GO TO THE BATHHOUSE! Or how to start a new business

What potential could hide in a house on the edge of the woods, how to raise happiness levels by 14.28%, what to do in the InJoi Club and why to share such experiences and goosebumps.

It was ten years ago that I decided to build a house. I bought a plot of land, and while figuring out what it should look like, I decided to build a wooden bath. I didn’t manage to build a house, but instead my bath on the forest lap in Durlesti became a place of spiritual strength for me. We used to steam there with family and friends, guests and partners. We used to celebrate the New Year, Shrovetide, and birthdays there.

And the bathhouse was constantly expanding. First, we added a swimming pool, then we made a big gazebo with a stove, then the pool was replaced with solar panels with proper electricity. Next, the steam room was completely changed, we had more wood added on the ceiling, and installed a 15-meter wind generator. Before the pandemic, I bought a neighboring lot and started building a pond.

And all the while my love of bathing grew and strengthened. That’s when we started the Injoi Club – gathering on Thursdays, fish day, to celebrate the past week and recharge for the next. We began to look forward to Thursdays the way we don’t look forward to weekends. We realized that our lives were 14.28% happier (can you tell why?), which is quite a lot! 

That’s the way I am, when I get pleasure and dopamine from something, I want to give it to people so that they can try it, appreciate it, and make it part of their lives. Obviously, I don’t do it because I’m a saint, but because I’m so excited when being thanked. 

That’s the way all of us are.  

And now I feel that my love of bathing, steaming rituals, explosions of happy hormones from contrasting procedures has spilled over the vessel of the hangout for my loved ones, and I’m ready to offer this experience to the whole country. 

I want to get into the bathhouse business in earnest. 

But before I start building a big story, I want to see how to make this service cool and the business profitable. Who our future clients are, what they want, what they enjoy, what they are willing to pay for, and what they aren’t. 

I know there’s no bathhouse culture in Moldova. There are ground level superheated saunas with alcohol, SPA-centers with whisks forbidden, and summer pools — this is the reality. Few people have been to a real black-style Russian banya, Japanese ofuro, Roman hot thermae in winter, panoramic Finn sauna, tried Aufguss with Germans and lost touch with reality in the Kuzmichyovskie Baths in Kyiv. But I believe that things are about to change. 

So to open a business, I decided to study the market, so I thought of turning my favorite bathhouse into a testing ground. A place where we can experiment and improvise. A place where everyone can fall in love with the steam, the herbs aromas, the sounds of the tambourine and the gong, the tingling sensation from the heat and goosebumps from the cold. To the rhythm of birch whisks and the peace of foam massage. Into the purity of a stone pond against a backdrop of pine trees and a hot tub with fir pine branches.

I decided not to rent the property, but to deliver impressions, so you don’t just get walls and a steam room. You get rituals, new experiences, and goosebumps

What’s available for you:
1. Wooden log cabin by the forest.
2. Crystal clear water pond
3. Barrel of hot water in the open air.
4. Tea, jam, crackers, dried fruit.
5.  Grass room where you can relax in the hay after steaming.
5. Three rituals with experienced steam master and massage therapist:
6.  Collective aroma steaming with meadow herbs
7. Personal steaming with scrub
8.  Foam massage.

This is just a schedule of procedures that will leave you spellbound in the skillful hands of our masters and change your idea of bathing forever. As it once changed mine.

However, the main thing in a bathhouse is not even that. The main thing is the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that friends and family can give. After all, no ritual or super steam room in the world can replace the joy of communication. So take your friends and family with you. And have effective communication.

Aburi Club
Банный клуб в Кишиневе. Авторское парение с травами, массаж. Баня-сруб на дровах, пруд, горячая купель и домашняя атмосфера.

PS: The most important thing for me right now is feedback. Honest feedback, regardless of relationships, reputation, or fear of offending. It’s what will help hone the service to perfection and offer the market something completely different.

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