That does the PS hide, what is the percentage of moldovans at the Barcelona half-marathon, which are the steps on the way to the iron purpose?

I keep crawling the stairs towards my Iron goal. 

So the Half-Marathon in Barcelona was conquered.


Distance: 21 097 m
Time: 1:38:35 ( was dreaming about 1:45 )
Average rate: 0:04:41 (12,49 km/h)
Place: 3 168 from 12 000 (surpassed 73% of participants )

Informative Page:

It was very emotional – drummers, volunteers, thousands of runners,Barcelona.

My pace was continuously growing all over the track. That’s cool.

I didn’t expect such a result from myself. Probably I got mobilized.

I’m not really tired. It is a strange fact. Last time after 26 km I was dead.

From 12,000 runners i was the only one runner from Moldova. We need to change something in our country.

The next day, I decided to run and probably in vain – on the 5th kilometer I twisted my foot. Then I licked it for a week.

My coach Liviu knowingly ran with me for six months. Thanks to him.

Thank Viculea for carbohydrate loading with pancakes for a patch of corns, for massage, for emotions and support!

The next stage – a distance of 32 km and then –  April marathon in Paris!

A link to the route, pace and heart rate – http: //

PS: sore ass