The garbage trucks

What is it like to spend a day on a garbage track and remove 30 tons of waste, why the guys work almost seven days a week and never complain about life, is it worth valuing work at the office, and who threw out rotten hering???

My childhood dream came true – I had the chance to work on a garbage track for one day. And the city has now 30 tons less garbage!

To my mind, this is hellish toil – the guys work 11 hours a day, with only two days off a month! That is, two weeks of daily work, then one day off, then another two weeks of daily work. That’s about 300 hours a month for as much as €600. Getting up every day at 5 am and coming back home in the evening to take a shower and fall asleep… To add tight control of the blood alcohol level every morning… and all this “pleasure” for 2 euros an hour is a job for real men.

I DO respect these tough guys — they do hard but necessary work, and never they complain about life. Talking of us, our arms fell off after a hundred trash containers carried, while the guys trolling each other in a playful mood manage to carry three hundred trash containers a day!
Edya and I want to thank our colleagues Sanya and Seryoga, as well as all all the guys who clean our city of waste every day. You are doing something very important, thank you!

PS: This job has cleared my brain a little. We all often complain about life being so hard, a job you hate, not enough money, life’s a piece of shit… Just stop complaining, whiny bitch, and go work on a garbage truck for one day. You’ll see you’ll get over the blues, I promise!

All right, what else is there to do for me?

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