that someone will suddenly realize that he or she is that very source for their family and friends. And sure, everyone can drink from these palms to quench their thirst.

P.S: By the way, any inexhaustible source needs constant care and maintenance. Keep it in mind, guys.


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