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Why set up a restaurant, a brothel and a spa in the office, where Voloshin sticks sweets and how to become an Ironman?

-Ironman is now for the first time in Moldova. Dmitry Voloshin, businessman, filmmaker, sportsman, became one of the finalists of one of the most difficult in the world of extreme competitions Ironman triathlon.

During one day, without a break for rest, he had to go through three stages.  First, to swim 4 km out of the water, on the move changing clothes, sit on a bicycle and ride it 180 km, and then, without a break, another 40 km to continue the competition jogging. Ironman triathlon is such a difficult competition that many participants simply do not reach the finish line. And such a load, especially at the last stage – legs just do not hold. People are not able to run, they just can’t walk – and they fall down. There were about seventeen hours in the tournament. Dmitry passed in 13, getting the coveted title of the Iron Man. What was unique in this story is that for Dmitry Voloshin sport is a hobby. Just decided to take another victory over himself, and that’s all.

To date, he is a successful businessman, his company is the leader on the Internet advertising market, he is the owner of the largest Internet portals in Moldova. Besides this, he is a founder of Moldovan animation studio, founder of animation school, where he is the director of the first Moldovan 3D animated movie Gypsy.

By the way his success story started in the nineties, when the Internet was just a toy for people, and no one believed in online business. If there were a competition for the most unusual CEO of a company, I think Dmitry Voloshin would win it. The office of his big company speaks volumes about it. His private office is in chaos.

And Dmitry doesn’t allow anyone to clean it up. It all resembles a pleasant domestic mess, because work is almost like a second home. 

We have candy here. Glued.

-You can have a snack if you’re hungry.

-You can break it off and eat it.

-Officiality is only allowed in one place, the accounting department. 

In the offices of his huge company, the atmosphere is relaxed and, at first glance, some kind of relaxing. But everyone is busy, well, almost everyone.

-Artists.  Holy shit, I’m here. And you say how we do business. That’s the way it is. There’s no one. I don’t know, they must have gone to lunch.

– Almost every employee has a pet in the office. Someone cherishes the African tarantula, someone cherishes turtles, and someone dotes on chinchillas. And during brainstorming a vigilant agama watches everything going on. -Hanging out here, looking at you so strangely. Why are you here? What do you want?-The director of the company has a pet crocodile. 

In their spare time, any employee can usefully unwind. Push-up on the horizontal bar, play table soccer or make each other chase the ball in ping-pong. And who even for relaxation, just play a musical etude, for you and for all who are in the creative process.In general, freedom of action in almost everything.

-Look here, okay, tell me? In what company can you … just a bottle of whiskey.

– And corporate events at his company could turn into a comedy movie.

-By the way, we should make one. We had a party on March 8, when we congratulated the girls. We made them a city on the 3rd floor. Each room was: a restaurant, a brothel, a spa, a photo salon and the girls were taken and the guys served them.

-The purpose of such allowances is one-create the maximum comfort for employees. Then the ideas and creativity of the employees will be qualitative. 

-You should have a child in you. You should not kill him. We cultivate it. That we are children. It’s very good. It really works.

-But having realized himself in business, in the arts, a couple of years ago, our hero began to think. It was time to start new victories. I lacked an upgrade. 

– I did not understand where to move forward. Where to go next.

Because I need some kind of summit. To climb, to conquer, to prove, to show. And I was in such prostration for half a year and did not understand what I needed.

– Sports was out of the question. Sport and Dmitry, the concept was always incompatible. Only in my childhood, his father was a military, taught Dmitry to ride a bike. And he did it in a very simple way, put him on two-wheeled and went down the hill. -He dragged me up a meter-long hill and pushed me down. I rode the first 50 meters like that.

– Learning to swim went the same way, from the boat straight into the sea. There was nothing left to do but to swim. That was the end of his sport as a kid. Rediscovered it Dmitriy in 38 years. At the suggestion of a friend, he learned about such a great and difficult competition, like Ironman triathlon. Then I studied the conditions of the competition and could not believe that it’s possible.  And there are people who can withstand tremendous physical exertion. So he began to prepare himself. Running for hours on end, special diets, and training every day.

For 2 years on the way to the main goal he managed to swim across the Bosphorus, conquered the highest point of Europe – Mont Blanc, became interested in free diving and set the national record for holding his breath underwater, 5 minutes and 29 seconds. He also competed in many events, including the Death Valley Half Marathon and the sport Escape from Alcatraz.  Finally in July 2014 at the Swiss competition he reached his goal. He is now Ironman, or Ironman. 

-Ironman, a man does not become an Ironman after the finish line, but at the start. That is, when you stand at the start, you are already an Ironman, because you have already done a lot, and it does not matter, whether you finish or not. You’ve already done it.

-Today, after the competition, I’ll let myself a little bit of deliciousness and, of course, my favorite Moldavian Placinda. Then you have to eat right, run and train again. You will gain strength for the conquest of new peaks. Plans are very ambitious.

– Next year, I want to start ultra-distance running, ultramarathon in my plans for next year – 90 kilometers (Komrades). Swimming marathons I have plans. And I’m planning maybe next year, to go to a marathon.

Simply sugar, where there will be a six-day race at 270 km. With its food, with its water, all running with a backpack on the dunes, 50-60 km. 

-Dmitry Voloshin tries to show by his own example that there’s no need to set any limits and boundaries. And a passion for sports brings good dividends in the future. 

– It’s not a professional sport. If you do something like that, you can feel completely different. In general in life, you will have not only health, you will have a different feeling of the world. That is, you will become happier. It is very important we will move it.

-To this end Dmitry actively promotes a healthy lifestyle. His tools are various sport events and a sports social network created by him. Among his new hobbies is the construction of an eco-house and maybe an entire eco-business. Time will tell what else Dmitry Voloshin will surprise us with.

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