What does it mean - the average distance carbohydrates and ultramakarons, whether you can pass the triathlon on baby food, how to make a fruit compote by the grandfather’s recipe, where the queues are longer, than in Moldova Post, and what are real throught running through your head before you finish the Ironman?

Instead of all the words on how difficult it was and how long I have been preparing for it, I want to say thank you to those who supported me from the very first run on the pulse of 200 to my finish 2 years later. Thank you, crazy people! And thank you for being so in love with the sport, and now we are together promoting it to the masses.

Thank you so much to:

Beloved – for not kicking me out of the house

Children – for believing that I am a Superman

Mom – for teaching me to stand up, when I was falling

Dad – for dropping me