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When Voloshin swims across the sea, is it easy to walk 152 kilometers barefoot and how to find an approach to baby spinach?

-Hello, dear friends, everyone, here on RTR Moldova is the “ABCs of Taste” program. And you might wonder why we haven’t reached the table yet, because it’s my guests today who don’t like to come to everything ready to eat. They need the process itself, they need movement, they need overcoming difficulties and probably some kind of inner self-education. This is why the Voloshin family today is represented in the male line-up of Dmitry and Mikhail, who walked barefoot for… how many kilometers?


-152 kilometers walked barefoot. Today, I think we’ll get literally three meters to our desk. Please, Mihail, Dimitri, to the table, as they say in our Moldovan villages, about which you already know a little bit more.

These names and surnames are surely familiar to you, you’ve seen them more than once. We’ve already had Dimitri here on the program. But we haven’t seen the youngest Dmitrievich here yet. I think Mikhail is feeling great and wonderful. First of all, hi! It’s good that you came.

-He’s your namesake and mine.

-Yeah, look how much we have in common. In fact, I was thinking of calling this whole project TMD. You know, like Voloshin, Mikhail and Dmitri. Well, I like all kinds of acronyms sometimes. I understand that you probably would like to eat dumplings or other goodies, but today, given your exploits, we want to show our viewers how easy and simple it is to make the healthiest sandwich or a sandwich for the road. It’s going to be toast. We’re going to roast the spinach a little bit. This is baby spinach. It’s healthy. You know how healthy it is.

-The show’s on and we haven’t said anything yet.

-Yes, because I have to tell you what we’re cooking with. The onions, which we also roast. Your task will be… Let’s say Mikhail will beat the eggs hard. Then we’ll mix it with some cottage cheese mixture, sprinkle it with cheese. We’ll make holes. I think you’ll be able to make the wells. And then we’ll bake it all.

-What are we gonna do with the cherries?

-And I got you the cherries, because I knew that on the road cherries were rare. Mostly only milk and bread. And at once in the cows and in the field.

Well, how did this idea come about, why, in view of the workload and schedule, Dmitri, did the idea to bring up your son in such a way and to do quite a long route?

-The decision came because Mikhail Dmitrievich asked me several times he dreamed that we would cross the sea with him. To cross the sea on a raft from Ukraine to Turkey. Well, not now, but at the age of 16. And while this complicated plan is ahead, we have to get ready for it. The intermediate stage is to make some kind of journey, a hike. Mishka didn’t know which one. And I thought, I said: “Why not take a walk so that it’s not just a challange for him, but a challange for me, so that I’m attracted to it, too?” A day of walking through the Durles forest isn’t really it. But to do such a big tour for 5 days… I decided to do the tour from Floresti because I’m originally from Floresti myself, not from Floresti, but I lived there for a while. I have a house there and I have a house here. You can get from one house to the other.

– That’s fine. I’m just about to ask that we get all our gadgets plugged in now. And while we’re talking, Dimitri, can Michael join in on the technology?

-No, everyone’s working.

-I know what kind of natural phenomena you are. But, Misha, look…

-No, I have a very good… relationship with technology.

-Relationship. Look, so I was thinking of passing these two bars through our machine. There’s a button. And it’ll grind everything up in no time, so we don’t have to worry about it.

-Let’s go. -Let’s go.

-Lets go. Let’s go, come on. So! And now we have not reached the sea. We decided to do it after all…

– That, huh?


-Mishan, come on!

– That’s great.

– Wow! That’s awesome.

– What was the reaction? Did the son resist his father’s idea?

– Let’s ask the son. Son!

-What was your reaction when dad said, “We’re going to walk 150 km barefoot”?

-Do I show emotion or how it was?

– Well, how was it, we hope to even show some excerpts today, maybe from a family video taken along the way. Surely something was filmed.

-I can exactly show my reaction.

-What was your reaction?

– Come on!

– Is that what it was like?


-Good. But there’s enough time, right, to raise a child besides, let’s say, traveling? Now… Oh, no, you got it figured out, good for you. There weren’t any fatherly worries? All the same, our country is hospitable, people are good, I would say, but there are certain risks. Or were you confident in the people you were theoretically supposed to meet?

– We had a few rules that we worked out with Mishanya, that, first of all, we move around the country without electricity and gasoline.

-Yes, and we spend a minimum of money.

-We don’t spend any money. We go barefoot wherever possible. And we only stay overnight with people who are willing to take us in. No hotels, no paying for these things. If we find a good man… If we don’t, we’ll sleep on the street. What to do?

– Did you ever manage to sleep on the street or not?

I mean, have you ever slept outside? I don’t mean did you get to sleep outside?

-I won’t tell you the names of the mayors or the names of the villages.

– Yes.

-Because there were different ones. And so we came to one village and addressed the mayor. I said, “Listen, we don’t have a place to sleep.” Because we knocked on doors – they all sent us to the mayor’s office. They said, “We’re not gonna let you in, you look weird.”

-Oh, yeah? You mean barefoot…

-What homeless people look like, yes. I said there’s nowhere for the kid to sleep. She… Go to the mayor’s office, let them warm you up.

We go to the mayor’s office, we make a call. She says, “Listen, I got a room at city hall for a janitor.” Well, it’s like a desk. Half a bed, that’s all. And there’s a damp mattress lying on it.

-And the scandals.

-Says, “Here. You can stay here tonight. Just give us your passport so we can make sure you don’t steal our mattress.” Okay, we took a look, took a picture of everything. You can stay here. That’s me and Misha sitting in this room…

-The cockroaches are crawling.

– And then from the next village we call my…

-Taracans! Sorry, yes, well.

Dmitry Voloshin: Says: “Guys, what are you stuck there? Come to us. We’ll cover you, we’ll make you comfortable, we’ll feed you, we’ll get you drunk.”

– Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got something, yeah.

-Say, what was the coolest option. Uncle came and got us. Thank him so much.

-Good. So you got there and then you walked from there.

– А?

– I said we drove there, and then we walked from there.


– Question with people who… Where did you get your food? I mean, how did you eat? Did you hunt? Did you build your own fire?

-Well, sometimes when we wanted to eat in the middle of the day, we had some supplies.

-So, you got some stuff in there.

-Dad had pasta, stew, bacon there.

-So it was like a camping trip.


-Did you have a camping trip like that when you were a kid, Dimitri? Is that where you got these skills from?

-There was no such thing.

– Orienteering through the terrain. There was a compass, there was…

-I specifically designed the format for anyone to repeat it. Because it’s quite a comfortable pastime. That is uncomfortable, from my point of view, is to take all food with you, to take the tents to cook food. First of all, it’s very hard to carry on you, those backpacks. And secondly, a lot of hemorrhoids. There’s a minimum of hemorrhoids here, because we bought food either in stores, or from people. Or what we found on the street.

-Night. How did you spend the night? Wasn’t it scary? Because, I think, living in an urban environment, you have a completely different framework, completely different stereotypes.

-Fear was one thing. Tell me about it.

-Can I ask you why you invited us and you’re cooking?

-Well, you tell us for now, because you’ll be doing the next thing yourself later.

-You see, this is one of those principles when I keep telling my child that you have to do everything yourself.

-Well, in this case Mishanchik has already grated our cheese. Now I’m just doing spinach roasting, because the speech is interesting, and our dialogue is also informative. And in the meantime, the time goes by.

-So that’s how creative we are, Misha. Food is cooked, and on the basis of that food, we make up stories about it. For example, what do you associate this with?

-Ah, anyway, the cooler the story, the…

-No, what do you associate this with?

– This?

-From our adventure. Grass Mountain, remember?

-Did you have a grassy mountain?

-Oh, no, this reminds me of a green desert.

-Green desert. Tell me about the green desert.

-Where did you find the green desert and what mile was it, if you draw it geographically?

-Twentieth. Along Reut.

-Yeah. -That’s right.

-Oh, very. We were walking… We came out of the woods. We felt good. And after half an hour, we realized no trees, we’re hot. We were thirsty. We ran out of water. And we began to panic. We walked faster. Not a single tree. We looked in the distance, not a single one.

-No shade.

– No shade at all. And nothing but grass. And because of that, we decided to call it the green desert.

-So you had this quest. Did you draw some kind of map, or did you just memorize these places? As in the good old joke that decided to save on photos, video, and remembered the event.

-No, we have everything.

– Great. We will definitely include these shots in our program today. I’ll ask Michael to find a spoon. We’ve got one right there. I always call it our lottery. Look, he found it right away. We usually have guests there taking a very long time to do this task.

-Like we do at school in the cafeteria.



-Is that a bundle of happiness, too? -Yeah.


-Then since Michal is highly educated and has a great technique, can I invite Michal here to…

-I’m already here.

– That’s great.

-Yeah, just keep him away from the cherries.

-Twist it, then. Not too hard, gently, so we’ll get some here…

-How long?

-Let’s give it a four. What was the feedback afterwards? Here you are back. Was it fatigue, fatigue, did you sleep for 24 hours? How did you deal with work issues during that time? Did you take your cell phones with you? Did you keep any other communication? That’s what I’m curious about. Or was it an abstract story for five days practically on foot?

– No, we took our cell phones with us, because we would definitely not have made it, we would have gotten lost in a dense forest. We went through Codry. It was unreal to go there without a navigation system. But Mishka was left without a phone. We were shipwrecked.

– Yeah? You what? What happened?

-Michael, tell me.

– Michal?

-Will I tell you?

-Come on.

-One… -Can we go straight from the beginning of the day?

-Yes, but quickly.

-We woke up in Schwefanesti, started to move out. And started looking for the burning spring. There was no spring, but there was a car. I approached, there was a man in the car. I asked the man: “Do you know if there are any burning springs here? Do you know where?” He said, “No, I don’t know, I think you should go look there.” And all of a sudden Dad asks: “Oh, you have a means of transportation on the water!”

-It’s called a boat.

– A boat. Well…

-No, let it be veiled. Watercraft. It’s a covert operation. Right.

-And he says, “Yeah, yeah, it’s just the rain kept the customers away.”

-And it rained like hell that day. We came out in bags.

-Yeah. -And my dad was like, “Let us pay you and we’ll go for a ride. We found the spring. The man helped us find the spring. And we lit it on fire. It was a lot of fun.

Then we come back. And my dad says he was messing with me. It was his friend. He brought a boat and all kinds of goodies and stuff. Then we get on the boat.

-Cut into slices?

– I wanted us to slice onions, but we started with tomatoes, that’s good too.


-That’s the…

-And you, Michal, while you’re talking I’ll ask you to put this on our toast…

-That’s not for me, please. I don’t know how to smear.

– Yes? Okay. Then the other Mikhail will do it. I thought it was the other way around.

-You tell me about the shipwreck.

– Okay, so what? So you got on the boat. Right?

-We got in the boat. And all of a sudden, some car pulls up and the mayor jumps out and goes, “Hey, wait, where are you going?”

-Ludmila Zdragush.

– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


-Who took us in. Can you imagine, brought the baby warm milk on the road. Came in the rain, jumped out, got all wet. “Baby, the baby didn’t have breakfast! Here’s a mug of warm milk for you.” Straight up already sitting in the boat. It was wow. He still remembers it. Says he’s the coolest mayor we know.

– Okay, if, for example, to paint myself a second such feat and a second hike, what route would you choose? I’m going to ask you now, I guess… Or would it be possible for Misha to choose this route for himself?

-We’re discussing a hike to the sea.

-That is, on foot…

-Kishinev to the sea.

-Oh, you mean you can go somewhere through Giurgiulesti? That way?

– No, probably to Odessa. The sea is fine, with sand.

-And barefoot too?


-Yes, of course. So Misha lost his phone in a shipwreck. Sank it. The boat capsized. We lost our equipment. The phone sank.

-We were already sailing. We swam and swam for an hour. And there was a huge current. You see, we’re sailing really fast. And there’s a sharp turn.

– And the slope, right, this?

– Yeah. And there’s a fast current and a sharp turn, and behind the sharp turn we see some kind of thing…

-Trucks like that. Anyway, we were dragged under the metal, turned over, knocked over, and all the equipment fell apart. Some of it floated away, some of it sank. Anyway, I miraculously saved my phone, and Mishkin was left there.

-Well, that’s okay, I don’t think there will be a problem with the phone. This is, so to speak, a technical resource. The most important thing is still the human factor in this case. I want to ask you. Are we going to mix the eggs after all? I was hoping that I would involve you in these processes as well.

-Let’s do it.

-Hallelujah. Oh, thank God.

-We’d love to.

-But it’s just the beginning of summer. Are there any more extreme plans to do anything else? You know what they say about a singer’s future plans. What are your plans for the future?

-We’re going to take six months off after this. Because daddy’s very tired. At the end, just so you understand, we walked 40 kilometers in a day. Almost a marathon. And we swam across the Gidigich. We rode our bikes and ran and hurried. And still in the dark we climbed into the Gidigich.

The megalodon lake, remember?

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

– I’ll tell you in confidence that while, Dimitri, you were on your way here, Michael and I… Take a fork and start stirring, whipping eggs. Michael and I talked. And one of the options offered on this hike wasn’t really to his liking. He got over it. But that’s what it was, we’ll find out right after an advertisement on RTR Moldova. Such amazing guests and such amazing stories we have.

And all here in Moldova.


We continue with the “ABCs of Taste” program. Today we have probably some of the most extravagant guests, because not everyone of us would dare, in view of the difficulties, limitations, the constant race for a salary and other nuances, to think up for himself such a hike and walk 150 km together with his son, as it was before, practically without using any gadgets, asking to go to people’s houses.

And frankly speaking, I was a little upset by this moment, that our humanity is gone.

-People have fear. You understand that people are afraid, they don’t know who.

-But you don’t look like you’re dangerous.

– I look normal now. I was overgrown, charred, with dirty feet and a crazy look. We always sent Mischka to go. Mishka asked to stay the night. He said: “Grandma, let me sleep over.” – “Where is your father?” He says, “He’s standing over there in the bushes.”

– “I’ll let you in,” he says, “but let your father sleep here.

-It’s a question of time. I think if we went around 20 or 30 houses instead of 10, someone would take pity. We’d lie down under somebody’s house. We’d curl up and lay there. They would have let us in for sure.

-A feat remains a feat. Now not only the media is talking about it, but, as you can see, in our cooking program as well. We decided to cook… In principle, perhaps they will be useful for the future, because there is a minimum of ingredients. Take a spoonful, Dimitri. And I’m going to ask you to carefully, if you can, here I’ve made indentations during the commercials, pour the egg mixture here. It doesn’t have to completely cover it. It needs to be in this recess.

-I think a small one is more appropriate.

-Let Mischka do it then. And I’ll ask you, Dimitri, to pour us a tomato.

-Misha, what does slicing mean, tell me.

– Slicing.

-If anything, Misha.

-Who am I?

– You’re Mikhail.

– Thank you, Dimitri.

– No, I’m not Misha. I’m a six-five.

-Yes, that’s a separate story, because I understand that.

– We had a lot of obstacles, which we called by fabulous names. We had a field of dumbing down. That was a wheat field three or four kilometers long. We walked on it for an hour just in the middle, there was a path. And we were discussing the fifth-grade program… What is the difference between a square kilometer and an ordinary kilometer. And so I didn’t manage to convey to Mishani in that field what the difference was, unfortunately. But then we realized that the field was poisoned. It’s a dumbing down field. And that’s it, and Misha was dumbed down and could not understand anything. A few days later he said: “Daddy, why didn’t you tell me right away?” And everything became clear.

-Then, friends, everything made sense to me. What do your girls say? How did mom react? How did your sister react? Did they send you away with some worry or, on the contrary, said, “Thank God, let five days of silence in the house”?

-Everybody said, okay these two jerks, but the woman, how did you let them go!

– Yes, especially since I know this woman personally. What I’m wondering is how. I’m asking the question right now, through the camera.

-The woman let me go because she knows that I’ve had tougher adventures and that I’m an adequate man. I also promised her that if there were any problems, we would close this event immediately and go home. And plus she visited a couple of times. Quietly, incognito, nobody knows about it. She came once, 70 or 80 kilometers away. We had dinner together. And then here in Kajushna… Oh, I’ve forgotten already.

-Field, field, there’s a field somewhere, friends. I can feel the field.

-A field of dullness. I did. And we spent Wednesday together with my daughter, my mother. After the fifth day, after Gidigich, my mother was worried that we sailed at night and scary. But we made it. Remember when we played zombie? Scaring people, walking down the street.

-Yeah, like that… -We were walking like that…

-Were people really scared? Nobody grabbed a gun?


-The motorists were beeping.

-As an educational process, I think it’s very cool, because it used to be a group hike. Usually organized by whole classes, sent somewhere and without parents. It’s kind of a school. We said before the commercial that Mikhail Dmitrievich didn’t like one thing very much. And that moment had to do with bicycles, as far as I know. Why bicycles? It would seem that this is a very convenient form of transport, which would just help to save legs a little.

-Yes, if they were modern and not 50-year-old.

-Ah, also old-school bicycles. Great. Michael, let’s start pinching this stuff together in six hands. Yes, by the way, in cooking, it’s very important to calculate the ingredients, because there may be something missing. We’re going to get some cheese in here now. Friends, we’re adding greens to the cheese because greens are a very healthy story. I’m sure you must have found some fruit along the way, ate some.

-We ate grass.

-Yeah. -Or poison.

-So you knew what you were eating or not? Well, I had to think back a little bit…

– We ate honey. We were walking and we saw an apiary. We went over and said, “Feed us. And they took the honeycomb right out of the hive, chopped it up.


-And they said, “It’s bio gum, try it.” You eat it and the wax stays. Tell me about it.

-And you get gum like this.

-Did you get high? -Yeah. Tell me.

-Yeah, it was good.

-It was good, wasn’t it? I mean, really, the only thing is that the balls don’t come out…

-Do you blow?

-Yes. -There are reflexes when the balls…

-But the good beekeepers were very cool.

-There, friends, so you can make a category right away.

-Do you want cheese?

-The inhabitants of our country are divided into inhabitants and good beekeepers, because good beekeepers could feed honey, and the other inhabitants, unfortunately, did not feed honey. But as far as I know, they offered our folk product – wine.

-We have general impression, that our people are very kind, very hospitable and very responsive in fact. Came across a couple of people who are okay. But most – super!

-that’s what we wanted to hear. And now we are going to see it. I now send, dear friends, for 15 minutes in the oven our hiking sandwiches, which now have to grab due to the fact that the cheese melts. And I bring to your attention a selection from the Voloshin family of how it all went down. We have some amazing footage. And thank goodness television helps us with that. Attention to the screen.

-What, how are the impressions, Mish?

-That’s it.

-We don’t know what’s ahead of us.

Hello, cow! Say: mu-u-u-u!

-Will you milk the cow?

-Will you? Wow, she can gore. Go ahead. But keep in mind that it’s a bull, it can hit you with its horn. Come on, come on. You’re not afraid.

-I’m afraid, actually. You’re not afraid.

That was awesome! The trip, the water, swimming, freaking out, it was so awesome! The water was warm, things dried out in no time!

-Come on, go left.

-Well, let’s get out our special travel sandwiches, dear friends! That’s how we have a little cheese bloat. And it’s very tasty and very good. Now I’m going to pull out a plate, because… What went in here? Toasties, which we have dried in the oven and they are now not as bad as eating them in their original, store-bought form. Spinach, which gives us strength, muscle, energy, in general. The Japanese say it’s the secret to Japanese longevity. So we need protein. The egg, again, is protein and yolk for heart and vascular function.

Misha, you don’t have to do that. Then there’s the greens. And we have cottage cheese here, which is for calcium. Basically, as a sandwich or a hiking sandwich – perfect! I feel like it would build up strength. But a serving is a serving. So for a reason, Dimitri has more green onions and tomatoes. Now we are going to serve it all. I understand that in camping conditions there probably won’t be that many plates. And in fact, you should probably take the bare minimum with you on a camping trip. Well I’m wondering, what?

– We don’t need anything. We only brought one pot and that’s it. Not even… Oh, and two spoons.


-You know, a spoon and a fork combined together, that’s a spoon.

-Here. Now, if you can put a tomato on top, sprinkle a little onion on it. And pine nuts. Now that’s just yummy, tsatsa tsatsa.

-It’s really good. Healthy, healthy fats.

-I’m glad to hear you say that, because not everybody…

– Not everyone thinks white bread is healthy.

-Yeah. -Do you?

– Neither do we.

– But today…

-What is white bread compared to what’s on top? Please.

-Let’s be frank. First of all, it’s beautiful, and secondly, it’s also delicious and healthy. I mean…

-And when you’re camping, you eat anything that gives you calories. Everything you find, you eat, because everything burns. Absolutely.

-Well, to be honest, yeah. I think that when the moment of hunger comes, okay, when you’re in an urban setting, you have in your subconscious the idea that if anything, you’re going to go out and buy it. If anything, you order, they’ll bring it in. You’re on your own there.


-So you have to remember all the survival shows, how to survive in the wilderness. Have you tried hunting?

-Hunting? We’ve been fishing. Caught a big carp fried in cornmeal.

-Fast, huh? You mean we got those in the river?

-Yeah, they… -How about that? Well… We were also surprised, how so, and he so. And they also brought ice cream to him. We were so surprised. We thought we had a strange fishing trip.

-But, as always, there is an opportunity to make it all as beautiful and useful as possible, primarily for the younger generation. Will this project live on, will our viewers be able to try to accomplish the same feat and can they write to you in person and ask questions specifically about how to make it all happen?

-Mishan, look, it was very important for us to spend these 5 days together. That is a fan fan, a trip trip trip, but it was important to find, be in such situations where you can not just tell a child, and show him, hu from hu, some values, thoughts. For parenting, I think, especially for sons, it’s very important to spend a lot of time with them, especially in these difficult situations.

Whoever wants to talk to me, welcome, write me in person. I’ll tell you about the format. I’ll tell you what the specifics are if you want to do the same thing again. You can talk to me. I’ll give you people’s phone numbers. I’ll tell you how to find people’s phones, what to take with you, what not to take with you, because I had several mistakes.

-The phones of roe deer, bears, if necessary, hedgehogs.

-We will. But this event is very individual. A lot of people wanted to join us along the way, but we said no, because it’s all about personal communication.

-Yes, yes, yes, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I want to emphasize. And now you’re going to see a link under my guest. The link to my Instagram profile. I think it’s with pleasure that Dmitry, as soon as he has a free minute, will answer you and tell you what and how you need to gather, to prepare. It seems to me that in the twenty-first century we sometimes lose that connection with children. Because in gadgets, they are in their own business. Some crazy dynamic of life and sometimes you can’t figure it out. I’ll be honest, I’ve been able to spend more time with my kids during the pandemic. And even in that respect, I’m grateful for the pandemic.

What about the upcoming marathons? If we take a little time away from this project with my son?

– I want to rejoice that we started doing events, we’ll have the third Chisinau International Marathon. We determine the date. It’s around the end of September – beginning of October. You can get ready. We are going to run. They will be in the summer. Go to, look, we have a busy program this summer. There will be 2-3 events and plus the Chisinau marathon.

– Ehhh! So that’s it, the holiday of sports will be. And I think that our TV watchers will be able to join all these sport events in the same way. And we wish you a good appetite. If you already decided to go camping, look, we made one request by Mikhail Dmitrievich, without pine nuts. If you do decide to add that sweet forest flavor, and we decided to bring you back to the woods, as you can see, then of course pine nuts are your help.

Well, the basic ingredients are already on display. Repeat this recipe and accomplish feats. Remember that there is nothing more precious than the dearest and closest person. And all the more if it’s your own blood, as they say.

We wish Dmitry Voloshin only success. And by the way, I want to tell you that the guys did it all barefoot. And even now in the studio – unfortunately, we just have a cooking program, you can not see, but they are even now without shoes, which also emphasizes their aspiration and the vector set. So we stick to the course, we follow the course.

-On a straight line.

-Then what, health. I understand that Mikhail has to be fed, he hasn’t eaten for five days. Dimitri already okay. Friends, but we’ll take a picture of it all first, so I’ll hold on to this sharp guy for now. I wish you good health. Have a busy summer for you. Turn on the sports events and stay healthy. Bye!


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