How did it happen that we are so different, why does the world give some people the opportunity to move forward, while others do not, and is it possible to correct your brain?

-Well first of all let me introduce myself once again, I do not want to sit something do not like. My name is Dmitry Voloshin, I do all sorts of nonsense, probably many people know what I do, since you came here and I was invited to breakfast today, where we can chat, I can share some of my thoughts with you, you can ask questions, have a nice breakfast. And the main thought today is why we’re different and what enables some of us to move forward and some of us don’t. I want some of you to say now, what can he say about me, that is, I have already given you a little lesson now, not what I said, what I did, something you can say what you have learned in the first few minutes, someone may say something? Look at me, my table and say something about me, something useful? Well that’s a technique yes, but any life principles?

-There should always be a bottle of cold water to dilute the tea, if it is very hot.


-You’re interested in people because you asked us what questions we have, you’re interested in people.

 -I’m not interested in other people at all. I’m only interested in my tasks, my plans, my career, my company, my family.

-Those questions you ask us, you get answers as you move forward.

 -Maybe yes, but actually I wanted to pay attention to this sandwich, I’ll give you a hint. what can you say when you see a sandwich on my table, what can you say?

-You haven’t had breakfast yet today.

-It’s not a life principle, it’s just that I haven’t had breakfast today.  No, come on, let’s not mess with your head. But why did I ask, because it seems to us that we learn something from other people at the level of consciousness, that is we have come, listened to what he told us, made conclusions and thus have changed our life, fixed our brains and now think that you will act differently. Actually everything is more difficult, our consciousness is only a layer between brain of biology, our neurons and reality, and consciousness actually decides nothing, it is just a servant of brain, which seems to us like it controls, actually it controls the brain, and what we do and it seems to us that we make decisions, but it is not us, our consciousness makes decisions for us, it tells the consciousness, and the consciousness tells us. But we can not influence the brain, we can only learn. We can learn English, we can sing there, we can go to motivational courses, develop our consciousness, but the brain actually develops in a completely different way. And this sandwich, it seems to me simply, probably someone of you has thought about it, but has not voiced, now I thought what kind of nonsense. I brought my own sandwich, even though I was going to the Business Breakfast. It means that I never count for anybody, because I could come here, it turns out that I’m on stage and Business Breakfast is just a beautiful name, where there is no food, no tea, I will stay hungry. And I came hungry and I know that I’ll eat anyway, even if there’s no food, I brought it with me. The lesson is, never count on anybody, always count only on yourself.  No one, never, nothing will help you, because all people care only about themselves, including parents, children, friends and loved ones, wives, husbands, all need something from you, even though outwardly it looks like simple love, but in reality a man in love, for example, gets pleasure for himself, loving someone and taking care of someone, he gets high from this himself. The same as partners and colleagues in business the same, so count only on yourself and if you came, go somewhere for a business meeting, take with you a sandwich, if there may not be fed and do not expect that it will be. You probably often encounter a situation where you count on someone, rely on someone, but the person did not understand you and did everything completely differently, and you become a deadlock, you have broken plans because of this, so do not count on anyone. Now comes the second lesson.  I don’t really want to give a lecture on morals, lessons. I’m talking about my life principles, you can use them for yourself, you can use them not. I really didn’t eat breakfast today, it’s a pleasant surprise that there really is breakfast. In fact, eating a sandwich is also a kind of lesson.  Who can say, what do you think this is all about? I probably overdid it with my allegories, 50-70 people came to listen to me, everyone listens, everyone gathered attentively, I look into the audience and eat my sandwich.  This means that for me my plans are more important than your plans, you came to listen to me, I went to have breakfast.  In the meantime, I’ll have breakfast first, solve my personal issues, then I’ll deal with your questions.I recommend to do exactly the same thing.

-Wouldn’t it be easier to ask the organizers if there’s food, so you don’t have to bring your own sandwich?

– I do not know, maybe I wanted to bring it, just to show you something not in words, but in practice, it is not so important. Once again, I believe that a person should move in principle first using his personal priorities, his objectives, rather than others. It doesn’t mean you have to go head over heels trampling and elbowing everyone, but when you can choose, always choose yourself, otherwise it will be very hard to break through.  I know about kindness, about charity, I do it too, I share money, I share knowledge, that is not the problem. The problem is that many people are dispersed, I try to help everyone around, but as a result they do not help them or themselves. Even if they help people, they do not receive answers in return, that’s why my principle is to first solve my own questions and problems. It looks selfish, but I reassure myself and my friends that I give them in others. That is, when I have the opportunity to receive a free resource, I am happy to share it, I had another third mystery for you, but when I saw this abundance.  I brought some cookies with me, indeed there will be a meeting on stage it would be a great treat for you. Well since there’s such an abundance, my 3rd lesson isn’t going to go at all right now, that would be even more stupid than bringing your own sandwich. Actually just wanted to bring a cookie to show that share what you have, always share, never spare for your loved ones or friends, this resource that remains share.  It’s nice and the universe will always give it back to you in return. So let’s run through the paperwork, in fact when I got a call from the guys from Tekvil, they said, Dimon, you have to come and speak. I said OK. What’s the topic? Whatever you want. I said, “Look, I have so many different topics, I can tell you anything.”  I got tired of them all because I’m not a professional speaker and can not push the same topic 20-30 times.  Once or twice told everything, I’m not interested, I am difficult to make. I say, can I just come chatting. They say, well, let’s, let’s come and just chat, okay. Two weeks ago they call me and say, “Let’s talk about something. I say stop stop stop stop what topic? Well, we need what was written on the banner.  On the banner you saw what was written and now we’re gathered, I’m in two words to do the background on what I would like to talk about today, I do not want to talk about marketing moves, programming, design, about all sorts of investment projects. I want to chat in general about life, so I’ve put together these questions to get a feel for what you’re expecting from me.  Man, these questions are great, damn it. – Will Simpals do commercials? No, they won’t. There’s some tough ones you can’t answer that fast. It’s complicated, man, it’s so philosophical, I’ll take half an hour to answer it. – What is motivation? Motivation, there is no motivation at all. Motivation is our consciousness, the illusion of our consciousness that we can move just to force yourself to do something.  In fact, motivation sits deep in our brain and we do not know what moves us and we can not get to it, so some people move, other people do not move and nothing can be done about it. That’s my policy. That is, when people tell me about Dmitry, you’re so cool, so awesome, you do so much, you run so much, how you have everything, how you have such balls, how you achieve everything.  God made me this way. It’s not my fault, I don’t break myself, I don’t overcome my reluctance, I just like doing it. Other people are born that they are not interested, they do not need it. I have no merit in it, no, God created me like this, and other people are created different and I know that this situation is almost impossible to correct. That does not mean that you will never reach any heights, just that everyone has his own ceiling, which he will reach, because they have been created this way by God.  Vika and I literally, my wife and I had this question. We often discuss why our children are completely different in our family, in general all people rarely have a child who is like a parent. Not outwardly, externally similar, but internally, as if he was born just rolled a roulette, a drum, and now you got this child, that is, you have nothing to do and like we have such a sports family, the dad there running, jumping, children cool to it, absolutely calmly even. And here are two children, completely different and in all families probably noticed that the children, no 4 children to all under one mould, again it’s people are born completely different with presets and these presets are not transmitted in any way by the genes.  It’s just a matter of who gets what card, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy, even if you didn’t become Bill Gates. You can get happiness on any absolute level.  The question is not what you achieve, but exactly how you feel about it, how you position it.  Do you feel good about it or do you have ambition and need to get something more, in which case you should lower your ambition to be happy here and now, rather than dreaming about some lark in the sky that you’ll never reach. I can tell you about it later, because I also have my larks, which I also can not reach, I struggle with it every day and every day it gnaws at me, but I have found a way out how to fight it and I can tell you, because I’m afraid that if I go through all the questions now, I just forget about it. I have a big dream and now I understand that maybe I can not reach it, because not all dreams come true.  Do not have illusions that everything we think about, everything we dream about can come true, unfortunately, the reality is that our capabilities often do not match our desires. I want to make a full-length animated film about our Balkan story about our death. And the more I move in this direction and learn this industry, this world, learn the craft of writing, learn how to write a script, what new connections you need to have, what brains you need to have, what a team to make this project, I slowly lose heart. I’ve got this idea in my head that I want to direct a feature-length film and write this story, and it’s very hard for me to give it up.  And you know, probably you also have such ideas, such thoughts, that I should have to spoil my life. I’m working on my dream a little lowered from the sky, and make it achievable, so that I could achieve it after a while, for example not to make a full-length animated film, and make a script or write a book on the subject. That’s it, I’ll achieve it, I’ll feel relaxed, I’ll be able to tick it off and live a nice life. And with those goals it’s also important, it’s very important not just to dream that someday you will buy a Ferrari. There is a story about a guy who wanted to buy a Ferrari his whole life and in the end he bought a second-hand car, but he went bankrupt because he gave up everything for it, sold everything he had, and in the end he got nothing.We don’t need such a dream either, so in order to follow this image of light and receive from it, not to suffer from it, I made a decision for myself, to rise every day not by a step, but by a millimeter to take a step towards it, I notice about myself that if here I have written, I want to write a script and every day I think about it, “This is how it should be, this is how it should be, this is how it should be”. But I don’t write anything, I just keep turning around in my head, “That would be great, how great it would be, how I get an Oscar, I stand like this, my hair is flying, thanks to Mum, Dad. I get miserable, just when I sit down and write a paragraph, I go to sleep, I’ve taken a step towards my dream, today’s the day, it’s great. No suffering, so I decided that the main thing is not to achieve the goal and the constant movement in the direction of the goal, if you’re constantly, even a little bit, one letter you write, all you get calmer, you go where needed, a matter of time. I did good today, I had a good day. So I do this way, I just write every day slowly, not necessarily a lot of writing, just a little.  It’s the same in any area, you decided to buy a Ferrari, buy one bolt today, buy a nut today from Ferrari, buy the paint that you want to paint in the right color.  Go out there and make some money, put $2 in that piggy bank, change in general, which may take 10 years to build up, but you’ll get over it.  That’s how I try to put myself out of this misery. – No, I won’t. There are too much marathon places where you can run, in particular, I want to go to the pole of cold in January, there is such a place on Earth, it’s called Oymyakon. The temperature there drops to -60 below zero sometimes and I want to run a marathon myself, just with my friends I will go running a marathon and it will be I have not published yet, we will soon publish that it will be tied to a charity event, we will raise money for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy and I think it will be more useful that just run a marathon at the Pole. 

-Why run a marathon?

-Oh, that’s an excellent, excellent question.  Indeed, I’m often asked, and why do you go in for sports?  I already told about it, that all of us are born with certain neuronal brain tangle, which are formed. At me it is formed in such a way, that my consciousness constantly looks for answers to this question, that is, I read different books, answers and so I run a marathon and because I want to test myself for strength.  And I want to make a difference in the country so that people would look at me, be inspired and also run. I run to be healthy, I have a lot of answers. Consciousness is tricky, it always justifies brain action. That is you do something stupid, but consciousness says, we did not do stupidity, we did very right things and a bunch of arguments why you are good, the same here. My mind gives out a bunch of answers, actually my brain decides what I should do. And I don’t know the real reasons why it happens .I just want to do it. But I can only explain in bookish phrases. I just do what I like, the same way someone likes to eat croissants in the morning, but no one can explain why I like it. It’s cool. So I like to run, I can not explain why, maybe my brain will say at some point, I understand everything, you are no longer interesting, so now give it a signal in the mind, give it means, we will do meditation. That’s it, I’m starting to do meditation and I don’t understand why I’m doing it.  That’s how it happened. – What drives you? Same question. My crooked, slanted brain.  It’s the same thing that drives all of you, but we don’t understand why it happens. It’s such a complicated question. What are these events for? I don’t know, I was invited, I came. I was asked, I couldn’t refuse.  I don’t really think you can learn anything from someone, absolutely. I don’t read books, I don’t go to seminars, I don’t listen to other people, because I think that all the answers are inside of us and you just need to get them out, just with time, your experience, your life experience will answer all your questions. For me, it is much more useful to spend this hour not listening to someone, but in meditation.  So I decided to see these events not as an opportunity to teach someone something, but just to have a great time. If they told me there would be no food, I wouldn’t come here. So we’ll just sit and talk without any obligations, without any moral teaching, we just talk, we tell each other something interesting, like a show, like a simple entertainment.  That’s not going to happen. And if it seems to you that it happens, the next day you forget what he said and go on with your life. Excuse me, I’m sorry. What made you want to get out of your comfort zone, to do something more? – What a great idea with the brain, any answer can be so- I do not know. Such a great excuse, because thanks to this you are now a role model. Again, it’s probably just luck.  This is exactly the mechanism that was put into my skull. I am no different from an ordinary person, I did not graduate from Harvard, I had no supernatural family, I had no special environment. It just so happened that it was in my skull exactly, there is no dignity and achievements of any kind, excuse me. – How did you get the idea to open these sites? – It so happened that it was the ninety-sixth year, I studied at the Polytechnic Institute, here by the way, in the third building.  Again it was a coincidence that I was a polytechnic student and the Internet was just coming into the country and we were among the first to learn about the existence of new technologies.  So we did it first, everything began that we went the proven Moldovan way, to take from someone, to do also. We took the 999 telephone database, it was such a service. You dial the phone, ask for the phone, they give you the address and the address will give you the phone. We found a CD-ROM at the poultry market, digitized it, uploaded it to the Internet, and now we could do everything online.  On the second day we were shut down and warned that we would be put in jail. And the domain remained, the domain ?It cost 50 dollars a year, that was our monthly budget, it was very expensive and not to lose it, we made a message board, those students were making a trade then, just selling components, buying and reselling earned it for bread and to do it more convenient, made it online, and the site was called 999, because the domain was already, not really bothered. All and then it went on and on, again, why, for a very long time did not bring profit these sites our, they were all unprofitable, probably six years, because the market was generally ready for the Internet, no one understood what it is, why pay money. Well, I was engaged in computer graphics at the time and there was money to support a few people, we were pulling, pulling projects until it began to bring little to no profit.  So the nine survived.-How did you manage to have a successful business with a friend without screwing up the relationship? – Who says I didn’t? We do not communicate with him for probably 6 years and I will not say who this man is, I treat him very warmly, probably he treats me too, but we do not communicate. This is my classmate with whom we decided to do a site 999. I did the design and he programmed it. Here we launched, then opened a company, but it was so hard and everything was so sad, all unpromising, that one day he told me, Dimon, give me half of the company, I’m out. Give me the money and take it away, I do not pull it, I do not see the prospects.  Named some fabulous figure for 50% of Simpals, with $3,000.  I was shocked, we spent about a year collecting money on crumbs, gave it to him, there were threats from his side, that let’s because time is running out and you do not return. I do not have.  It was an unpleasant story, but we settled accounts, and then we did not communicate for several years, and then I found him, we met, talked, and then I realized that we are not comfortable together, there is nothing to talk about, but our relationship is normal, we say hello, we communicate if we meet, but to be friends, no, we are not friends.

-I mean your friend, his name is Roma.

-Ah, yes Roma is a friend, but Roma came when the business existed and he became a partner after 10 years only and not like that, he deserved it and without him, I was very lucky with Roma, just very lucky. A lot of people don’t dream of having a big business, but any business that you can trust someone with. This is much more important, because once you pull a big business your life turns into hell and you live on work, live on work and you have nothing in your brain except problems and solutions to problems. I do not want that kind of life. I will earn there not $100,000 a month, but I will live peacefully, knowing that the processes are going on there, it develops and there is someone to look after it.  God gave me such a man and thank God there’s Roma, who knows if I die tomorrow, Simpals will last another 5 years. I’m not gonna comment on my fucking life, I’ve already commented on it. – I think that the task of man on this Earth is to try to become happy, the main thing is not to make your country, your children or your friends happy, but to be happy yourself. This thought occurred to me when I was in vipassana, when we were meditating for 11:00 hours a day, not talking to anyone, just meditating, sleeping. And I thought, this is the most important thing, this is one of the principles of Buddhism, that if you make yourself happy, then people around you will also become happy. If each one of us becomes happy, then all the people around us will become happy. So you have to strive for that first of all, not to give your life to somebody, to sacrifice your life for somebody. Life is one and you need it, and God gave it to you personally. So try not to fuck it up, and do the best you can for your loved one. This is my principle of life and so far it seems to be working, I do not know people around me who are not happy that they are near me. – What time do you have to wake up to be successful? – So I don’t oversleep on a gig at Techville. With age I notice that I sleep less, I used to sleep 8:00 hours, now 6:00 is enough.  That will change as you get older, and in general, to be successful, you have to sleep as much as you want without being woken up by an alarm clock. If you’re woken up by an alarm clock after, say, 45 years of age still means there’s something wrong with your life. That is, you have to fuck off 10 – 15 – 20 years, it is necessary to be so that then the alarm clock, you think, I am asleep today. Then you can say that it’s okay. What do you do when you’re bored? – The right answer or the beautiful answer? Which one? So the right answer is that I never get bored because I’m actually happy with myself, that is, I don’t get lonely.  As my wife says, you’re still a bastard has not been alone, you do not know what it is. Try going to Siberia for a year, feel what loneliness is.  There are times when I’m on vacation in competitions for a week 2/3 and I’m alone, I feel quite comfortable with myself. But in fact, of course I get bored as a normal person and then I get my device and turn on some time-killer for half an hour, I won’t lie, it happens and such, though I’d rather learn English – if you have a man who inspires you? What is the meaning of life. – I answered what the meaning of life from my point of view, to try to become happy.  – Is there a person who inspires you? – There is no one who inspires me. I say that I’m against idols, against people you can pray to, because, man, we are all so different, that taking one person’s model, put it on yourself, it won’t work. I think many of you are more interesting than Elon Musk, we just know about him, and we do not know about these people.  So people who inspire me, if people who I like, how they do business, how they do presentations, how they do design, that is professionals, experts. I say it’s cool he does really, but so that I can say that here I want to be like someone, no, I do not want to be like anyone else. – How will we return the Republican stadium ? It’s complicated, I shouldn’t have read that question, I should have just read it and then said it, and then I’ll answer it here.  The question is really difficult, you know how much we fought and ran around it and wrote and went to the embassy. I now want to meet the new ambassador, talk to him. I don’t know him now, but there will be an opportunity to meet him and find out what their plans are, maybe, maybe something will change, although I really think that we fucked up the republican stadium. Well, I, I will still talk to them, let’s try, let’s hope – They ask what happened to, I can name several other sites, several of our projects that have safely passed away. It is absolutely normal when you do things.  We are currently doing sites and some of them are not even finished, so we understand that they are dead and leave them. We just do not write about it anywhere, we do not tell.  This is absolutely normal, because we have a principle which, as far as business is concerned. to do a lot, half of them throw away, and what half will survive, it will be great, so we do not worry about this and do a lot of defects and this is natural, that is, I also recommend you not to wait for the perfect project or the perfect idea to do, and do what you can do now and here, with the resources that you have and not be afraid to make a mistake. Do the crap, throw it away, go, okay. Do the crap, throw it away, no regrets.  Don’t think, I won’t do this crap, it’s too small for me, it’s bullshit. Give me a large-scale project, a big one, that’s what I’d be interested in. You want to open, to be a subway owner, start with alimentara. You need to start small, you can not give up and move on.  We learned so much there, we poured so much money and resources into it, it was horrible. We thought that we were doing something like SimCity, such a global scale, but they still remember how we write posts, how we moved, and there was a house there, probably many do not even know what kind of project, but it was very cool. – How do you find yourself? – Also a great question and I get asked that a lot, how do you find yourself, like you found yourself.  Here you were, if you read my blog, there is one of the first posts how I started to work out. I was a tired entrepreneur who got bored with everything and he realized that in business everything okay, well, what to do next is unclear, sad, dreary and bored, suddenly I read an article about sports, lit up and began to play sports and that I revived, everything in me began a new phase. How? They say, how is Dima? Tell me the recipe, how did you do it? I also want to find myself this way. this recipe does not exist, I can not give an answer to this question, again, I just had my brain tuned by that time, here they were ready for this information.  If any of you had received this link, well, you would have missed it. I had the soil for this seed to come up and grow, maybe as a prescription just to go to different sources, look at different activities, look around the world, that is to look at this sandwich that lies, not just listen to what they say, look at the signs that the universe gives, and it gives many signs, in fact I have recently noticed that I am beginning to give importance to different little things that happen in my life.  That is, for example, if I am on my way home from work and I see that I always run a red light in all traffic jams, I understand that you are a sign, too. If a man comes to me and says “Dima, let’s go to collect, for example, Lego in Tekville”. I do not refuse, but I understand that this is some kind of sign, that maybe the universe shows me some new road, a new path. I go to collect Legos with them, I find out that there are courses available for children, I bring my child to these robotics courses, he grows up and becomes the coolest Robotics in the world. So all the opportunities that the Universe gives you, it gives you signs, look around carefully, look and maybe it will lead you to some new path – what motivates you to do what you do every day? – Actually there are a lot of things I don’t like to do every day, I have to do them, but not many, much less than I used to do.  Work is work and I can’t give it up completely and not work every day. What motivates me, I try to make the area I work in as pleasant as possible for me, it’s very hard to do work that annoys you, that you don’t understand, so I try to make it so that I only have to do this work that I’m in, that doesn’t bother me too much but without which Simpals can’t be Simpals. I am now in a position where, apart from operations, my partner is doing, and I am trying to clear my mind to bring something new to the company. My colleagues understand this, so they try not to burden me with the flow and give me the opportunity to have an open mind, so when I go somewhere, look, read, and then come to the company and look at what we do with fresh eyes, I have a completely different vision. I say, stop, guys, stop, you’re at a dead end. Let’s go like this, yeah, we can go like this. And it means so much for the company, that’s why, thank God, they give me the opportunity not to do operations, heavy, but sometimes they come and say, there’s no one, what color will make bags for triumph, triathlon, in indore, what logo will be, where.  Because all designers are sick and you have to make a decision.  Sometimes you have to make decisions or what we talked about yesterday, about the same action with Oymyakon, about helping a child.  I can’t entrust anyone. There are many affairs which cannot be entrusted to anybody. I have to make them myself but all these affairs are directly or indirectly connected with my projects which I like to make, therefore my motivation does not come to an end. I generally all the projects that we do is fun and enjoyable.  If not, then sooner or later people quit.  Again about the motivation. In general, motivation is wrong to force yourself wrong guys, that’s how to force you.  You don’t have to force yourself. If you don’t like it, give up, do something else, something you like, you can give it your all, because the brain, it tells us, let’s not do it, the conscious doesn’t understand it. Consciousness comes and starts to explain – it’s profitable, it will bring dividends, it will be great, and the brain says no, you don’t have to. Try to hear him through this veil. – To hear your opinion on why everything is here?  – Everything?  I do not know, I think they came to eat for free, I came to eat, I was just told that they would feed me, I came.  I do not know why everyone is here, someone may be why you came here, except to have breakfast, and the big money paid for it, right? We decided today that if the event is paid, the next time we should take the money and give to some children, if on my face someone earns money, it is better to share, but I understand that Tekville does not earn money, here all the money spent on food and drinks, so we will consider that the meeting is free.  I understand that probably no one wants to. 

– There are those who would like to.

 -Oh come on.

-I actually came to get a chance, not through acquaintances that we have, but so that the next time we meet, offer my opportunity to cooperate with you, I will have a better chance.

-It’s actually a good reason to come here, to get to know each other in person, to chat, to get to know each other. I mean it’s unlikely that you will learn something from me, but just to get acquainted is a great topic. What brings you inner satisfaction in life? – Super question, complicated. I have already said that satisfaction comes to me when I lie down before sleep, when I close my eyes and I have 10-15 minutes until I fall asleep, I remember today and mentally tick that so today I helped my wife, cleaned the table and we spent an hour talking, we did homework, I wrote two paragraphs to my book, I was in the office, I yelled at 25 people, well done. I went for a run today. If I tick these boxes in my head, everyone has his own boxes.  I say, yes, I had a great day, I’m, I’m good, I’m satisfied with my life, but it doesn’t fit in here… You know what the most wonderful job we have is the CFO of Simpals. She doesn’t have to write financial reports, I’m rarely interested in the company’s profits, how it’s growing and whether we have sags or takeoffs, I’m not interested in money, I’m more interested in what we do, what projects we do, how people work there, how we work for us. We moved into a new office the other day and everyone is so happy in the office, there’s a lot of air, a lot of space, they’re running around and shouting. You walk around the office and you’re happy. That’s what makes it fun. And the inner satisfaction comes from the fact that you spend every day doing something, not just you spent it on the couch when you spend a day on the couch, you sent the kids to ****, your wife is running around somewhere, OK, it’s good that she is, turn off the phone, you sit and watch Irony of Fate for the fifth time and say: “What a freaking beautiful day today”.  Since I’ve been so right up until now and put checkboxes in, one day I can afford not to put that too, that’s what you need too.- What motivates you every day? – That must have been the people sitting next to me, all the people who wrote about motivation. – What inspires you the most challenging moments in life? – Challenging moments in life, what is it? Well maybe here may have meant, well I had, I’ll tell you, yes I have an answer to this question. I try everything that happens in my life both good and bad to look at it as through the prism of opportunity, that is, any shit that happens in your life, tough, gives you new opportunities.  If you can look at them or convince yourself that you have looked at them and used them, you make lemonade out of the lemon that gave you life. You say, “I’m glad this shit happened to me.  So it was more than once, one of the stories maybe you heard, when we had 999 flourished, how they flourished, grew in 2008 and we had an advertising model, that is, we didn’t earn on submitting ads, but on placing banners and Orange was doubling our budget every year and in 2008 he said he would not give us anything.  It was a terrible day, the weather was bad, it was raining and we came out with Roma dead, we said that it was time to close the company because they had recruited programmers for a year ahead, and pay them nothing and it seemed that here was a difficult moment and it seemed that everything was dead, but we sat down, did Brainstorm for a few days and came to the conclusion that it was time to earn from the final consumer.  As there was a model of one leu per ad and that now brings five or six times more than the advertising budget, that is, we can refuse all the advertisers now and with 999 nothing will happen . So any difficult moment, when it seems that everything is over, try to find a new opportunity, the universe is hinting to you, as it seems to me, that’s it, man, look for another way, it will be better for you. If you didn’t understand it before, you’re just being presented with a fact and you have to find it somehow. All right, business.  For instance, your father died. What can that teach you, what can it give you? I would love to hear your opinion, how to find, not just the pluses, but opportunities for further movement, the fact that you lost a close relative, like a father or mother. what, how can you make lemonade out of it? First signal to you that your father died and you can look at his life and it’s like a sign to you, do you want to follow this path, do you want to die the same way, do you want to have the same mood before you die. 

-Yes it is the same or you want to be different. They show you, see, the same thing could happen to you in 30 years, you say no, stop. I’ll explain why I said father. I really lost my father last month and he had problems with his legs, he had diabetes, it made his legs suffer a lot.  I started running, I understood that he had this problem a long time ago, and I understand that I do not want to repeat his fate, I do not want to stay with these legs and I want to play sports, because even though he was in the army, he did not go in for sports.  I saw what it leads to, diabetics have terrible vascular problems, you eat buns, eat buns. Diabetics’ blood vessels become calcified tubes that just crumble when they’re operated on. They are calcified. and knowing that, of course, this is a signal to you that you should change something in your life and move constantly to prevent this from happening, but there are other opportunities. first, I become the head of the family. my father left, I am now the main person in the family. I must take care of everyone, I understand that for me a new period of life has begun, I must move to a new level of understanding, now I do not depend on myself, I must take care of my neighbors, my extended family, my sister in Orenburg, my mother, my nephews, this is a new discovery for me, too.  I myself have changed because of it, it is also very important, but your situation is completely different, but try to take everything that occurs in your life, in particular the bad, as signals of movement forward, to new steps . -What is the philosophy behind Simpals? – We have five principles that we promote, which are the five whales that Simpals is based on. We had more of these whales, but then we realized that some were repetitive.  We decided to keep only five. And on the basis of those whales, we want to design the office now. We want to use one of them – be a child, that is, don’t get old, don’t grow up, be a fool – and that’s very healthy, very emotional, because children live with their hearts, not with their minds, not with numbers, not with diagrams, but with their moods. And they have this connection of consciousness, it’s not cloudy, it’s transparent and you do things that are really coming from inside. And I think that’s our basic philosophy – to be sincere, to be naive, to be curious and to try everything like a crazy child, like a five-year-old, or a cat, kittens if you’ve seen them, they never stop, they’re always playing, they run, jump, try something, fight with other kittens, and we’re always more interesting to watch than fat grown up cats who lie on the sofa all day long and only get up to have a snack. We want not to grow old, we want to remain such a kitten. I am done with the questions, let’s do new ones.

-Will you be doing projects for children in education?

-Yes, we will be doing projects for children. Thank God we moved to a new office, we simply had no opportunity in the old office, we had no room where you can make classes for children. Now we have moved to a new, we have one pavilion where we will do faster school drawing and will do school probably to animation, 2D animation will be and can be on our garage on the technological incubator possibly something to do with technology may be, it will be robots. It’s not yet accurate, children’s courses will be sure, so wait for news, we will make and there will be courses for adults, we have room but it’s a sin not to use. 

-There are plans for a training project, courses like this…

-No, not those plans.  We are now working closely on electronic diaries, and have encountered problems that are very difficult to solve for schools, that is, we have made the system, we integrated it, it works, but people simply do not do homework, do not give marks, and what to do with it is still unclear, that is, it may be necessary to simply insert managers in schools.

-I’m not talking about that one. No, we’re not, we’re not going to do it.  We just do not have enough, we have money, we have an idea, we have no people, just catastrophically, I mean almost 250 people work in the company, but there is a constant shortage of adequate people, it’s terrible and there are a lot of plans that have to be done, which are on the surface, super, there is no one.

-And how can these people get to you to take advantage of the money, the opportunities that you have.

– Write to me on Facebook, say let’s meet, I have an idea, let’s meet, let’s talk, of course.  You can come to me or I can transfer them to someone else. If you want, I can transfer them to Andrei Matkovsky, my deputy, or Roman, my partner.

-And if you want to communicate with you directly?

 -Well look how, I really get a lot of people who want to meet me, get acquainted, chat.  At all I find it very difficult to find time. Because I said that my interests are more important to me than other people. That’s why if you write a project in two or three paragraphs: I want this, this, this, this, let’s meet. The topic is interesting – we meet. The topic is not interesting or may be interesting to the company, but I personally do not, I threw over to his deputy and he decides. Thus. A partnership, we are now open to partnership, because we understand that if we want high-level managers, if he is such a high-level manager, I have my own business and so if we want to work really with executives of that class, you should not build an employer-employee relationship, but partner-partner. .So if you have any ideas how we can cooperate – you are welcome.

-What stage is the startup at right now?

 -We’ve grown by 25% over the year in terms of sales, and now in time for the new year, we’re releasing Lobster 2.0. It’s going to look even cooler and will be designed for different swimmers, from professionals who need 6kg there, to kids who only need one.  Let out a new version of the lobster. here are made a beautiful box now, made of Styrofoam, inserted where it is inserted, all sorts of trinkets, but the project, the project is small, it grows, but to say that this is something global, we are currently doing two more projects in a garage, but when will come out is unknown. 

-Was it easy to reach the client?

 -Yes it was very, very easy, well, how easy, if you do it is of course here, a new razor to invent – it will be very hard. Lobster to come out very easy, because the market is narrow, small, especially – this is my environment, where many I know, there are 50 thousand people in the world who are engaged in freediving, well 100,000 people, it’s the whole market.  Of course it’s easy to reach them, they are all concentrated in some groups, they go to competitions, went there, there I will throw in this group, this site posted, almost covered the entire audience.  That is quite simple, this is the advantage of niche products, niche products, go into narrow niches, this is a plus. But the downside is that little money.  How not for us? Not for the Moldovan market you mean lobster?  You what?  We sold 2 units here, how is it not for the Moldovan market. We don’t sell it to the whole country, of course not to the Moldovan market or even to the Russian one, we don’t even advertise it here, nobody needs it.  I know all the freedivers, there are a few of them, they say, “Are you crazy, Dima, 150 dollars for a thing like that.  I say, OK, take it for 75. All right, go ahead. 

-What would you change in public education, from grades 1 to 9?

-From 1 to 9? Oh, my spouse says everything is right, but then again we have a problem. I think that our world is changing, but education is not changing and it is wrong, because we have a Soviet school teacher, they have the same principles, trying to build everyone, everyone tries to align, cut hair the same, wear the same clothes, think the same way. It does not work. They are trying to recreate soviet children from those who are growing up, and the gap widens when you look at a European or American child.  Our children are all so wooden.  It seemed to me that now one should raise a generation of relaxed children, of a different level, but the school screws up, it is really a big problem.  We are doing diaries for schools, but that will not solve the problem of education at all, the problem is that we have to change the teachers.  But where to take them from, there are old people, the salaries are miserable, who will go there? Young people, I do not have a recipe.  I see the problem, but I don’t know how to solve it. Here we are now getting into this deeper with the diary, maybe we can think of something to change something.  We want to develop it to the level where parents know not only what grades their child gets, especially when he comes to school, when he leaves school, so they have their chips, so they have an internal system for education, so they can automatically fill out a bunch of documents, so they can calculate the grade point average.  That is such a system in general for the school, that is, to make it more convenient not only for students and parents, but also the teachers themselves, the principal and all the support staff. 

-What qualities can be taught to a child from school, what skills and qualities he needs to be taught, so that there is an opportunity to succeed

-I understand, it’s a great question… Maybe 15 or 10 years ago I was wondering the same thing, how to raise a child so that he would look like me, OK not like me, probably everyone thinks that it would be cool if the child was like you or it would be cool if the child would not make the same mistakes as you did, if he grew up to be successful, famous and rich, and everything in life would be good.  At first I thought that I had to tell him all the time, to show him examples, to show him how you shouldn’t. I realized that it didn’t work, and I thought that you shouldn’t say anything, you just had to show it yourself, and the child would look, and it wouldn’t matter what you say, the important thing is that the child would take your philosophy of life and would adopt it, and would live like you do.   And I realized recently that it doesn’t fucking work. I realized that nothing works. a child will die the way he was born, so whatever you do, we have two different children, though they live in the same family and see the same patterns, they think differently and nothing can be done about it. i think my beloved and i decided that what we need from them is love, give them love, and what they will get will get.  That’s it. And even education doesn’t matter.It doesn’t make a person not happy or unhappy. 

-How do you keep a balance between things, family on one side, work on the other, sports on the third and that’s it all together, in balance.

-You take all the things you have to do, sort them by pleasure and start with the ones that bring maximum pleasure, you put all the crap in the bottom, you have no time. It’s very simple, you do what you like and try to do what you do not like as little as possible.  I’m probably thinking whether it sounds absurd, I’m looking from my point of view, and the man has a job 8 hours a day, what the hell is he talking about?  I come in, I don’t fucking understand, I shift papers all fucking day, then if I don’t shift papers all day, my family won’t have anything to eat, what the fuck is he talking about?  I had the same thing, money did not fall on me from the sky, I also ate beans, we were cut off for non-payment in the apartment, we sat for weeks without light, we had nothing to eat. We had all this, but I don’t remember that we had to work, because how do I formulate it, we thought that we were doing it wrong, that we shouldn’t do it. We always understood that we have a current situation, it’s not a million, it’s not a big company, we have to take these papers so that tomorrow we have a person who turns over these papers.  And as soon as you do something else the next, next, next step will appear. If you do not do what is here you will never go to the next. So try what you’re doing now, enjoy it, knowing that this is a temporary stage in your life, but if you’re lazy and do not do what needs to be done now, then the next will never come. Let’s clap and eat.  Thanks guys!

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